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History of Cambria County, V.1


1. John J. Boyle: A Sculptor.
2. Jacob Miller Campbell: A General and a Statesman.
3. George Fritz: An Inventor and Engineer.
4. John Fritz: An Inventor and Engineer.
5. Lawrence Francis Flick, M. D.: The Master of Tuberculosis.
6. John Fulton: Geologist and Mining Engineer.
7. Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin: A Pioneer Priest.
8. John White Geary: A Major General and Governor of Kansas and Pennsylvania.
9. Joseph Johns: A Friend of the Common Schools and Founder of Johnstown.
10. William R. Jones: An Inventor, Engineer and Manager of Steel Works.
11. George Shryock King: Founder of the Cambria Iron Co.
12. Daniel Johnston Morrell: Iron and Steel Master; Author of and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Centennial Exhibition, and Commissioner to the Paris Exposition.
13. Robert Samuel Murphy: Lieutenant Governor and President of the Pennsylvania Senate.
14. Robert Edwin Peary; The Arctic Explorer.
15. Cyrus Long Pershing: A President Judge and Member of the War Assembly; the Democratic Candidate for Governor, Supreme Judge and Congress.
16. Robert Lees Phythian: A Commodore in the United States Navy and a Superintendent of the Naval Academy.
17. Charles M. Schwab: A Steel Master.
18. Powell Stackhouse: President of the Cambria Steel Co.
19. James Moore Swank: An Editor, Statistician and Historian.

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