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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


    Masons, Peter Sherry, Augustine Farabaugh, Valentine Bishop and William Sell, who did the work in the months of June and July (1850.).
    David Trexler saw and examined the foundation. It was so solid that a man could not sink a heavy, sharpened pick more than on inch.
    Joseph Tomlinson, Michael Yoner, Peter Flick, Jr., and Al Sanker dug out the tower foundation. Augustine Christy said in their presence that it was the solidest foundation he ever saw. He tried it with a heavy crowbar and could not sink it one inch.
    1850, September 11th. Had the brick inspected by Michael Adelsberger, John Carr and James Tool, who pronounced them good.
    1851, May 13th. Commenced laying brick. The bricklayers were Michael Adelsberger and son Matthew, James Tool, John McMullen, Peter Shiels, George Lewis and Michael Shiels, who pronounced the brick to be of good size and quality.
    1851, May 20th. Rev. H. P. Gallagher had Jerome Dawson to examine the brick and work. He proved all good, and said that he could break a wagon load of the Summit Church brick with one brick of the fourth course down from top of kiln.
    1852, March 3rd. Haden Smith, Esq., examined brick and work of new Catholic Church, and pronounced brick to be good and well laid. To A. Little, D. Melhorn and M. Adelsberger he said the tower was put up too fast.
    1852, July 3rd. Building Committee and Rev. H. P. Gallagher had the architect form Pittsburg, Mr. Bargeburger (Bartberger) who examined all the work and pronounced it good. Said the tower could be rebuilt without taking down any brick.
    (During the progress of the work the Building Committee changed some parts of the plans, in consequence of which Richard Scanlan makes out a bill for extras not set forth in the specifications, amounting to $1,250.02)

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