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(Anderson) is also deceased. Julia Adams, whom he married in this county, Sept. 23, 1849, was born Oct. 26, 1834. She was a daughter of Wm. and Eva Adams, deceased. To this marriage was given eight children, Alice, Joh, Andrew L., Francis, Mary J., Elizabeth, Charles H. and Annie E. When the war called men to arms he was engaged in farming. He was 36 years of age then he was enrolled Jan. 4, 1864, from Philadelphia, Pa., as a private in Co. L, 2d Pa. V. H. A. He was injured in left side by carrying heavy timber and was treated in hospital at Hampton Roads, Va., for dysentery. In the summer of 1864 he was furloughed for 30 days and returned to Petersburg at end of time. Not until the war ended did he return home, taking part in the battles of Rappahonnock, Port Royal, Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg, 2d Petersburg and several skirmishes. He was honorably discharged June 29, 1865. His brother Andrew was in the late service. Comrade Burgoon is a G. A. R. member; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is St. Augustine, Pa.


Son of Catherine (Creamer) Burkhart, former deceased, latter still living, was born in Franklin co., Pa., Jan. 10, 1840. He was happily married in Fulton Co., Pa., March 1, 1866, to Mary Cline. His wife was a daughter of Lee and Susan (Ramsey) Cline, deceased, and was born Jan. 13, 1839, in Bedford Co., Pa. No children were born to them. Comrade Burkhart gave his young manhood to his country's needs and joined the standard Feb. 11, 1864, at Chambersburg, Pa., when 24 years of age as a private in Co. L, 21 Pa. Vav., 2d Brig., 1st Div., 5th A.C. In June, 1864, he received a rupture of muscle in left shoulder at the battle of Chickahominy; for this wound he was treated in Div. Hospital in front of Petersburg, these to City Point and to Washington, D.C. He was furloughed for five days in April and again for 15 days in Dec., 1864. Upon returning to his command, he was transferred to 9 V. R. C., Jan. 10, 1865. He was shortly afterward detailed as clerk of Dept. Hd. Qt'rs. 22 A. C., at Washington, D. C., in the discharging office; he also has the distinction of being one of the guards of the escort of honor at the second inauguration of Pres. Lincoln, and was also at his funeral from the Whitehouse to the Capitol. Not until the war ended did he return home, exhibiting the splendid courage of the brave soldier at the battles of Cold Harbor, Bethesda Church, Suffolk and Petersburg. He was honorably discharged at Washington, D.C., July 21, 1865; he was drafted into the service in Pa. In 1862, and served 23 days as Acting Regt'l Q. M. in 158 Pa., when Gov. Curtain issued an order to discharge all school teachers. His

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