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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


Peter Christy & Co., pump irons, 50 lbs.$6.33
Pine timber for pump3.00
    Cost R. Scanlan$67.83
Amount received towards well ( see below)22.14
Had to pay Joseph Idel since7.00
Cost R. Scanlan$ 52.68

Adams Jos.$ .50 Melhorn Peter.25
Adelsberger Michael.25McGough James.25
Bradley Matthew.25McGuire Michael I.50
Buck Joseph.50McMullen Enos C.50
Christy Peter.50Miller James.50
Conrad Paul.25Meyer Juo B.25
Coons John.50O'Donnell James.25
Coons William.25Parrish George.50
Crain Robert.25Pfoff Dr. Joseph1.00
Delany George.25Sanker John Sr..25
Elder Richard.25Scanlan John1.00
Flick Peter.25Scanlan Mrs. Teresa.50
Flick Francis.10Scanlan Henry.50
Gallagher Rev. H.P.5.00Scanlan Peter.50
Gallagher Rev. Jos. A1.00Scanlan Miss Teresa.50
Gallagher Daniel.50Shiels Patrick.50
Glass John.50Stehle Adam.25
Kelly James.50Walters Augustine.25
Little Augustine1.00Yahner Michael .25
Little Sylvester.12______
Little Edward J.25$ 22.14

    Memorandum of men who worked at the digging of the foundation, and of inspectors who came to examine the foundation and work.
    Amongst the most famous was Francis Christy who said in presence of Valentine Bishop, William Sell and -------- it was the solidest foundation he ever saw.
    Peter Christy, A. Little also examined. Peter Forrester. John C. Bradley, John Baker, John ------------, Michael Yoner. Al. Sanker, Joseph Adams (were) all day at the foundation.

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