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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Ashbaugh Sarah, o Johnstown
Axmacher Emil, farmer, o Johnstown
Ashbaugh Stephen, lab, r Johnstown
Axmacher John, farmer, r Johnstown
Berkley Anne E. Mrs., o Johnstown
Boyer Jere S., carpenter, o Johnstown
Berkey Hiram J., laborer, o Johnstown
Brubaker John, o Johnstown
Berkley N. W., foreman, o Johnstown
Blough Christ E., farmer, o Johnstown
Bheam W. Scott, farmer, o Johnstown
Blough Henry D., laborer, r Johnstown
Blough Lorenzo H., lab, b Johnstown
Berkey Dennis M., lab, r Johnstown
Bowers John A., laborer, r Johnstown
Croyle Cyrus, farmer, o Johnstown
Croyle Pierson, laborer, o Johnstown
Cristner Jesse, laborer, o Johnstown
Dorer Crispin, farmer, o Johnstown
Dorer Solomon E., lab, o Johnstown
Dowling Peter, o Johnstown
Dunkle Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Ellace John, miner, r Johnstown
Fender Frederick, farmer, o Johnstown
Fredericks A. G., lab, b Johnstown
Gardner Jonathan, frmr, o Johnstown
Gardner Joseph, laborer, o Johnstown
Gindlesberger G. S., lab, o Johnstown
Hochstein Yost Jr., frmr, o Johnstown
Harshberger S. H., frmr, o Johnstown
Holsopple P., farmer, o Johnstown
Haynes Charles, farmer, o Johnstown
Howard Julia Ann, o Johnstown
Hofecker Henry, farmer, o Johnstown
Hare Sarah J. Mrs., o Johnstown
Hochstein Margaret Mrs., o Johnstown
Howard Jas. A., laborer, o Johnstown
Heider Herman, farmer, o Johnstown
Harshberger W. H., lab, b Johnstown
Hare Joseph E., laborer, r Johnstown
Howard John W., lab, r Johnstown
Howard Henry, laborer, r Johnstown
Hochstein Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Hildebrand C., carpenter, r Johnstown
Keifer John A., farmer, o Mishler
Kauffman J. J., farmer, o Johnstown
Kauffman Lizzie L., o Johnstown
Kauffman J. H., farmer, o Johnstown
Kniss Sophia Mrs., o Johnstown
Keifer J. G., blacksmith, o Johnstown
Keiffer Tobias, farmer, o Johnstown
Keiffer Adam Jr., farmer, o Johnstown
Kauffman L. H., farmer, o Johnstown
Kauffman N. H., farmer, o Johnstown
Kauffman J. S., retired, r Johnstown
Kniss H. J., farmer, r Johnstown
Kauffman J. K., laborer, r Johnstown
Keller Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Keller Edward, laborer, b Johnstown
Keller Reuben, laborer, r Johnstown
Kauffman Levi, laborer, b Johnstown
Livingston O., farmer, o Johnstown
Lohr Newton, plasterer, o Johnstown
Lohr Charles, farmer, o Johnstown
Livingston M. J., laborer, r Johnstown
Lindsey Chas., laborer, r Johnstown
Litz James A., laborer, r Johnstown
Mowry Wm. H., farmer, o Johnstown
MYERS A. W., farming implements,
   wagons, etc., o Johnstown
Miller Samuel J., farmer, o Johnstown
Miller John K., farmer, o Johnstown
Moody Jas. E., laborer, o Johnstown
Myers Elizabeth, o Johnstown
Metzger M. G., farmer, o Johnstown
Moller Charles, laborer, o Johnstown
Miller John J., laborer, b Johnstown
Myers Noah, laborer, r Johnstown
Miller Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Maloy Harry, laborer, r Johnstown
Miller Henry, laborer, r Johnstown
Meyers F. L., clerk, b Johnstown
O'Connor Jas. Jr., frmr, o Johnstown
Ortz Flora S., o Johnstown
Pallaster Christ, farmer, o Johnstown
Peterson Saml E., farmer, o Johnstown
Pallister John Sr., farmer, o Johnstown
Paden Edward, farmer, o Johnstown
Paden Abel, farmer, o Johnstown
Potter James, farmer, r Johnstown
Pallister Albert, laborer, b Johnstown
Pallister Ernest, laborer, o Johnstown
Pallister Geo., laborer, b Johnstown
Pallister Wm., laborer, b Johnstown
Pallister Frank, laborer, b Johnstown
Pallister John Jr., lab, b Johnstown
Rose Henry, carpenter, o Johnstown
Roddy Samuel, farmer, o Johnstown
Rosamon Geo., laborer, o Johnstown
Reitz I. I., miller, o Johnstown
Roddy Wilson L., lab, o Johnstown
Ream Albert L., laborer, r Johnstown
Ream Samuel J., laborer, r Johnstown
Ream Simon H., laborer, b Johnstown
Roberts Harry, laborer, b Johnstown
Roberts Wm. C., laborer, b Johnstown
Rutter Wm. J., laborer, r Johnstown
Spangler Geo. Sr., frmr, o Johnstown
Stutzman Frank, farmer, o Johnstown
Sell Geo., farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman J. S., farmer, o Johnstown
Slagle Christ, farmer, o Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

Hannan's High Grade Cigars.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Shenkle Henry, farmer, o Johnstown
Straub Christ, farmer, o Johnstown
Slagle David, farmer, o Johnstown
Stutzman Wm., farmer, o Johnstown
Straub Frederick, laborer, b Johnstown
Swank Norman, laborer, r Johnstown
Shaffer Irvin, laborer, r Johnstown
Slagle Wm. F., laborer, b Johnstown
Thompson Wm., farmer, o Johnstown
Umbaugh H. G., farmer, o Johnstown
Umbaugh Henry, retired, r Johnstown
Umbaugh Conrad, lab, r Johnstown
Volk Henry, laborer, o Johnstown
Walters E., farmer, o Johnstown
Walters John, farmer, o Johnstown
Weimer John E., laborer, o Johnstown
Wolfhope John, laborer, o Johnstown
Wolfhope Henry, laborer, o Johnstown
Wertz Alvin, laborer, r Johnstown
Walters Geo. N., laborer, b Johnstown
Webb G. W., laborer, b Johnstown
Weimer D. H., laborer, r Johnstown
West J. G., farmer, r Johnstown
Williams Nicholas, lab, r Johnstown
West Vickroy, farmer, b Johnstown
Wagaman Simon, lab, r Johnstown
Wagaman John W., lab, b Johnstown
Young Jos. A., laborer, o Johnstown
Younkers Jos., laborer, o Johnstown
Yoder Jonas J., laborer, b Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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