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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary



(From the Cambria Tribune, October 20, 1899.)
    E. R. Dunegan, Esq., of St. Augustine, has in his possession two receipts which, aside from the fact that they are more than one hundred years old, possess a peculiar interest at this time, inasmuch as they prove that Father Gallitzin was not the first priest to visit the Allegheny mountains, although he was the first resident pastor. At the time these receipts were given, Cambria County was yet a part of Bedford, one of the original five counties in the State. Mr. Dunegan has also a leaf from a memorandum book containing the list of subscriptions for the maintenance of the priest, in which the amounts are set down in pounds and shillings, showing that it must have been of still earlier date. It is so worn with age, however, that the date and a considerable number of the names are now illegible. The receipts referred to were obtained by Mr. Dunegan from Rev. Edmund Burns, the second pastor at St. Augustine, and he probably obtained them from Richard McGuire. They are as follows:
    I received from Mrs. Rachel McGuire a dollar for her part of the sum that ought to be spent in buying a horse for the priest serving the parishes of Huntingdon, Sinking Valley, Allegheny, Path Valley, etc.
  Allegheny, December 15, 1794
    I have received from the inhabitants over Allegheny, the sum of sixteen dollars for my maintenance for six months.
  Allegheny, June 6, 1795

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