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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


    On motion, Aug. Little and Peter Christy for Jefferson (Wilmore.)
    On motion, Lewis Storm and Matthew Ivory for Ashland Furnace (Ashville.)
    On motion, Philip Hartsock and Jos. Reighter and John X. Conrad for Hart's Sleeping Place.
    On motion, Dennis Noon and John Kaylor for Munster.


    (The following is copied from the original subscription list, but the names for easier reference, are place in alphabetical order.)
    We, the subscribers, promise to pay to the Building Committee, or a treasurer who may be appointed by said committee, the respective sums set opposite our names, in six equal annual instalments,-- the first instalment to become due on the first day of April, A.D., 1848, and the last on the first day of April, A.D., 1853, for the erection of a Catholic Church near Loretto.
LORETTO, Cambria Co., Pa., February 17th, 1847.
Atkinson Hannah $10.00      Bradley John (of Chas.) $6.00
Baker John 20.00      Bradley Thomas 2.00
Barnett James 15.00      Branniff Patrick 18.00
Becher Nicholas 18.00      Brown James A. 25.00
Behe Jacob 40.00      Buck Joseph 120.00
Behe Conrad 25.00      Buck Christopher 25.00
Behe Matthias 20.00      Buck, John 24.00
Beiter Caspar 25.00      Buck Henry 12.00
Bertram Francis 10.00      Buck Joseph (of Chris.) 3.00
Biller Joseph 18.00      Burke Elizabeth 10.00
Boley (Bohli) Sebastian 15.00      Byrne Henry 1.50
Bortman Peter 6.00      Campion Patrick 5.00
Bradley Charles 30.00      Carney Patrick 3.00
Bradley Roger 30.00      Christy Francis 100.00
Bradley Daniel 12.00      Christy Peter 100.00
Bradley Daniel Jr. 24.00      Christy Augustine 25.00
Bradley Dennis 12.00      Christy Samuel 5.00
Bradley William 12.00      Conrad Paul 36.00
Bradley John 12.00      Conrad John 20.00

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