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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Alwine Abraham, farmer, o Johnstown
Alwine Andrew, farmer, r Johnstown
Adams Thomas, miner, r Johnstown
Bassamer Casper, lab, o Johnstown
Blough S. W., retired, o Johnstown
Berkey Frank, laborer, o Johnstown
Bender Joseph, retired, o Johnstown
Beam A. C., laborer, o Johnstown
Blough S. S., teacher, o Johnstown
Bishop R. W., laborer, r Johnstown
Blough S. T., farmer, r Johnstown
Blough Hiram, laborer, r Johnstown
Blough Elmer, farmer, r Johnstown
Clark Ira, laborer, o Johnstown
Deiner Lewis, retired, o Johnstown
Doeney John, teamster, r Johnstown
Ditzler Ed, laborer, b Johnstown
Eash Moses D., laborer, b Johnstown
Eash Daniel, laborer, b Johnstown
Forney Robt. J., laborer, o Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

HANNAN'S. -- Best Line of Perfumes in the City.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Golden W. H., engineer, r Johnstown
Griffith Abner, retired, o Johnstown
Griffith R. L., farmer, o Johnstown
Grazier H., draughtsman, o Johnstown
Griffith Simon L., lab, o Johnstown
Hoffman Joseph, farmer, o Johnstown
Horner Harvey, laborer, b Johnstown
Horner Daniel B., farmer, r Johnstown
Hochstein C., mill hand, r Johnstown
Jacoby Jethro, mill hand, b Johnstown
Jacoby Nathan, mill hand, b Johnstown
Kring David B., lab, o Johnstown
Keim Peter, farmer, o Johnstown
Knipple Albert, miner, r Johnstown
Kramer Andrew, lab, r Johnstown
Koch Wm., molder, b Johnstown
Leventry Chas., farmer, o Johnstown
Leventry Lewis, farmer, o Johnstown
Lint Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Miller Herman, laborer, o Johnstown
Marsh John, laborer, b Johnstown
Miller Jacob L., laborer, r Johnstown
Myers Thos. M., mason, r Johnstown
Nunemaker Mahlon, lab, o Johnstown
Oldham W. H., laborer, b Johnstown
Palmer Benhard, laborer, o Johnstown
Rhodes G. W., laborer, o Johnstown
Rayman John, laborer, r Johnstown
Rhode Emma Mrs., o Johnstown
Rager Jordan S., laborer, r Johnstown
Rotter John, laborer, r Johnstown
Smith Saml B., teamster, o Johnstown
Schrader Geo., farmer, o Johnstown
Shellhammer V., darymn, o Johnstown
Schrader Frank, salsmn, r Johnstown
Shellhammer C., frm hd, b Johnstown
Shellhammer R., laborer, b Johnstown
Shaffer John, laborer, r Johnstown
Shaffer Wm., laborer, b Johnstown
Shaffer R., farm hand, r Johnstown
Saylor A. J., laborer, r Johnstown
Spiegelmire J. W., fish, r Johnstown
Tamstitter Christ, lab, o Johnstown
Trevarrow Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Thomas Emanuel, lab, r Johnstown
Temple Harry, laborer, r Johnstown
Vore Charles, farmer, o Johnstown
Wilson Frank, clerk, r Johnstown
Wise Geo. W., laborer, r Johnstown
Yoder T. J., farmer, o Johnstown
Young Fred, retired, r Johnstown

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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