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The last written, usually, though the first read by most intelligent book men, is this page. Hence it is, that aughors often use this privilege to fence against adverse criticism, or apologize for errors of omission or commission, singularly forgetting the fact that nothing of man's creation is perfect, and that the dear critics are not only busy pointing out the "Mistakes of Moses," but are exploiting upon the faults of creation itself. We welcome them all, for doubters and critics we esteem the salt of every civilization, and we will rest content that every person competent to know, after even a superficial examination, will realize that the whole has not been the work of "the idle singer of an empty day."

In the front of the work will be found a complete Table of Contents, which will render reference easy to every biographical sketch in the book.

In these biographies it was not the intention to devote large space to men of pre-Revolutionary times, but to make it a live cyclopedia, which, while it contains sketches of many who have passed away, includes the men who are doing the work and moulding the thought of the present time. This work, we believe, will supply an invaluable and useful means for establishing identity, relationship, birth, official position, details as to many military records and other data necessary to the making-up of family history. In the preparation of many of these sketches we were assisted by Samuel T. Wiley, whose reputation as a writer on historical and biographical subjects is well known throughout this and adjoining states.


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