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History of Cambria County, V.1

window. Presently they threw their weight against the door and broke in, when a struggle took place, and the father and son were brutally beaten, the nose of the son being broken, which mark he carries to this day.
     Both of them were overpowered, bound hand and foot, and laid on the kitchen floor, after which the robbers went through the house and procured about $300 in money. The son succeeded in freeing himself, and started to Davidsville for assistance. Going to the hotel kept by Cyrus Shaffer, he made known what had just occurred at home. He, with his broken nose and bloody appearence, and a number of gentlemen, among them being Josiah and Samuel Waters, Daniel and John Border, John Seigh, Nelson and Leonard Fearl and John Inscho, at once started for the Johns homestead, but the burglars had departed and the elder Mr. Johns was lying on the bench, bleeding pro-

Fac-similes Joseph Johns III. First one in German.
Fac-similes Joseph Johns III. First one in German.

fusely from the wounds inflicted in the struggle. A large bowie knife and some clubs had been left at the house.
     The robbers were at this time unknown, but the next morning the neighbors were on the alert and roads and fields were closely examined for marks in the mud on the road and in the freshly-plowed fields. A short distance below the farmhouse of Isaac Kaufman Josiah Waters found a footprint alongside the plank road, and, it being a peculiar one he examined it closely and said it was "Yell Zook's crooked foot." His associates came to the same conclusion, and they hastened to Johnstown and arrested Zook, who was taken to the Mansion House, on the corner of Main and Franklin streets, where the Dibert building now stands. Zook at once made a confession and said his companions in the crime were John Shaffer, known at that time as "Bully Shaffer," a boatman with a great reputation as a rough-and-tumble fighter; Daniel Ewing, and three others, named James W. Miller, Jacob Patton, and Andrew J. Young.

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