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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


neath. Accordingly, having procured a metallic air-tight casket the Reverend pastor fixed on Monday, July 20, 1891, as the solemn date for the transfer of the remains. They were carried with appropriate religious ceremonies from the vault, where they had rested for more than forty years, into the sanctuary of the church. When the zinc casing was removed it was found that the lid and the sides of the coffin were almost entirely decayed. Nearly all the bones had crumbled into dust, but the skull was found to be almost perfect. The wooden chalice which had been placed in his hands still preserved its form, but would not bear much handling. A piece of the lining of the chasuble, the ribbons that bound it around the body and the soles of the shoes were found to be still intact. All the rest was a mass of human dust commingled with the decayed wood and the lining of the coffin. And this was all that remained of one who might have been among the first in the government of an empire, if God had not called him to be the Apostle of the Alleghenies.
    The bottom of the coffin, being in a reasonably good state of preservation, was tenderly lifted, and with its precious freight carefully deposited in the new casket, which was then borne back to the vault.
    The following persons assisted at the solemn ceremony: The pastor, Rev. Ferdinand Kittell; Rev. J.C. Bigham, of New Brighton; Rev. P. May, of Mt. Pleasant; Rev. M. M. Sheedy, of Pittsburg; Messrs. Adam Rudolph, W.A.B. Little, Philip J. Sanders, members of the Church Committee; Sebastian Fry, undertaker; Messrs. Eugene and Bernard W. Litzinger; and Augustine Conrad, sexton.
    Every summer since then the vault has been a place of pilgrimage. But it is to be regretted that relic-hunters, abusing the privilege of access to the vault, have defaced the casket by unscrewing and deliberately carrying away the silver-plated knobs that ornamented it.

    During the pastorate of the Rev. Hugh P. Gallagher, the first Mission in the Diocese of Pittsburg was given in the old

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