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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


nary for some time as Professor of Rhetoric and Theology, which position he filled with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of his ecclesiastical superiors. From the latter part of 1864 to May 14, 1866, Father Morgan officiated as assistant at St. Michael's, Loretto, baptizing during that time, twenty-eight persons. On May 14, 1866, he left Loretto for London, England, and in the latter part of the following year he returned to Pittsburg. During the remainder of his too short career he labored incessantly for the good of souls and after an illness of over twelve months, died on Sunday morning, April 14, 1872, in Pittsburg, in the 38th year of his age, having been born in 1834. Rev. H. Denny preached his panegyric at the funeral obesquies, after which he was buried in St. Mary's cemetery.

    Horace Seymour Bowen was born in Pittsburg, June 22, 1822. His parents were among the most respectable and influential people of the city. They were in religious belief Protestants. The Reverend Father went to school at a very early age, at Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. He developed a wonderful talent for music, applied himself most assiduously to its cultivation, and in his prime, both as a layman and a priest, he was a celebrated performer and a most successful instructor.
    He remained at the Mountain College until about the year 1844, but before his departure thence to engage in the busy world, he saw the light of God's Holy Faith, and always honest and sincere he followed it. He was received into the Catholic Church and evinced great piety and fervor. After leaving college he gave his attention to music. Whilst practicing the duties of his religion faithfully, he supported himself by instructing others in the chosen branch.
    For many years during the pastorate of the present Bishop of Erie, Rt. Rev. Tobias Mullen, he was in charge of the organ and choir of St. Peter's Church, Allegheny, Pa.
    God, however, designed him for greater things, and called him to the sacred ministry. Well versed in the Latin

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