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Lilly, Pa. in Co. A, 55th Pa V.I. In 1864 he was furloughed for twenty days and returned at the end of that time. He took part in several decisive battles: Weldon R.R., Drewry's Bluff, Port Hill, Petersburg and Weldon's R.R. He was honorably discharged at Philadelphia, Pa., May, 1865. His brother Henry was in service; a second brother, Joseph, was wounded in Wilderness and died soon after. His wife's brothers, John, Joseph, and Steven Jacob, were in service; the first named was captured and in Libby prison; the second was drowned in service, and the fourth, died in Buford, South Carolina. Comrade Behey is living in retirement and his address is Lilly, Pa.


A native of Germany, was born Aug 27, 1830 of parents John G. and Anna B. (Shrim) Belsner, deceased. Mrs. Belsner, who before marriage June 24, 1855, in Johnstown, Pa. was Anna M. Hidenfelter, was also born in Germany, Dec 4, 1832. Her parents, no longer living, were George and Eva B. (Shirline) Hidenfelter. To this marriage were given these children: Mary B., George, Lizzie B., John and Emma L. Comrade Belsner began his military career Dec 22, 1865, at Cambria county, Pa when he was 34 years of age. He became a private in Co. G, 28th Pa. V.I. In the spring of 1865 he was ill with general debility and was confined to Lincoln Hospital for three weeks owing to his disability, he did not take part in any regular battles and was honorably discharged June 9, 1865, at Washington, D.C. His wife's brother John, served in the Pa. regt. Comrade Belsner is an invalid and his address is Geistown, Pa.


A native of Germany, was born May 12, 1835, of parents, Paul and Lucy (Couts) Bender, neither of whom are living. He was united in marrigae July 2, 1867 in Loretto, Pa., to Nancy A. Flick, who was born in Loretto, Pa., Oct 27, 1843. Her parents, Charles and Fannie (Hertzog) Flick have passed away. Their domestic ties have been graced with eight childen: Lucy, Charles, Philip, Isadore, Glyystin, William, Fannie, and Myrtle. Comrade Bender was employed as a cooper, when he decided to fight for his adopted country. He was 27 years of age when he was enrolled from Huntington, Pa., August, 1863, as a private in Co. G, 149 Pa. V.I. 1st Brig, 5 A.C. In 1864 he was wounded at Wilderness by a shell in left knee; he was taken to hospital in City Point, Va. For one month, then he was cared for fourth months for dysentery at Chestnut Hill, Phil. In May, 1864, he was furloughed for twenty days and rejoined his command at the end of that time. He exhibited the splendid courage of the

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