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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


and Greek languages as well as the ordinary sciences of a collegiate course, he began the study of theology. He was ordained a priest in the year 1868.
    As a priest he was most devoted and zealous. For seventeen years, while living and teaching music at St. Francis' College, he was chaplain to the Sisters of Mercy, Loretto, Pa. Although he had a considerable distance to walk every morning to the Convent chapel, and at a time when he was broken down in health and declining in years, still in the most inclement weather he was at his post. He left the scene of his labors only when he was carried to the Mercy Hospital, emaciated and fast sinking into the grave.
    Fortified by the Sacraments, with the kind attention of his beloved sister, Mother Neri of the Order of Mercy, he breathed his last in peace. Owing to the time in which he died there was no mass over his remains on the day of his funeral, Good Friday, April 8, 1887.
    On the afternoon of this day his remains were taken to St. Paul's Cathedral. There were present in the sanctuary some twenty or thirty priests to do honor to the beloved deceased.
    Bishop Phelan was also there. The vespers of the Dead were chanted by the assembled clergymen and then the Bishop pronounced the absolution. Rev. Father Neason, a particularly dear friend of Father Bowen, delivered a touching eulogy. The Rt. Rev. Bishop and many priests accompanied the remains to St. Mary's cemetery, where the interment took place.


1788.Captain Michael McGuire made the first settlement in what is now Cambria County, Pa.
1791.Joseph Jahns (Yahns) settled at Johnstown.
1793.November 17, Captain Michael McGuire died. He was the first to be buried in the cemetery at Loretto.

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