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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


    The first entry made by Rev. Thos. B. O'Flaherty was dated March 24, 1844.
    Father Gibbs and O'Flaherty were stationed at Loretto as assistants to Father Lemke, who was residing at Carrolltown, and attended Ebensburg, Johnstown, Jefferson ( Wilmore ), and Summit, from which outlying Missions the most of their baptisms are recorded. The last entry of Father Gibbs is dated July 27 1945; of Father O'Flaherty, May 4, 1845.
    The first entry made by Rev. Hugh P. Gallagher, as Pastor, was dated October 1844; his last, as Pastor, July 11 1852.
    The first entry made by Rev. Joseph A. Gallagher, as assistant, was dated June 30, 1847; his first as Pastor, July, 1852; his last, October 8, 1855.
    The first entry made by Rev. William Pollard was dated August 27, 1855; the last, November 5, 1859.
    The first entry made by Rev. Terence S. Reynolds was dated December 12, 1859; the last, October 11, 1868.
    The first entry made by Rev. M. J. Mitchell was dated December 27, 1868; the last, February 12, 1870.
    The first entry made by Rev. E. A. Bush, as Pastor, was dated April17, 1870; the last, April 6, 1890.
    The first entry made by Rev. Martin Ryan was dated May 4, 1890; the last, February 22, 1891.
    The first entry made by Rev. Ferdinand Kittell, the presnt Pastor, was dated April 12, 1891.


    Whose names are found in the Baptismal and Matrimonial Registers of St. Michael's Church, Loretto, Pa.


Dem. Aug. Gallitzin, Pastor1799-1840
Terrance McGirr1824-45
Peter H. Lemke1834-40

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