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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


no doubt that I should have been suspended; the accusations against me were more grievous than those against Mr. McGirr, and also supported by an old clergyman; the messenger selected was E. J.         , Esq., prothonotary of our county. Bishop Carroll, having read the deposition and certificate, turned about and said: “Sir, I am very sorry for one thing.” "What is that, my Lord?” “Why, to find your name on this infamous paper. And now, sir, clear yourself immediately from my presence; go home and give satisfaction to your pastor.”
    This I have from Mr. J          himself, whose testimony in such a case cannot be suspected, and who accordingly came on the following Sunday to the church, and at the foot of the altar, before the whole congregation, acknowledged and deplored his guilt in calumniating me; which example was followed by several more of them. Thus ended my business and thus I contend, ought Rev. Mr. McGirr's business to end.
    It is shocking to both Catholics and Protestants (and you must know, Very Reverend Sir, that Rev. Mr. McGirr, a gray haired gentleman, is much respected by all the respectable characters of both parties), it is shocking then, I say, to hear that impious Free Mason, Mr. K         , who is not Catholic (no matter what signs of Catholicity he may have exhibited at Washington), to hear him relate with how much respect he was received by you; to see him made, by your reverence, the bearer of your letter to Mr. McGirr, and to hear him exult in his victory.
    . . . . . Would you be willing, after the lapse of so many years, even to listen to such stuff, or to permit the character and livelihood of a clergyman to have to depend on such untimely testimony? When our worthy Bishop appointed me Vicar-General over the districts of the Rev. Messrs. McGirr, O'Neill, Heyden and O'Reilly, he particularily recommended me to be like a father to them.
    I had reason to suppose that my age, my thirty-three years' residence on this mountain, and my thorough acquaintance with persons and circumstances, would give my recom-

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