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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


    The night before the election in 1844 the death warrant was received by the Sheriff. On the same evening the Flanagans escaped from prison. They owed their escape from prison to the heroic devotion of a sister.

    "Register of Baptisms, Marriages, etc., etc., of the Mission which comprises Ebensburg, Summit, Jefferson (now Wilmore), Munster, Johnstown, Recevoir (South Fork Dam), from the 1st of October, 1841, when I, Matthew Williams Gibson, received jurisdiction from the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick, Bishop of Philadelphia.
    "To which are added some Baptisms and Marriages performed by me in the congregation of St. Michael, Loretto."

    The first entry made by Father Gallitzin in the Baptismal Register of St Michael's Church is dated simply "month of April, 1800," and records the birth, on March 1st preceding, of Joseph, son of Charles and Mary Bradley. It is signed; "Demetrius Augustinus de Gallitzin, alias Augustine Smith, Parochus." Thereafter until December of that year he signed his name and title: "Demetrius Aug. Princeps de Gallitzin, Parochus." Then: "Dem. Aug. Smith," and in 1805 he dropped the "Smith" and resumed his real name, which he ever afterwards used without his title of "Prince." His last entry was dated "April 16, 1840," just twenty days before his death, and in it he records the birth, on the 18th of the preceding month, of Henry, son of Henry and Mary Ann Freidhoff.
    The first entry made by Rev. Peter H. Lemke was dated june 14, 1840; the last, October 12, 1844.
    The first entry made by Rev. Matthew William Gibson was dated October 2, 1841; the last, February 21, 1844.
    The first entry made by Rev. Andrew P. Gibbs was dated March 6, 1844.

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