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Was born Jan. 10, 1825, near Schmicksburg, Indiana Co., Pa. In the year 1843 his parents, John and Deborah (Parce) Niel, deceased, moved to Jefferson county, Pa. Jan. 3, 1845, he was married to Miss Susannah Keel, who was born April 28, 1827, near Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pa.; her parents, Rev. Jacob and Elizabeth (Dewalt) Keel, are deceased. In 1848 Mr. and Mrs. Niel moved to Indiana county, Pa. Then in April, 1857, having four children, John K., Jacob, dec., James Henry, dec., and David Thomas, he took his wife and two surviving children and moved to Henry county, near Orion, Ill. Nov. 7, 1857, Mrs. Niel passed to a higher life, leaving Mr. Niel and their two boys. In the fall of 1858 he moved with his two boys back to Indiana county, Pa. He was married secondly April 28 1860, to the widow of John Bowers, who was killed by a falling tree Feb. 18, 1857. Mrs. Niel's parents, John and Elizabeth Deviers, deceased, moved from Red Bank, Clarion Co., Pa., to Indiana county, Pa., when she was eight months old; her first children were Catherine Elizabeth and Michael Bowers; second children, Anna Delle, Rhoda Bell, dec., Cheneworth, dec., and Jennie Niel. Comrade Niel was engaged in farming when he was enrolled August 24, 1864, at Greensburg, Pa., as Corp. of Co. B, 206th Pa. V. I., 3d Brig., 1st Div., 24th A. C. The 206th shared in doing fatigue duty, building breastworks, making roads, doing guard and picket duty, and built Ft. Brady, which was called Ft. Hugh J. Brady after their Colonel. He had five brothers in service, Thomas, a member of Co. F, 105th Pa. V. I., was wounded at Wilderness in head and was left on battlefield supposed to be dead, but rallied, now deceased; Benjamin, a member of Co. A. 61st Pa. V. I., fell at Fair Oaks battle May 31, 1862; James, a member of Co. A, 101st Pa. V. I., was drafted; Samuel was drafted in the last call and on his way to report was instructed to return as Lee had surrendered. Comrade Niel had two brothers-in-law in service, Samuel Adamson, a member of Co. F, 105th Pa. V., was killed in front of Fredericksburg while building a bridge, and Harvey Rager, served in Co. G, 103d Pa. V. The 206th Regt. marched into Richmond the morning of April 3, 1865, remaining there till May 24, then went up Lynchburg where they remained till June 12, then came back to Richmond, where they were discharged June 25, 1865. He has a sword that he got in Richmond, marked "C. S. & C. S. A.," which he prizes very much as a relic; he is 73 years old and superintends his farm.


Isaac and Mary (James) Noel, deceased, are the parents of our subject, who was born in St. Augustine, Pa., July 5, 1845. He was wedded Aug. 21, 1880, in Fallen Timber, Pa., to Mary S. Kessler, who

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