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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


appointed pastor of St. Bartholomew's Church, Wilmore, in 1842, where he remained for several years. His name is found in the Baptismal and Matrimonial Registers of St. Michael's, Loretto, until 1844. He was next appointed pastor of St. John's Church, Worcester, Mass., and had charge of three other congregations in that vicinity, where he remained eight years and then went to Racine, Wis., where he continued his ministrations during the War of the Rebellion. After the war he returned to England and was appointed by the Bishop of “Hexham and New Castle,” pastor of Monkwearmouth, in Sunderland, where he built a large stone church. After some years he was appointed Chaplain of Callaly Castle, Northumberland, where he remained about four years. Returning to this country he took charge of the congregation at Beverly, N.J.
    In the latter end of March, 1888, he went to Ebensburg, Cambria County, Pa., where he intended to live the remainder of his days, his health having become much impaired. He had been a great traveler, having crossed the ocean seventeen times, and had traveled through Ireland, Scotland, Prussia, Belgium, Switzerland, and France.
    Father Gibson was a highly educated man and spent an active and busy live in ministering to the spiritual wants of the various congregations in this country and in England committed to his charge. He was a sincere and zealous priest and was loved and respected by all who knew him.
    He died at the residence of his niece, Mrs. J. A. Shoemaker, in Ebensburg, Pa., June 9, 1888, in the 72nd year of his age.

(copied from a paper in his own hand writing).
     I am the priest who said the first mass in Fitchburg, Mass. I was appointed pastor of Worcester in 1843. Previous to my going to Fitchburg Father Strain, from Waltham, had attended a few sick calls.
    I attended a sick call at Mr. Manam's woolen mill, where a few Catholics were employed, and in a week or so after-

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