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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Angert Conrad, farmer, o Hastings
Archibald T. J., laborer, o Barnesboro
Adams Gideon, farmer, r Barnesboro
Adams Margaret, o Barnesboro
Adams John, laborer, r Barnesboro
Ashurst Samuel, miner, b Barnesboro
Byrne Luke A., farmer, o Hastings
Breth Jacob, farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Bracken Elizabeth, o Hastings
Braughler Saml, frmr, o Grant, Ind Co
Baum J., frmr, o Silvis, Clearfield Co
Baum Richard, frmr, o Grant, Ind Co
Bearer John, farmer, o Hastings
Baum David, farmer, o Hastings
Byrne Robert, farmer, o Hastings
Bowers Adam, shoemaker, o Hastings
Baum John B., farmer, o Hastings
Baker E. P., farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Bearer Lewis J., farmer, o Hastings
Byrne Thos. J., farmer, o Barnesboro
Byrne Abraham, frmr, o Grant, Ind Co
Baker Jac. M., farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Baum Francis, lab, o Grant, Ind Co
Barnacle John, farmer, o Hastings
Baldwin Nicholas, o Barnesboro
Byrne Francis J., farmer, o Barnesboro
Bearer John A., farmer, o Hastings
Bitzer Geo., miner, o Barnesboro
Baum J. L., farmer, o Hastings
Butler Eugene, miner, o Barnesboro
Baker H. J., laborer, b Hastings
Baldwin Albert, laborer, b Hastings
Baldwin Jesse, laborer, b Hastings
Bowers Wm., laborer, b Hastings
Bracken B., lab, b Sylvis, Clearfield Co
Baker Val, farmer, b Grant, Ind Co
Baker Harry K., lab, b Grant, Ind Co
Bowers Grant, lab, b Grant, Ind Co
Baum M. W., farmer, r Hastings
Baum G. W., farmer, b Hastings
Baum Jesse E., laborer, b Hastings
Baum Francis S., teacher, b Hastings
Baum Ezekiah A., laborer, b Hastings
Baker John K., frmr, r Grant, Ind Co
Brauhler Harry, frmr, b Grant, Ind Co
Biss Benj. P., farmer, r Geip, Ind Co
Bartoe James, miner, r Barnesboro
Byrne Thos. C., laborer, b Hastings
Bolger John, miner, r Barnesboro
Bryant Robert, farmer, r Hastings
Cunningham W., frmr, o Carrolltown
Connor Mary A., o Hastings
Craver Aug, farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Connor James, farmer, o Hastings
Condtri Elizabeth, o Barnesboro
Creeley Isaac, laborer, o Barnesboro
Campbell Daniel, miner, o Barnesboro
Craver Clark, laborer, r Grant, Ind Co
Cimchock John, miner, r Barnesboro
Cain Jack, miner, r Barnesboro
Chandler F. B., lab, r Garman's Mills
Chandler C., sawyer, o Garman's Mills
Dehaven A., farmer, o Grip, Ind Co
Dunlap Catherine, o Hastings
Dillon John A., farmer, o Hastings
Dailey Dewitt, farmer, o Hastings
Driscoll Mary J., o Hastings
Dunlap Nancy A., o Garman's Mills
Davis Earhart, laborer, o Grip, Ind Co
Dunlap Henry E., farmer, r Hastings
Dehaven R. K., lab, b Garman's Mills
Dehaven John H., lab, b Grip, Ind Co
Dunlap J. M., frmr, r Garman's Mills
Davis Isaac, miner, r Barnesboro
Dumas Alphonse, miner, b Barnesboro
Davis Caleb, miner, o Barnesboro
Eckenrode Anslem, farmer, o Hastings
Eager Edward, carpenter, o Barnesboro
Elder Walter, laborer, b Hastings
Evans Samuel, miner, r Barnesboro
Farber S., frmr, o Sylvis, Clearfield Co
Fritz Daniel, farmer, o Hastings
Fultz Elizabeth, o Hastings
Foxill Wm., miner, o Barnesboro
Fourbager Jos., miner, o Barnesboro
Farber W. L., laborer, r Hastings
Fronk C. H., lab, r Garman's Mills
Fronk Jacob, laborer, o Nicktown
Fogerty James, miner, r Hastings
Gastley Jacob, miner, o Barnesboro
Graff Frank, miner, o Barnesboro
Garman D. A., frmr, o Garman's Mills
Gray Elizabeth, o Spangler
Gooderham G., frmr, o Grant, Ind Co
Glasser Jacob, farmer, o Hastings
Gardner Joseph, farmer, o Barnesboro
Glass Matthew, farmer, o Carrolltown
Garman John, o Berringer, Ind Co
Gardner J. E., lab, b Garman's Mills
Garrett Adam, miner, b Hastings
Garrity Joseph, laborer, r Hastings
Gray Michael, farmer, r Spangler
Gray Andrew, farmer, r Spangler
Gray S. P., laborer, r Spangler
Graff Andrew, miner, b Hastings
Gates Wm. M., mine boss, r Hastings
Gates Wm. H., miner, b Hastings
Gates O. P., weighmaster, r Hastings

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Ginter Joseph, miner, r Hastings
Goazion John, miner, r Barnesboro
Horst David, farmer, o Hastings
Holtz Joseph A., farmer, o Hastings
Haskins Sarah E., o Grant, Ind Co
Holtz Leonard, farmer, o Hastings
Hileman Geo. O., laborer, r Hastings
Hoover D. W., miller, r Garman's Mills
Horst M. C., miner, b Hastings
Holtz Henry, farmer, r Hastings
Hertsog W. T., farmer, r Spangler
Hadley Joseph, miner, r Hastings
Hoover Michael, miner, r Hastings
Hand Hugh, miner, r Hastings
Hollabaugh Hines, miner, r Barnesboro
Johnson Jacob, farmer, o Hastings
Johns Frank, laborer, o Grant, Ind Co
Joncour Mary, o Barnesboro
Johns Susannah, o Garman's Mills
Johns Percy, laborer, o Garman's Mills
Kilday Robert, farmer, o Hastings
Kerin A., frmr, o Sylvis, Clearfield Co
Kerlindsey D., farmer, o Grip, Ind Co
Keith Martha A., o Grip, Ind Co
Keith John A., laborer, h Grip, Ind Co
Keiffer John, o Carrolltown
Kols Vincent, miner, o Hastings
Keith Rachel, o Garman's Mills
Keith David, farmer, o Grip, Ind Co
Kline Michael, farmer, r Hastings
Krug Jacob, farmer, r Hastings
Keith J. E., farmer, r Garman's Mills
Keith Frank, farmer, b Garman's Mills
Keiffer Frank, laborer, b Grip, Ind Co
Kommer Michael, miner, r Hastings
Kline John, miner, o Barnesboro
Lloyd Aaron, laborer, b Hastings
Landgraft C., farmer, o Carrolltown
Lamer Geo., farmer, o Hastings
Long Andrew, farmer, o Barnesboro
Lowmaster G., frmr, o Garman's Mills
Lamer John W., farmer, o Hastings
Lloyd David W., farmer, o Hastings
Lulay A., farmer, o Garman's Mills
Langham Smith, farmer, o Hastings
Link Henry, farmer, o Hastings
Lloyd G. W. Sr., farmer, o Hastings
Lloyd Henry J., farmer, o Hastings
Lantzy John, farmer, o Hastings
Lantzy Wm. E., farmer, o Hastings
Lantzy S. P., farmer, o Garman's Mills
Lowmaster Jos., farmer, o Grip, Ind Co
Luther A., carpenter, o Barnesboro
Lloyd Wm. H., laborer, o Hastings
Lulay John, laborer, o Garman's Mills
Logan James, miner, o Barnesboro
Labaul Ernest, miner, o Barnesboro
Lloyd Abner, farmer, r Hastings
Lloyd G. W. Jr., farmer, b Hastings
Lloyd G. S., laborer, b Hastings
Lloyd David A., laborer, b Hastings
Lamer Richard, laborer, b Hastings
Lantzy A., lab, r Sylvis, Clearfield Co
Leamer Jesse E., laborer, b Hastings
Leamer Wm., laborer, b Hastings
Lloyd Gideon, farmer, b Hastings
Lloyd John S., farmer, b Hastings
Lloyd Uriah, invalid, b Hastings
Langham Edward, laborer, b Hastings
Leamer S. A., farmer, b Grant, Ind Co
Lowman D., laborer, o Garman's Mills
Lantzy P., laborer, r Garman's Mills
Lowmaster G., frmr, r Garman's Mills
Lulay A. Jr., farmer, r Garman's Mills
Luther Frank, farmer, r Hastings
Lewis Evan J., miner, Hastings
Lantzy John Jr., farmer, r Hastings
Lantzy Sylvester, miner, b Hastings
Link Wm., miner, b Hastings
Lane W. O., miner, r Barnesboro
Lyons James, miner, r Hastings
Mock Gideon, farmer, o Garman's Mills
Manion John, farmer, o Hastings
Manion John R., farmer, o Hastings
Miller Charles, farmer, o Hastings
Mechling Richard, farmer, o Hastings
Miller Joseph B., farmer, o Hastings
Miller Casper, farmer, o Hastings
Myers J. K., farmer, o Hastings
Myers Wm. G., farmer, o Hastings
Manion Edward, farmer, o Hastings
Miller Wm., farmer, o Hastings
Meyers Nathan, laborer, r Hastings
Mechling John H., laborer, b Hastings
Michaels Geo., lab, r Grant, Ind Co
Mock F., blacksmith, b Garman's Mills
Miller Lawrence, farmer, r Spangler
Manion Andrew, farmer, r Hastings
Musser E. R., mine boss, r Hastings
Miller Edw. A., miner, b Barnesboro
McCauley Wm., miner, r Barnesboro
McKean J. S., miner, r Hastings
McKee Joseph, o Sylvis, Clearfield Co
McCauley Dennis, miner, o Hastings
Overberger Joseph, farmer, o Hastings
Otto Chemical Co., o Garman's Mills
Oldfield Wm., miner, r Barnesboro
Platt M. J., farmer, o Hastings
Plouse Levi, farmer, o Barnesboro
Plouse Jonathan, farmer, o Barnesboro
Plouse Robert, farmer, o Barnesboro
Prosser Eliza, o Barnesboro
Parat John, miner, o Barnesboro
Polish Mary, o Barnesboro
Robinson James, miner, o Barnesboro
Reffner James, farmer, o Spangler
Rager A. J., farmer, o Garman's Mills
Ritchson James, miner, o Barnesboro

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Reifsnyder D. H., farmer, r Hastings
Reifsnyder John, laborer b Hastings
Reffner John, miner, r Hastings
Reardon Patrick, miner, b Spangler
Ross Wm., miner, r Spangler
Reeder Robert, miner, r Spangler
Resetter John, miner, o Hastings
Rapsey James, miner, r Barnesboro
Repine W. T., lab, r Garman's Mills
Ruffner T., blksmith, r Garman's Mills
Rosencrans W., supt, r Garman's Mills
Stiffler Jos., lab, o Berringer, Ind Co
Somerville D., farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Shortenkecher M., farmer, o Spangler
Stalb J. B., farmer, h Hastings
Strassler Henry, farmer, o Hastings
Swank John, farmer, o Hastings
Somerville James, farmer, o Hastings
Steens Frank, frmr, o Garman's Mills
Swank Oliver, farmer, o Hastings
Stiffler T. J., frmr, o Berringer, Ind Co
Sansom Harry, miner, o Barnesboro
Stiffler Elias, frmr, o Berringer, Ind Co
Somerville J., lab, b Sylvis, Clrfield Co
Stahl Jonathan, frmr, r Grant, Ind Co
Steens Wm. A., lab, r Garman's Mills
Snyder Daniel, frmr, r Garman's Mills
Shortenkechner Ed, laborer, b Hastings
Stronko Wasko, miner, o Hastings
Spencer S. M., miner, r Hastings
Stoltz John, miner, r Barnesboro
Shortenkechner J., miner, r Barnesboro
Stephenson J. M., miner, r Barnesboro
Simpson Jas. M., lab, r Barnesboro
Simpson Walter, laborer, b Barnesboro
Stephenson T., mineboss, r Barnesboro
Sneeley Jewell, miner, o Barnesboro
Somerville D., lab. o Sylvis, Clrfield Co
Taylor Wm., laborer, o Grant, Ind Co
Taylor Isaac, laborer, b Grant, Ind Co
Weakland John M., farmer, o Hastings
Weakland Isaac, farmer, o Hastings
Weakland S. A., farmer, o Hastings
Westover Isaac, farmer, o Hastings
Whited John C., farmer, o Hastings
Woodside W., frmr, o Garman's Mills
Willman John C., farmer, o Hastings
Weakland J. M. Jr., frmr, o Hastings
Westover Milton, farmer, o Hastings
Westover J., farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Westover G., farmer, o Grant, Ind Co
Whited Wesley, farmer, o Barnesboro
Warfield Francis, farmer, o Hastings
Weakland Wm., farmer, o Hastings
Weakland Mark, farmer, o Hastings
Whitmore J. S., farmer, o Barnesboro
Watkins Morgan, miner, o Barnesboro
Willow John, miner, o Barnesboro
Woodford Powers, farmer, o Hastings
Warrender Henry, miner, o Hastings
Woodsides F., lab, o Garman's Mills
Westover Ida, o Hastings
Westover D., lab, r Sylvis, Clrfield Co
Westover Abe, farmer, r Hastings
Westover W., farmer, r Grant, Ind Co
Wherry James, lab, b Garman's Mills
Weakland Aaron, farmer, r Hastings
Weakland Wm. S., farmer, r Hastings
Weakland Chas., farmer, r Hastings
Weakland Thos. J., farmer, r Hastings
Weakland Valentine, frmr, r Hastings
Weston Curtis, miner, r Hastings
Weston John, miner, b Hastings
Whited Daniel, laborer, b Barnesboro
Willman J. A., laborer, b Hastings
Yingling Hulda, o Sylvis, Clearfield Co
Yingling B., frmr, h Sylvis, Clrfield Co

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