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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Window Shades, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Adams Peter, farmer, o Johnstown
Adams A. B., lumberman, r Johnstown
Andrews Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Adams A. E., farmer, r Johnstown
Adams M. A., brakeman, o Johnstown
Adams Alvin F., laborer, o Johnstown
Bowser Isaac, farmer, o Johnstown
Berkebile Jesse, farmer, o Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

PORCH BROS., Head quarters for Everything in the
Music Line.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Brehm John F., farmer, o Johnstown
Bowers Chas., farmer, o Johnstown
Beenshoof John S., farmer, o Johnstown
Bassett Joseph, farmer, o Johnstown
Benshoof Paul, farmer, o Johnstown
Bowser, B. F., farmer, o Johnstown
Bush Delia Mrs., o Johnstown
Bush Edw. W., laborer, o Johnstown
Boyer W. S., farmer, o Johnstown
Brehm Frank, farmer, o Johnstown
Bowser J. B., blacksmith, r Johnstown
Berkebile Wm. N., lab, b Johnstown
Bush Geo. W., laborer, r Johnstown
Burkey D. R., laborer, b Johnstown
Berringer Isaac, laborer, r Johnstown
Berringer David, laborer, r Johnstown
Boyles David R., laborer, b Johnstown
Berringer Danl, laborer, r Johnstown
Bassett Harry, laborer, b Johnstown
Bowser A. G., laborer, b Johnstown
Brehm Edward, laborer, r Johnstown
Bowser B. M., laborer, r Johnstown
Baker Geo. C., laborer, r Johnstown
Bracken Taylor, laborer, r Johnstown
Bheam H. M., brakeman, o Johnstown
Bennett Chas., laborer, r Johnstown
Bracken Alfred, laborer, b Johnstown
Cardiff Ebenezer, farmer, o Johnstown
Connor Paul, farmer, o Johnstown
Croyle Francis, laborer, o Johnstown
Conner S., motorman, o Johnstown
Conner W. S., laborer, o Johnstown
Conner G. W., laborer, o Johnstown
Carney J. K., laborer, o Johnstown
Croyle Jesse, laborer, o Johnstown
Croyle Aaron, laborer, r Johnstown
Croyle Edward, laborer, r Johnstown
Dolan Thos., laborer, r Johnstown
Dorman O., foreman, r Johnstown
Eckels John, farmer, o Johnstown
Eckels James Sr., laborer, o Johnstown
Eckels Jas. W., laborer, o Johnstown
Elk Tanning Co., o Johnstown
Eckels Jonathan, laborer, b Johnstown
Edmonds Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Eckels Geo. B., laborer, b Johnstown
Fisher Caroline, o Johnstown
Fritz Joseph, o Johnstown
Goughnour J. F., farmer, o Johnstown
Galbreath H. M., farmer, o Johnstown
Goughnour J. A., farmer, o Johnstown
Galbreath C. W., farmer, o Johnstown
Galbreath W. L., farmer, o Johnstown
Graham W. G., farmer, o Johnstown
Gilkey Jos. L., laborer, r Johnstown
Griffith Eugene, fireman, o Johnstown
Gillon Timothy, laborer, r Johnstown
Goughnour O. L., lab, r Johnstown
Harrison Eli, laborer, o Johnstown
Hanawalt D., M., laborer, o Johnstown
Hunt Henry C., farmer, r Johnstown
Howard Nathan, laborer, r Johnstown
Hileman W., C., laborer, r Johnstown
Hartnett Wm., laborer, b Johnstown
Hale Chas., laborer, r Johnstown
Hunt Jas. W., farmer, o Johnstown
Hite Albert, laborer, r Johnstown
Huff John C., laborer, r Johnstown
Knox Mary, o Johnstown
Keefer Elmer, farmer, o Johnstown
Knox John, laborer, b Johnstown
Kohoe Nicholas, laborer, r Johnstown
Kreager Julius, laborer, r Johnstown
Knavel Geo., laborer, r Johnstown
Kunkle Chas., laborer, r Johnstown
Karl Herman, laborer, r Johnstown
Lasenjac Andy, farmer, o Johnstown
Link Lewis, farmer, o Johnstown
Lavely John, laborer, r Johnstown
Leyden Thos., laborer, r Johnstown
Makin M. L., farmer, o Johnstown
Mitchell Philip, farmer, o Johnstown
Murnin Patrick, laborer, b Johnstown
Mangus Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Mangus W. W., laborer, b Johnstown
McMullen John, farmer, o Johnstown
McDowell Susan D. Mrs., o Johnstown
McMahan Ann Mrs., o Johnstown
McCreary W. H., laborer, r Johnstown
McDivid David, laborer, b Johnstown
McDowell C. A., laborer, r Johnstown
McDowell S. N., laborer, r Johnstown
McMann Ed., laborer, r Johnstown
McMann Chas., laborer, b Johnstown
McMillen Chas., laborer, r Johnstown
Rhodes W. D., farmer, o Johnstown
Ribblett Geo., farmer, o Johnstown
Ribblett Abraham, farmer, o Johnstown
Ribblett B. F., farmer, o Johnstown
Rhodes Emanuel, frmr, o Johnstown
Rolan Evan, farmer, o Johnstown
Rininger W. W., farmer, o Johnstown
Rager, David F., laborer, o Johnstown
Rager, W. W., laborer, o Johnstown
Rummell Geo. B., farmer, o Johnstown
Rager Thos. J., laborer, o Johnstown
Ribblett Wm., F., teacher, o Johnstown
Rager Rolandus, farmer, o Johnstown
Rager Martin Jr., lab, b Johnstown
Rummell W. A., fireman, r Johnstown
Rairigh Geo. S., laborer, r Johnstown
Rector John, laborer, r Johnstown
Regan Dennis, laborer, b Johnstown
Rager Albert, laborer, r Johnstown
Ramus August, laborer, r Johnstown
Rager Geo. B., laborer, b Johnstown
Ribblett D. L., laborer, b Johnstown
Rager Robt. J., teacher, b Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Ribblett N. B., laborer, r Johnstown
Stutzman S. S., farmer, o Johnstown
Spitzbart August, farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman Eli, farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman Ephraim, lab, o Johnstown
Stewart Ben, farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman Danl Sr., frmr, o Johnstown
Shiner Daniel, carpenter, o Johnstown
Stutzman Peter, farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman D. S., fireman, o Johnstown
Stutzman M., farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman B., farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman Aaron, farmer, o Johnstown
Strayer Sol., teamster, r Johnstown
Spitzbart A. Jr., laborer, b Johnstown
Stutzman Albert, laborer, r Johnstown
Smearman A., laborer, r Johnstown
Stutzman Geo., laborer, r Johnstown
Sellman John, laborer, r Johnstown
Swank W., scale boss, r Johnstown
Somerville H., laborer, b Johnstown
Strickler Steward, laborer, b Johnstown
Teeter John Sr., farmer, o Johnstown
Teeter Benjamin, farmer, o Johnstown
Teeter Daniel, farmer, o Johnstown
Uhlery Joseph, laborer, o Johnstown
Uhlery Harry, laborer, o Johnstown
Uhlery Emma D., o Johnstown
Uhlery F. D., laborer, o Johnstown
Walls Ralph C., farmer, o Johnstown
Wallace John, farmer, o Johnstown
Wallace Richard, lab, b Johnstown
Wisong W. H., farmer, o Johnstown
Williams John H., heater, o Johnstown
Williams D. R., farmer, o Johnstown
Wirrick Joseph, laborer, b Johnstown
Wilson John W., laborer, b Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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