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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Baker Annie, o Flinton
Baker S., farmer, o St. Augustine
Burgoon J. A., farmer, o St. Augustine
Burgoon L. A., farmer, o St. Augustine
Baker Wm., laborer, r Coalport
Burgoon Wm., laborer, r White tp
Beers S. H., farmer, r Fallen Timber
Ball Peter, miner, r Frugality
Calderwood A. P., lab, r Fallen Timber
Campbell Patrick, miner, r Frugality
Dishart Wm., farmer, o St. Augustine
Durbin Luke, farmer, o St. Augustine
Davis Jas. F., farmer, o St. Augustine
Drummer J. W., laborer, r White tp
Dishart Herman, lab, b St. Augustine
Dunn John, laborer, r Fallen Timber
Dunn Jas., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Dougherty Wm., miner, r Frugality
Dougherty Stephen, miner, r Frugality
Esch Adam, farmer, o Flinton
Evans Thomas, farmer, o Flinton
Evans Philip T., farmer, o Flinton
Evans Wm. H., laborer, o Flinton
Esch Susan, o Fallen Timber
Evans Ellis, farmer, o Flinton
Evans Geo., laborer, b Flinton
Esch Joseph I., laborer, b Flinton
Flemming Wm. C., farmer, o Flinton
Flemming W. C. B., farmer, o Flinton
Fiske Caroline R., o Fallen Timber
Foster Frank S., laborer, b Frugality
Gill J. L., farmer, o Flinton
Gates Isaiah, farmer, o Flinton
Gates Joel A. Mrs., o Flinton
Gates H. A., farmer, o Frugality
Gallaher James, farmer, o Coalport
Gates W. H., farmer, o Flinton
Gates Levi O., farmer, o Flinton
Glass Geo. E., farmer, o Flinton
Gauntner Jos., farmer, o St. Augustine
Good Valentine, farmer, o Flinton
Glass John F., laborer, o Fallen Timber
Gates Joel A., farmer, o Flinton
Gates Abe N., laborer, b Flinton
Glass Joel H., laborer, b Flinton
Glass, J. A., laborer, b Flinton
Gates J. A., laborer, b Flinton
Gill B. W., laborer, b Flinton
Gates John I., laborer, r Flinton
Gabriel John, farmer, r St. Augustine
Gates Edward, laborer, b Frugality
Glass I. P., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Gregg W. R., farmer, r Fallen Timber
Glasgow J., merchant, r Fallen Timber
Gregg Andrew, miner, b Frugality
Hollis David, farmer, o Frugality
Hollis Anges, laborer, b Frugality
Hollis Margaret, o Frugality
Hollis John, laborer, r Flinton
Hanna Robert, miner, r Frugality
Haley John, miner, r Frugality
Henesey John, miner, r Frugality
Kessler M., farmer, o Frugality
Kruis John, farmer, o Flinton
Kessler J. C., farmer, o Fallen Timber
Keefer John, laborer, b Flinton
Kruis John Jr., laborer, b Flinton
Krise Joseph, laborer, r Flinton
Kessler John E., lab, b Fallen Timber
Kuhn Grant, laborer, r Frugality
Luther S. J., farmer, o St. Augustine
Luther C. L., farmer, o St. Augustine

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

Hannan's for Soda.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

WHITE TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Luther A. A., laborer, b St. Augustine
Moore W. T., laborer, r Flinton
Mann Frank, miner, r Frugality
McManamy John, farmer, o Frugality
McManamy Wm., laborer, r Frugality
McKee J. S., farmer, o Flinton
McKee Albert, laborer, r Flinton
McGough D. A., laborer, r Flinton
McCracken Z. T., laborer, r Flinton
McGuen John, miner, r Frugality
Noel Wm., farmer, o Coalport
Noel Simon, farmer, o Coalport
Noel Jas. A., farmer, o St. Augustine
Noel Christ, laborer, r Coalport
Noel Anthony, laborer, r Coalport
Noel M. J., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Oshall Geo. A., farmer, o Flinton
Oshall Sarah, o Flinton
Oshall Allen, laborer, b Flinton
O'Harra W. D., laborer, o Frugality
Pennington John, laborer, o Coalport
Poet Michael, invalid, o Frugality
Poet Henry, laborer, o Frugality
Poet David, laborer, o Frugality
Richard Hannah E., o Frugality
Richard Martin, laborer, r Frugality
Richard G. W., laborer, r Frugality
Richard John, laborer, r Frugality
Shidler G. H., farmer, o Flinton
Stephen Giles, laborer, o Flinton
Stabler John Jr., farmer, o Flinton
Stevens G. G., laborer, o Flinton
Strayer Daniel, farmer, o Flinton
Shope I. W., laborer, o Flinton
Sample John D., laborer, b Flinton
Strayer Isaac, laborer, r Flinton
Stevens Mesh, laborer, b Flinton
Sedgenich W. H., laborer, r Frugality
Swanson Albert, miner, r Frugality
Swanson Gust, miner, r Frugality
Smith L. C., miner, r Frugality
Shomo Geo., laborer, r Frugality
Smith Samuel, miner, r Frugality
Shomo Wm., miner, r Frugality
Warner Michael, farmer, o Flinton
Warner Rebecca, o Fallen Timber
Warner J. C., laborer, b Fallen Timber
Wertner Catherine, o St. Augustine
Wertner John, farmer, r St. Augustine
Wertner Urban, lab, o St. Augustine
Wilt Wm. F., laborer, o St. Augustine
Wyland Peter, farmer, o Flinton

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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