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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


considerable distance from the spot from which he hoped to be summoned to judgment. The six lots that he had set aside for the location of the new church in the borough of Loretto were otherwise disposed of, and the church eventually built in the township. Of the hundreds of acres bequeathed for the resident clergy, not two score yet remain to serve the original purpose. Of his bequest to “aid in the erection of a Catholic Church in Loretto upon the lots mentioned” there is an account in the church books of only $192.36.

    In pursuance to beautify the tomb of the illustrious pioneer missionary of the Alleghenies, Rev. Ferdinand Kittell, the present pastor of the Loretto congregation, thought well to commence with the coffin which held his venerated remains. It was known that the coffin was in an advanced state of decay, for even the zinc casing had rusted


away, and there was reason to fear lest in a short time the frail tenement would collapse; in which event the mortal remains of the sainted Gallitzin would fall to the ground be-

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