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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's High Grade Cigars.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Allen Wm., miner, o Lilly
Brown Lavina, o Lilly
Biglin Bernard, watchman, o Lilly
Bender Catherine, o Lilly
Behe Wm. Sr., farmer, o Lilly
Bender Bazil Mrs., o Lilly
Behe Francis, farmer, o Lilly
Behe Julian, o Lilly
Brown David, farmer, o Lilly
Brindle Jacob, farmer, o Lilly
Bomgardner Joseph Mrs., o Lilly
Boast Andrew, miner, o Lilly
Brawley James, farmer, o Lilly
Bender Herman, miner, o Lilly
Broadwell John, miner, o Cassandra
Burke Daniel J., o Altoona
Bender Joseph, miner, o Lilly
Brown Ezar, laborer, o Lilly
Boylan Morris, laborer, o Lilly
Bender John, miner, o Cassandra
Bender Jacob, miner, o Lilly
Boyle A. H., artist, o Cassandra
Boast Jacob, butcher, o Cassandra
Baird John E., railroader, o Cassandra
Behe Allen, miner, o Lilly
Bradley Michael D., miner, o Lilly
Blarel Henry, miner, r Lilly
Beck Michael, miner, r Cassandra
Berkstresser Geo. W., farmer, r Lilly
Boast John, miner, r Lilly
Burgoon Geo., laborer, o Lilly
Brawley John, miner, o Lilly
Callahan Charles, retired, o Lilly
Conlogue Susan, o Lilly
Carr John, miner, o Lilly
Callahan James, miner, o Lilly
Callahan Robert, miner, o Lilly
Conlogue Daniel, miner, o Lilly
Clay John, miner, r Lilly
Cessna John S., laborer, o Lilly
Dunn John, miner, o Lilly
Davis Robert, miner, o Cassandra
Donahoe Michael, farmer, o Lilly
Dible Geo., miner, o Lilly
Donahoe Andrew, miner, o Lilly
Dixon Geo., miner, o Cassandra
Dunn Wm., miner, o Cassandra
Eckenrode John, miner, o Cassandra
Ellis Henry, miner, o Cassandra
Farren Elizabeth, o Portage
Ford John, miner, o Cassandra
Farren John A., miner, r Lilly
George P. P., farmer, o Lilly
George Wm. Sr., farmer, o Lilly
George P. M., o Lilly
George R. C., o Lilly
George F. L., farmer, o Lilly
George P. N., farmer, o Lilly
George Wm. Jr., miner, o Lilly
George Adam, farmer, o Lilly
George Annie, o Lilly
Gibbons I. P., miner, o Lilly
Gambetta James, contractor, o Myra
Hamilton John, laborer, o Lilly
Hanna Thomas, farmer, o Lilly
Hughes Edward J., merchant, o Lilly
Hodson Joseph, miner, o Cassandra
Harker Henry, blacksmith, o Lilly
Hite Andrew, laborer, o Lilly
Hoover David, miner, o Lilly
Hanna Geo., laborer, o Lilly
Hanna David, farmer, o Lilly
Hamilton Peter, laborer, o Lilly
Hodgson Jos. Jr., miner, o Cassandra
Hudrick John, farmer, o Lilly
Ingoldsby James, miner, o Cassandra
Inman Thomas, r Cassandra
Ickes Joseph, farmer, r Lilly
Kern Peter W., farmer, o Lilly
Kearney W. J., farmer, o Lilly

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Window Shades, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Kelly Peter, miner, o Cassandra
Krumenacker J. Henry, miner, o Lilly
Krumenacker Mary T., o Lilly
Litzinger Michael, retired, o Lilly
Lieb Martin, merchant, o Cassandra
Litzinger John, miner, o Lilly
Lewis Humphrey, miner, o Cassandra
Lieb Frank, propr hotel, o Cassandra
Litzinger Geo., miner, o Lilly
Lewis Evan J., miner, o Lilly
Leants Wm., miner, o Lilly
Leap Wm., weighman, o Cassandra
Leap A. M., laborer, o Cassandra
Leap Thomas, miner, o Lilly
Lingenfelter Elias, miner, r Lilly
Leap Martin Jr., blacksmith, r Lilly
Moyer Patrick R., miner, o Cassandra
Moyer Michael, miner, o Cassandra
Myers S. A., butcher, o Cassandra
Moyer Joseph H., miner, o Lilly
Moyer Geo., miner, o Cassandra
Miller Luther, miner, o Lilly
Musselman Simon, laborer, o Cresson
Murphy John P., miner, o Lilly
Mahoney Edward, miner, o Cassandra
Murray James, laborer, o Cresson
Myers Martin P., miner, r Cassandra
Monahan Robert, farmer, r Lilly
Mills Harry, laborer, r Myra
May Joseph, laborer, r Myra
McIntosh August, miner, o Cassandra
McNally Patrick, blacksmith, o Lilly
McAleer Patrick, miner, o Lilly
McCool John Jr., miner, o Lilly
McCawley Mary, o Lilly
McCann Robert, miner, o Lilly
McCabe Frank, miner, o Ehrenfeld
McCann Patrick, laborer, o Lilly
McMullen Joseph, miner, o Cassandra
McIntosh Patrick, laborer, o Lilly
McNulty Hugh, miner, o Myra
McIntosh Geo., miner, r Lilly
McCann John, grocer, o Cassandra
McNickle Joseph, miner, o Lilly
Neff A. P., retired, o Lilly
Nelson John, miner, o Lilly
Noon Catherine, o Lilly
Neff Samuel J., miner, o Lilly
Neff Wm. T., miner, o Lilly
O'Brien T., wholesale lqr, o Cassandra
Price Frank H., miner, r Cassandra
Premuk John, farmer, o Lilly
Premuk, Michael, farmer, o Lilly
Price Margaret, o Cassandra
Parrish Michael, miner, r Lilly
Quartz Valentine Mrs., o Cassandra
Robine Peter Sr., supervisor, o Lilly
Robine Peter Jr., miner, o Lilly
Risban Peter, farmer, o Lilly
Rodgers James, farmer, o Lilly
Robine John Jr., miner, o Lilly
Robb A. Sr., shoemaker, o Cassandra
Ritchey Joseph, merchant, o Myra
Russell H. M., miner, o Lilly
Robine Wm., miner, o Lilly
Robbins Andrew, farmer, o Cassandra
Robbins Anthony, miner, b Cassandra
Sheehan Michael, miner, o Lilly
Sanders Jos., jus of peace, o Cassandra
Sanders Alex., miner, o Cassandra
Sanders August, miner, o Cassandra
Scanlan Martin, miner, o Cassandra
Sebold Geo. Sr., laborer, o Cassandra
Sebold John, laborer, o Cassandra
Sebold Geo. Jr., laborer, o Lilly
Seese Margaret, o Lilly
Seese Wm., laborer, o Lilly
Studt Charles, laborer, o Cassandra
Sheridan John, barber, o Cassandra
Smith Luke, laborer, o Lilly
Smith Adam, constable, o Lilly
Sisco Charles, miner, o Cassandra
Smeltzer, John S., retired, o Lilly
Smeltzer Samuel, miner, o Lilly
Smith Susan Mrs., o Lilly
Sloan John M., miner, o Lilly
Scanlan T., weighman, o Cassandra
Sheridan O., postmaster, o Cassandra
Sheridan James, miner, o Cassandra
Singer C., blacksmith, r Cassandra
Stevens Frank, plasterer, o Myra
Throner Thomas, miner, o Lilly
Wilson Chas., miner, o Cassandra
Wolford A., miner, o Cassandra
Williams Mary M., o Lilly
Willyard Thompson, carpenter, r Lilly
Watson Joseph, miner, r Lilly
Warner Frank, miner, r Lilly
Warner Jacob, miner, r Lilly
Warner Philip, miner, r Lilly
Yingling Susan, o Lilly

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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