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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary



    NOTE.—In an old memorandum book, which the writer found among the personal effects of his deceased father, Father Gallitzin had written down the names of those who fulfilled the precept of Paschal Communion in 1810, and of Paschal Confession in 1811 and 1813, as also the names of those who were confirmed by Bishop Egan in 1811. These names are here copied in alphabetical order, except those on the Confession list of 1813 which is in great measure a reduplication of the list of 1811. In his Confirmation list Father Gallitzin gives the ages of the persons, especially of the children, confirmed; but the writer has thought it better to add the dates of birth, where such dates could be found among the early entries in the Register of Baptisms. It was the first time that Confirmation was administered in Western Pennsylvania, and it is to be noted that on that occasion children of very tender years, even infants a few months old, were presented for Confirmation. Thus, of the children confirmed, six were born in 1806, seven in 1807, eleven in 1808, seven in 1809, eleven in 1810, and four in 1811—the year Confirmation was administered.

ADAMS Eve.BECHER Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth.BEHE Conrad.
BARNICLE Sarah.    Emanuel.
BAXTER George.BENDER, Emerick.
BLATT (Platt) John.    Ann Mary Elizabeth.
    Catherine.    Mary Ann.
    Joseph.    Martha.
    Catherine.BRADDOCK Nicholas.
    Mary.    Eleanor.

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