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Run; John was wounded in right arm. Comrade German is the oldest man in the township in which he now lives, having lived within the bounds of Banks township for 61 years, and resided the whole time in his present home, having never moved. He is a self-made man, having never spent but six months in any school; he can converse intelligently on any subject; keeps himself intelligently informed on the topics of the day; he also taught the first school in Banks township during the winter of 1846-47. He is a good Christian man and has been a member of the M. E. church for fifty years. He was Justice of the Peace in 1857-77 and assessor, and was a valued and popular official; he is now 74 years of age and is well-preserved and has full possession of his mental faculties; his farm is in a fine state of cultivation and is improved with good buildings; although too old to work, he is ably assisted in the management of his farm by his two sons; his postoffice address is Horton, Pa.


Was born in Blair county, Pa., Dec. 5, 1841, and was a son of Philip and Susan (Lantzy) Gray, no longer living. He was married Aug. 116, 1863, in Cambria county, Pa., to "Bridget Nagel, who was born there May 30, 1848. Her parents, long since numbered with the dead, were John J. and Bridget (Barnical) Nagle. Their domestic ties have been graced with eleven children, Ellarian, Mary, Edith, Sarah, Elmira, Margaret, Agnes, John, Edward, Antionette and Caleb. Comrade Gray served a short time in the Union army during the late unpleasantness. He was 22 years of age when he was enrolled in Co. E. Pa. Bucktail. Owing to his late enlistment he was not called into active service; he was ill and taken to hospital at "Washington, D. C., where he was honorably discharged May 7, 1865. His grandfather and his wife's great greatgrandfather served in the Continental army during the Revolutionary war. Comrade Gray had been J. P. and constable of his county, and passed away May 9, 1893, after a long and useful life; his widow has a pension and her address is Hastings, Pa.


Son of Henry and Elizabeth (Lancers) Gray, living, was born in Huntingdon county, Pa., June 10, 1841. He was married in 1866 in Cambria county, Pa., to Anna Cunningham, who was born in 1842 in Cambria county, Pa.; her father, James Cunningham, is deceased, but her mother, Elizabeth (Weekly) is still living. Eight children have been born to them, Emma, Anna M., Luke A., dec., Mary A. Martha B., Cecelia A., Michael A. and Bernard W. He was formerly married to Agnes Nagle, whose parents, Richard and Anna (Bur-

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