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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

HANNAN'S. -- Best Line of Perfumes in the City.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Alts Mary Ann, o
Alts Zachariah, miner, b
Alts Simon, miner, b
Alts Abraham, laborer, b
Angus Lemmon, laborer, r
Angus Jacob, foreman, r
Berschneider Conrad, laborer, o
Berschneider Clem, miner, o
Berschneider Henry, laborer, o
Bopp John Jr., miner, o
Betts Geo., carpenter, o
Betts Geo. E., carpenter, o
Bodenshotz John M., miner, o
Brown Peter, shoemaker, o
Blitch Adam, miner, r
Brumert Anthony, miner, r
Brumert Henry, miner, b
Bopp Andrew, miner, r
Betts Andrew, miner, r
Bitterhoff Fred, miner, r
Boyle Bernard, miner, r
Brown Joseph, laborer, r
Croyle W. H., blacksmith, o
Clark J. M., miner, r
Cameron L. L., sawyer, r
Dimond Stephen, miner, o
Dunmire Zachariah, laborer, o
Davis H. W., brakeman, o
Dimond W. H., miner, o
Dimond W. C., miner, o
Dasher Joseph, butcher, r
Dimond C. A., butcher, h
Dimond E. S., clerk, b
Fresh Margaret Mrs., o
Feight Wm., flagman, r
Farber John C., miner, b
Ford Austin, miner, b
Gable Charles, brakeman, o
Gable Geo., brakeman, o
Geisler Michael, miner, o
George W. E., flagman, o
Gallardy John, mason, o
Green J. B., physician, o
Griffith John, propr hotel, o
Gillman Caroline, o
Gillman Emma Mrs., o
Gillman Wm., laborer, h
Gillman Lloyd, miner, h
Hettle Geo., laborer, o
Hull E. W., painter, o
Hendricks Amanda, o
Hare Sarah S., o
Hildebrand L. G. miner, o
Hess Christopher, miner, r
Hendricks James C., miner, b
Hull W. L., painter, b
Hodgetts Thomas, miner, r
James Joseph, miner, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, News and Periodicals, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

SUMMERHILL -- (Concluded)
Kick Wm., laborer, o
Kerns Catherine J., o
Kurtz Annie Mrs., o
Kick John, watchman, o
Kelly Edward, miner, b
Kearns J. W., clerk, r
Kearns M. D., miner, b
Kearns Philip, laborer, r
Kurtz Frank, propr hotel, r
Kurtz Geo., laborer, b
Keating Thomas, miner, b
Long John T., contractor, o
Long John, laborer, o
Leech Michael, miner, o
Mouse Sylvester, miner, o
Mathewson Robert, miner, o
Mangus Charles, miner, o
Myers Geo. A., miner, o
Mabon Matthew, grocer, r
Mockley Henry, agent, r
McGough John T., carpenter, o
McCardle Mary, o
McCardle John, miner, o
McConnell Wm. T., mine sur-
    veyor, o
McCall Patrick, grocer, o
McCardle Thomas J., miner, r
McClarren Wm., bricklayer, r
Nipps W. J. Mrs., o
Nipps W. J., laborer, h
Nipps Harry, miner, b
Plummer James D., merchant, o
Plummer J. Wallace, merchant, o
Plummer Thomas, watchman, o
Peirce I. T., laborer, o
Plummer Geo. A., laborer, b
Plummer Silas, miner, r
Plummer Joseph, miner, b
Plummer D. E., fireman, b
Pringle Philip, miner, b
Pringle Joseph, miner, b
Quinn Henry, miner, o
Rorabaugh H. J., engineer, o
Reynolds Annie Mrs., o
Radigan Edward, laborer, o
Reich Max, barber, r
Reich Frank, fireman, b
Skelly J. M., laborer, o
Sipe P. P., laborer, o
Sipe D. A., miller, o
Smith Michael, miner, o
Schrift Peter, carpenter, o
Sherbine Milton A., laborer, o
Siberts Daniel, laborer, o
Seaman T. J., blacksmith, o
Seaman D. G., blacksmith, o
Simindinger John, miner, r
Smith Benjamin, miner, b
Schritchfield John, miner, r
Sickles J. S., miner, r
Skelly Sevures, miner, b
Skelly Joseph, laborer, b
Slausser J. B., laborer, r
Tully Michael, miner, o
Wingerl John, miner, o
Wertel P. G., miner, o
Werner Anthony, merchant, o
Wadsworth J. D., miner, r
White L. K., miner, r
Wolf Isadore, miner, r
Yahner P. C., propr hotel, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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