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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


ADAMS Richard and Margaret McConnell. Married September 18, 1821.
 John, Elizabeth, Peter, Jacob, Richard, Francis, Demetrius Silas. (1822-34.)
ADAMS Joseph and Maria Inlow. Married December 30, 1823.
 Thomas, Elizabeth, Joseph, Ann Magdalen, Jane, Mary Magdalen, Anastasia. (1824-37.)
ADAMS Peter and Mary Gallagher. Married January 8, 1833.
 Richard, Joseph, Elizabeth. (1834-36.)
ADELSBERGER Michael and Elizabeth Hughes.
 Mary, Thomas, Ann Mary, Mary Rebecca, Ann Elizabeth, Catharine. (1824-37.)
AKELS Samuel and Jane _____.
 Elizabeth. (1806.)
ANDERSON Andrew and Patience _____.
 Rhoda, John. (1794-96.)
ANDERSON John and Emily Burgoon. Married January 10, 1815.
ARNELL Joseph and Mary _____.
 William. (1808.)
ASHCROFT Richard and Mary _____.
 Ellen. (1821.)
BAILIFF John and Eve _____.
 Elizabeth, Mary, Martha Jane. (1805-13.)
BAKER John and Mary _____.
 Ann, Thomas, John. (1809-13.)
BAKER William and Christina Helfreit.
 Mary Ann, Christina. (1835-38.)
BAKER John and Catharine Fox. Married August 25, 1835.
BARNHART John and Frances _____.
 Elizabeth, John. (1837-38.)
BARNICLE Thaddeus and Sarah _____.
 Mary Ann, Bridget, Catherine. (1802-08.)
BARNICLE William and Susan _____.
 William Michael, Sarah, Bartholomew, Mary. (1815-24.)

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