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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's for Soda.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Ashe Tobias, weighmaster, r
Aul W. W., minister, r
Burnheimer P. J., shoemaker, o
Berry W. C., laborer, o
Biter Lewis, operator, o
Baisley Samuel, operator, b
Brown P. M., merchant, r
Brown Harry, clerk, b
Blaisdell I. C., physician, r
Bowers Harry, baker, r
Braniff Ambrose, retired, r
BOYER N. J., propr Cambria House, o
Cullen A. H., undertaker, o
Conley Bernard, laborer, o
Costlow James, retired, o
Callihan Joseph, watchman, r
Callihan L. J., clerk, b
Conley Thomas, fireman, b
Conley Michael, laborer, r
Conley Matthew, laborer, r
Davis Edward, laborer, b
Davis Charles, laborer, b
Davis Albert, watchman, o
Driggs F. L., miller, r
Erb J. C., minister, r
Erhart E. B., minister, r
Farber David, merchant, o
George W. J., foreman, o
Holder I. W., carpenter, o
Horner J. C., laborer, b
Hoover John, painter, r
Hoover Edward, painter, b
Kinney P. M., butcher, o
Kinney R. E. Mrs., o
Kirby P. F., merchant, o
Kerby T. S., railroad agent, b
Kerby G. W., railroad agent, o
Leech E. L. Mrs., o
Leckey Jane, o
Lotz Sophia, o
Lingle John, laborer, r
Lynch James, operator, b
Lotz Michael, invalid, h
Malzi Valentine, farmer, o
Mulvehill Mary, o
McGuire Margaret E., o
McHugh Matthew, laborer, b
McColgan John, retired, o
McGovern C. C., fireman, b
McHugh Henry, minister, o
Noel G. T., laborer, r
Orris Lewis, miller, o
O'Hara Michael, teamster, o
O'Hara David, blacksmith, r
Pringle, Lydia, o
Plotner Geo. T., operator, o
Pringle Samuel, laborer, b
Pringle G. D., carpenter, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Sporting Goods, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

WILMORE -- (Concluded)
Phillips Thomas, laborer, r
Rorabaugh G. G., engineer, o
Rager J. F., laborer, o
Rorabaugh Wm. M., engineer, o
Roberts R. J., teamster, o
Stahl Geo., laborer, o
Shryock Mary, o
Seaman Albert, blacksmith, o
Skiles Wm., farmer, o
Skelly W. S., laborer, o
Sherbine Wallace, merchant, o
Smith John, laborer, o
Schroth Catherine, o
Seaman Luther, operator, b
Seaman E. S., laborer, b
Skelly A. J., justice of peace, r
Smith J. F., laborer, b
Smith Joseph J., laborer, r
Skiles Asberry, laborer, r
Sutton H. A., laborer, r
Trees Sanford, foreman, r
Wentroth Geo., merchant, o
Weakland A. P., teacher, r
Wentroth F. P., clerk, b
Wentroth Charles, laborer, b
Watkins W. B., teamster, b
WILLIAMS S., livery and blacksmith, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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