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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary



DECEMBER 11, 1848.
    Received from Mr. Henry Glass, treasurer of the new Catholic Church at Loretto, the sum of Seventy - Three Dollars, being the amount of Order No. 1 from Building Committee for services as architect.

    Receipts and expenditures of St. Mary's (St. Michael's) Church at Loretto. From commencement (of subscription) up to February 28th, 1857, inclusive.
    Henry Glass, treasurer. Peter Scanlan, Augustine Little, Henry Glass and others, collectors for same.
    (Totals only are given here.)
Total expenditures$13,495.56
Total receipts 13,412.50
By balance at settlement$83.06

    We, the undersigned, do certify that the above statement is correct to the best of our knowledge.
Witness our hands.F. O'FRIEL.} 
February 28th, 1857.JOSEPH HOGUE,} Auditors,

(Among the items on the Dr. side is the following: )
To total amount paid on subscription $ 6,720.08

     (The following is not signed, but is copied from the handwriting of Rev. Jos. A. Gallagher, the then pastor.)
  LORETTO, September 20th, 1854.
    A settlement was this day made between Richard Scanlan and the Building Committee of the new Catholic Church, in which it appears that said Building Committee owe said

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