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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Bradley Patrick, invalid, o
Ballentine James, laborer, o
Burns John, laborer, o
Byrne Richard, laborer, o
Bertram Joseph A., propr hotel, o
Bechell James, laborer, o
Burns Patrick, retired, o
Bradley Thomas T., miner, o
Bradley John, foreman, o
Boylan Patrick, miner, o
Burns Frank, miner, r
Boland Wm., miner, r
Brett Thomas, miner, b
Brett Michael, miner, b
Berkebile Calvin, laborer, b
Clonan Patrick, miner, o
Clonan Matthew, miner, b
Cromick Frank, miner, b
Donelson Henry, miner, o
Devenney James, miner, r
Donnelly James, miner, r
Free John, barber, o
Frank Wm., miner, b
Ferguson Alex., miner, b
Fulton John, miner, r
Golde John Sr., propr hotel, o
Glancey Bernard, miner, o
Gorman Geo., miner, r
Gorman Edward, miner, b
Gorman Asbury, miner, b
Gibbons Frank, miner, r
Hassen John, miner, o

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

TUNNELHILL -- (Concluded)
Huey Samuel Sr., laborer, o
Haley Patrick, laborer, o
Hamsey John, miner, r
Huey John, miner, b
Huey Geo., miner, b
Irvin Wm., foreman, r
Irvin Samuel, laborer, b
Kelly Bridget Mrs., o
Kinny Francis Sr., retired, o
Kinny John J., postmaster, o
Kelly Michael Mrs., o
Kunsman David, laborer, o
Killinger Wm. Mrs., o
Kelly Hayden, miner, o
Kent Wm., miner, o
Keith Andrew, laborer, o
Kelly John, miner, b
Kelly Gallitzin, miner, b
Keenan James, laborer, r
Keenan Bernard, laborer, b
Killinger Wm., miner, r
Killinger Frank, miner, b
Leap John, blacksmith, o
Leonard P. S., laborer, o
Leap, Anthony Jr., miner, o
Leonard John, foreman, r
Leonard James, laborer, b
Lego Martin, laborer, b
Lego Charles, Blacksmith, r
Landis Thomas, retired, r
Larne Frederick, miner, r
Lustock Michael, miner, r
Ludwig Lewis, miner, r
Leonard Joseph, laborer, b
Moran John, miner, o
Myers John T., miner, o
Mulligan John, miner, o
Miller John, miner, o
Mulherron Neil, laborer, o
Miller Frank, laborer, b
Moore John, miner, r
Mencer Harry, miner, b
Mock Jacob, miner, r
Murphy Bernard, miner, r
Mulherron Hugh, miner, b
McCloskey T. J. Jr., miner, b
McCloskey Robert, laborer, b
McCloskey Wm., laborer, b
McCloskey James A., miner, r
McCloskey T. W., teamster, r
McCoy Pat, laborer, r
McGuire Thomas, miner, r
McGibbony Thomas, miner, b
McGibbony Patrick, laborer, b
McGibbony James Jr., laborer, b
McAvoy Joseph, laborer, b
McHugh Charles, miner, b
McHugh John, miner, b
McHugh Joseph, miner, b
McCoy Francis, miner, o
McGuirk Wm., miner, o
McCloskey John G., farmer, o
McCoy Francis, miner, o
McKeever Ann Mrs., o
McBristley Patrick, retired, o
McGibboney James Sr., retired, o
McDade Wm., laborer, o
McHugh Catherine Mrs., o
McAvoy Mart, miner, o
Nale Marsh, laborer, o
Nihil Wm., miner, r
Noble Robert, laborer, b
O'Day Mary, o
O'Hara Susan Mrs., o
O'Dowd Patrick Mrs., o
O'Dowd Christopher, miner, r
O'Dowd Patrick, miner, h
O'Day John, miner, b
O'Hara Thomas, laborer, b
Piper James Sr., retired, o
Porter John, farmer, o
Porter Robert J., laborer, b
Piper John, miner, b
Plunkett Patrick, laborer, r
Plunkett R. J., teamster, r
Patrick Dennis, laborer, b
Quinn John, laborer, b
Ruftley Jacob, miner, o
Risban Thomas, miner, r
Ryan Martin, minister, r
Swank John, miner, o
Sisk Michael, laborer, o
Sheridan Charles, laborer, o
Skidmore Thomas, miner, o
Shields Patrick, laborer, b
Swarp Walter, miner, b
Smith Joseph A., clerk, b
Smith James A., salesman, b
Summers Wm., miner, r
Smith Stephen, laborer, b
Soivaskey Joseph, laborer, b
Sebuskey Frederick, miner, r
Toohey Michael, laborer, r
Tray John, blacksmith, r
Thomas Geo., laborer, b
Wilt Isaac Sr., teamster, o
Warrens Henry, miner, o
Ward Charles, miner, o
Wilt Isaac Jr., miner, o
White Michael, laborer, b
Wen John, laborer, b
Wilson Harry, miner, b
Walters Charles, laborer, r
Zuber Frank Mrs., o
Zuber Frank, miner, h

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