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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


June. They also agree that the Church pay the rent half-yearly for the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, amounting to 40 Dollars per year.

R. Scanlan, Treasurer.

MARCH 7, 1848.
    The Rev. Jos. A. Gallagher is to receive One Hundred and Fifty Dollars for attendance at Hart's Sleeping Place, in lieu of securing the service of a German clergyman for Loretto congregation.
JUNE 4, 1849.
    The managers of the temporal affairs of St. Michael's Church, Loretto, agreed to a reduction of ten per cent on all pews on sale of 1847.
R. Scanlan, Treasurer.

    (The only reference to the cost of the monument that can be found is the following, copied from the accounts of Rev. H. P. Gallagher.)
July 29, 1852. Paid borrowed money
to pay Peter McDade balance on con-
tract for monument of Rev. D. A.
Gallitzin, deceased.
Principal $112.36
Interest of same, four years from July
29, 1848
26.96 $139.32


    The following list of subscriptions to the monument of Father Gallitzin is without date, but was evidently made up in 1847, the year the monument was erected. It is evident also that it does not furnish the names of all the contributors, but it is the only document of the kind that can be found. Without doubt there were other such lists which must have

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