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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


here; and each year finds numbers of young women, happy inmates of the Academy, enjoying its many advantages, and under the wise, firm training of the Sisters, forming mind and heart and character to fill their respective places in the world as noble Christian women.
    Since the boarding school has been transferred to Cresson, the spacious Loretto Convent grounds serve the double purpose of a Novitiate and a home for children. There are at present about thirty little ones who are being taught and cared for.
    The number of Sisters now in the community including novices, is eighty-five.
    In taking this rapid glance over the history of the Order of Mercy in Loretto, one cannot but note its almost phenomenal growth; and although there have been hours and moments of sadness and trial (for what human life was ever exempt from these?) yet through all is manifest the special protection of Divine Providence over those who nobly work for God on the spot consecrated by the labors of the sainted Father Gallitzin.


    Rev. Peter Henry Lemke, the immediate successor of the illustrious Father Gallitzin in the pastorate of St. Michael's Church, Loretto, was born in the town of Mecklenburg-Rhenn, Germany, July 27, 1796. All the members of his family were Lutherans, and they seem to have been distinguished in the middle class of German citizens for their wealth and superior educational attainments. His father filled the position of village magistrate—an honorable one in that country. His mother was the daughter of a schoolmaster; hence it may be inferred that she was an educated woman. It seems from his autobiography that his early religious training had been very much neglected. His father's time being mostly taken up with official duties, and

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