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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

in the city, and prices the lowest.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Ager Henry, carpenter, o
Anderson Alex., brickmaker, o
Anderson H. M., brickmaker, o
Albine Geo., miner, r
Barnes Wm., miner, o
Breth Jos. Ambrose, o
Binder E. M., hardware dealer, o
Bennett Norris W., butcher, o
Burchell James, miner, r
Bearer, John G. C., laborer, o
Barr J. A., miner, b
Barnes Thomas, miner, b
Buck M. L., clerk, b
Boucher I. A., merchant, r
Bearer Milton R., butcher, b
Boyle Hugh, laborer, b
Bowman Glen, miner, b
Bowen Richard, mine boss, r
Bearer F. H., teamster, r
Burley S. D., wagonmaker, b
Brown John E., miner, b
Barrett James, miner, r
Banks Owen, miner, b
Bent Geo., miner, r
Bentman James, miner, r
Bennett Geo., miner, r
Bowen Bridget, o
Balcela, Andrew, miner, b
Bernard Michael, miner, b
Blotco Steve, miner, b
Casher Geo., miner, r
Coleman D. J., miner, b
Callaghan Simon, miner, b
Callaghan Patrick, miner, r
Caldwell Patrick, miner, r
Clemenson Emil, miner, r
Clemenson Louis, miner, r
Cole Charles, miner, b
Dunlap John, miner, o
Dumm John S., carpenter, o
Douglass T. A., laborer, o
Dumm Henry C., carpenter, r
Dunlap Luke, miner, b
Dodge Harry, miner, b
Davis Wm., miner, b
Dick H. C., mine boss, r
Denni Lewis, miner, r
Derringer Woodland, coal operator, b
Divers Geo., clerk, r
Doyle Thomas Jr., miner, b
Donaldson James, miner, r
Doyle Thomas Sr., miner, r
Doyle John, miner, b
Eck Charles, miner, o
Evans Evan, mine boss, b
Entler John W., miner, b
Entler Anthony, miner, b
Edmiston Samuel, miner, r
Edmiston Harry, miner, r
Evans Edward, miner, r
Evans Isaac, miner, r
Flick Peter C., contractor, o
Feighner A. J., miner, o
Feighner Frank J., laborer, o
Farren John, miner, r
Farrell James, miner, r
Farrell John R., miner, r
Flannigan John J., miner, r
Finegan James, miner, r
Fryland Oxel, miner, r
Fulger Joseph, miner, r
Fox Joseph, liveryman, o
Fish John, miner, r
Flick Charles V., apprentice, b
Fletcher Henry, miner, r
Gramley James, plasterer, o
Good Jacob, laborer, o
Gray Daniel, farmer, o
Glancey James, miner, r
Graffius Henry, weighmaster, r
Graffius Robert, miner, r
Green Michael, miner, r
Gorsuch L. G., operator, b
Geno Andrew, plasterer, b
Helfrich O. T., physician, o
Hayes Patrick, miner, r
Herron David, miner, b
Hobart J. W., weighmaster, r
Hogue C. G., blacksmith, r
Hulett Henry, miner, r
Ingles Wm., miner, r
Ingles James, miner, r
Jirard Claudius, butcher, r
Jones Arthur, butcher, b
Jones Richard, miner, r
Krug John, farmer, o
Kuntz Michael D., teamster, o
King S. B., propr hotel, o
Kirsch M. J., contractor, o
Kirk Joseph, physician, o
Kemp E. A., laborer, b
Kirkpatrick J. A., propr hotel, r
Koontz Arnold, laborer, b
Krug Philip, retired, r
Keenan Wm., miner, r
Kachel Michael, miner, r
Locke Thomas, miner, o
Long Frank, carpenter, o
Lantzy W. A., contractor, o
Leslie Alex., laborer, o
Long Alex., teamster, o
Lynch Rosanna, o
Lewis Samuel A., miner, o
Leslie James, miner, b
Leslie Andrew, laborer, b
Leslie Caleb, miner, r
Landgraff John, laborer, b
Lindell Wm. H., merchant, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

SPANGLER -- (Concluded)
Leslie John, laborer, r
Lewis Henry, miner, b
Lewis Samuel E., miner, b
Lynch Daniel, miner, b
Luther C. G., laborer, r
Lehmire Frank, mason, r
Lydick Charles, painter, r
Lambert Geo., blacksmith, r
Miller Anthony, laborer, o
Miller James A., laborer, o
Murphy Michael, miner, r
Murphy Wm., miner, b
Murphy John, miner, b
Meloy James, miner, b
Mitchell James, miner, b
Mehan James, mine foreman, r
Morrison John, miner, r
McGee Bernard, laborer, o
McGarvey R. H., merchant, o
McClain Mary A., o
McClain Bernard, supt, b
McCully J. C., miner, r
McDowell Alex., miner, r
McDowell Andrew, miner, r
McGowen H. J., laborer, r
McCormick Duncan, miner, r
McCarty Martin, miner, r
McNickol Thomas, miner, b
McGowen Larry, miner, r
McGowen Robert, miner, r
McNamara Thomas, miner, r
McNamara John, miner, b
McCule Patrick, miner, r
McDermitt Patrick, miner, r
Nagle Geo., laborer, r
Napier James, miner, r
Noker Joseph, miner, r
O'Farrell Bernard, miner, r
Peters Joseph, carpenter, o
Peters John, carpenter, o
Peters Frank Sr., retired, r
Pick Robert, miner, r
Pick John, miner, b
Rodgers Henry L., miner, o
Reffner Thomas, foreman, o
Rodkey I. N., justice of peace, o
Redding Henry, mine boss, o
Richardson Thomas, miner, b
Reffner Harry, porter, b
Rowley Geo., miner, r
Sullivan D. C., postmaster, o
Smith Lucinda F., o
Stephens C. W. C., laborer, o
Scollen Thomas, miner, o
Stewart Wheeling, physician, r
Stewart Charles, mine boss, r
Stewart Peter, mine boss, r
Stroud Joseph, miner, r
Stopp Alfred, miner, r
Sullivan Michael, miner, b
St. Clair Geo., miner, r
Spencer Milton, editor, r
Smith Michael, contractor, r
Shore J. A., miner, b
Snyder Wm., miner, r
Thomas John, miner, b
Tobin Thomas, miner, b
Traxler F., minister, r
Tuskey Anthony, teamster, r
Wyland Lawrence, farmer, o
Wyland Susan, o
Wyland Joseph, laborer, o
Williams T. S., miner, o
Williams T. R., miner, o
Westover M. C., wholesale liquor, o
Wyland Nicholas, laborer, o
Whalen Wm., laborer, o
Wallace H. W., carpenter, b
Wallace H., apprentice, b
Weatherson Edward, teamster, b
Winter Robert, miner, r
Weatherson Richard, laborer, r
Whalen Patrick, bartender, r
Weakland Frank P., barber, b
Whalen Joseph, miner, b
Whalen Thomas, miner, b
Wilkinson Richard, miner, r
Wilkinson Wm., miner, r
Yambert H. C., coal operator, b

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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