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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

[Note:   the left side of this page was very difficult to read. Mistakes are likely.]

Allison Wm., miner, o
Allison John Sr., miner, o
Anderson A. J., miner, o
Allison John Jr., miner, r
Allison Joseph, miner, b
Appleyard Wm., miner, r
Aukerman C. B., watchmaker, r
Boyer David E., watchmaker, o
Berkey L. D. Mrs., o
Burtnett __mer, carpenter, o
Burkey David M., brakeman, o
Bassett John, miner, o
Board Thomas, miner, o
Board John, miner, o
Buchanan John, miner, o
Boyer David E., merchant, o
Boyle Edward, laborer, o
Brown Thos. C., laborer, o
Brewer Sarah, o
Boyers Lizzie Mrs., o
Baker W. W., propr hotel, o
Beal Harry, cigarmaker, o
Beckley _. W., agent, o
Bower Harry, miner, b
Brown W. H., propr boarding house, r
Boyle Bernard, clerk, b
Baker J___, clerk, b
Brewer James, laborer, r
Boyer B. _., laborer, r
Boyle John, miner, r
Brown Elmer S., miner, r
Brown W. S., laborer, b
Brown Wm. M., miner, r
Bach John, laborer, r
Burtnett Thomas, miner, r
Barker John, miner, b
Barker Arthur, miner, b
Buller Albert, miner, r
Brewer Samuel J., miner, r
Bortal John, laborer, r
Baudich__ Cloyd, miner, r
Brewer Samuel S., mine boss, r
Berkey _. M., brakeman, r
Bassett George, miner, r
Croyle Philip S., miner, r
Croyle Wendell, miner, o
Croyle Frederick, laborer, o
Crissey Frank, teamster, o
Cummings Samuel, miner, o
Campbell Joseph, blacksmith, o
CROUSE CHAS. N., propr Crouse
    Hotel, b
Collins John S., laborer, o
Custer Wm., laborer, o
Cooksley Frank, o
Custer Philip S., teamster, o
Cawthern John, miner, o
Charlesworth Joseph Jr., miner, o
Cawthern Benjamin, miner, o
Charlesworth Chas. A., miner, b
Charlesworth Joseph Sr., miner, r
Chapple Francis, laborer, r
Chapple Charles, miner, r
Chapple Emanuel, miner, r
Carles R. H., laborer, r
Calwitz Fred, miner, r
Castello Geo., laborer, b
Cline L. H., laborer, r
Collins W. E., miner, r
Croyle Robert, miner, b
Cusens Thomas, miner, b
Cusens John, miner b
Crum John, miner, r
Caulteran Joseph, teamster, b
Colbart Wm. S., teamster, r
Cummings John, miner, b
Donmyer Henry, engineer, o
Duncan David, o
Davis Barbara, o
Donmyer W. W., laborer, o
Donaldson John, miner, o
Dimond M. C., butcher, o
Dunmire H. W., engineer, o
Davis W. M., miner, o
Duncan Alexander, miner, o
Davis Amos, laborer, r
Dumm Harry, miner, b
Dempsey Daniel, miner, r
Dempsey Peter, miner, b
Dunsello Adam, miner, r

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ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

SOUTH FORK -- (Continued)
Donahoe Wm., blacksmith, b
Dietrick C. P., mine boss, b
Dougherty C. P., railroad agent, r
Donahoe Charles, laborer, b
Davis John O., miner, r
Dimond Harry, miner, r
Dimond J. E., miner, r
Dingle Wm. J., miner, r
Dearmey Samuel, miner, b
Dunmire Wm., engineer, r
Dellinger Daniel, miner, r
Donaldson J. W., mine boss, b
Durbin W. H., conductor, r
Dunsello John, miner, o
Eplett Joseph, miner, o
Eichelberger E. D., miner, r
Eckmire John, miner, r
Evans John, miner, r
Edwards Charles, miner, b
Farber Clarence, miner, o
Fox Wm., miner, o
Fox Cyrus, miner, o
Funk Martin, laborer, o
Fisher Edward, miner, r
Fisher Joseph, miner, b
Fulton Elmer, laborer, r
Flenner P. F., blacksmith, r
Fox Anthony, miner, r
Ford Richard, laborer, r
Fessler Geo., clerk, r
Ferguson Wm., clerk, r
GEORGE N. S., merchant (Bell
    phone 5), o
Gates Andrew, miner, o
George E. P., brakeman, o
Gage Richard, miner, o
Gillespie Wm. Sr., miner, o
Glass J. H., physician, o
Goldstein Isaac, merchant, o
Giles Robert, miner, o
George B. F., laborer, o
Gramling E. S., merchant, o
Gromley G. M., miner, o
Gage Richard, miner, o
Glasson Thomas, miner, o
Gates Geo. E., merchant, r
Gage Henry, mine boss, r
Griffin Charles, miner, r
Graham Wm., miner, r
Goughnour Edward, laborer, r
Gillespie Archie, laborer, b
Gillespie James, laborer, b
Goughnour Jerry, miner, r
George H. J., merchant, b
Gilbert Richard, miner, r
Gage John, miner, b
Gregory James, miner, r
Goughnour Blair, laborer, b
Gregory Thomas, miner, r
Gall Elisha, miner, r
Gall Frederick, miner, r
Hutzell Ephraim, miner, o
Hagan Robert, miner, o
Hamilton D. A., miner, r
Himes Michael, miner, o
Harkins Neal, laborer, o
Hampton Joseph G., miner, o
Hutzel Simon, miner, o
Hildebrand Jacob A., miner, o
Hardy Thomas, miner, o
Horner J. C., miner, o
Harris Michael, miner, o
Hamilton John, agent, o
Harris Joseph, miner, o
Hartman Noah, miner, o
Hartman Percival, miner, o
Hildebrand W. L., engineer, o
Hutzell Chas. A., laborer, o
Hoffa C. W., miner, r
Hudson Robert, miner, r
Huber Terence, laborer, b
Hite Geo., clerk, b
Hale W. C., laborer, r
Harshberger Walter, laborer, r
Harshherger David, laborer, b
Hocking Joseph, miner, b
Hetrick Harry, miner, r
Hampton James, miner, r
Hendrick James, miner, b
Hand Enoch, miner, r
Hardy Isaac, miner, b
Horton Frank, miner, r
Horton Bruce, miner, b
Hardy J. W., miner, r
Hampton J. E., miner, b
Huse Geo., miner, r
Husten Edward, shoemaker, b
lvey Wm., miner, b
lsley Ernest, miner, r
Jones Wm. O., miner, o
Jones Thomas E., miner, o
Jarvis Robert, miner, o
James Elmer, miner, b
Jones W. P., laborer, r
Jones A. T., laborer, r
Jones Geo., laborer, b
Jones John, miner, r
Jones Matthew, miner, r
Jall Joseph, miner, r
Johnson R. F., miner, b
Johnson James, miner, b
Jall T. J., laborer, r
Johnson Abe, miner, r
Johnson Richard Sr., miner, r
Johnson Richard Jr., miner, r
Johnson Wm., barber, r
Jall Frank, miner, r
Jones L. L., miner, r

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HANNAN'S, No. 218 Franklin Street, is the Finest Drug Store in

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

SOUTH FORK -- (Continued)
Jones Mack, miner, r
Kauffman Joshua, butcher, o
Keelan Patrick, miner, o
Koontz Levi, laborer, o
Keller Charles, clerk, b
Kauffman Austin, laborer, r
King Charles, miner, b
Luke J. C., physician, o
Luke D. W. Sr., mine supt, o
Long Alex Sr., miner, o
Lewis Thomas, miner, o
Luke C. E., brakeman, o
Luke J. H., merchant, o
Longwell F. B., clerk, b
Lewis Richard, miner, r
Lang Alex. Jr., miner, r
Lang David, miner, b
Lang John, miner, b
Lester Thomas, miner, r
Lockman Wm., miner, b
Moore Morris C., shoemaker, o
MANGUS W. E., propr Merchants'
Makin Josiah, miner, o
Murphy Daniel, laborer, o
Murphy J. C., contractor, o
Murphy Noah, merchant, o
Miller Jacob, miner, o
Moses Ephraim, laborer, o
Miller Wm. J., laborer, o
Miller John A., miner, o
Mendelstein L., merchant, o
Moore Elizabeth Mrs., o
Makin Geo. G., miner, o
Moore Harry, miner, o
Mackell Henry, laborer, o
Maund J. W., miner, o
Mardis Jasper, physician, o
Makin Josiah, miner, o
Mock Frank G., teacher, b
Moore W. H., miner, r
Mare Joseph, miner, r
Mears Samuel B., miner, r
Mansell Michael, miner, r
Mansell James, miner, b
Mahoney John, miner, r
Mann David, laborer, b
Mann Joseph, laborer, b
Miller Joseph, miner, b
Moore James C., miner, r
Mackell Wrn., laborer, b
Muse Wm., laborer, r
Mingas Thomas, miner, r
Mudgradge John, miner, r
Moore Frank, miner, b
McClarren J. P., laborer, r
McClarren Clem, laborer, r
McLaughlin Wm., laborer, r
McDonald Daniel, miner, r
McMahan Charles, miner, r
McMahan John, miner, b
McDermott James, miner, b
McGeary Wm. C., plasterer, o
Null R. J., agent, b
Noon A. J., laborer, b
Neary Patrick, miner, b
Nixdorf Wm., miner, r
Nixdorf W. B., miner, r
Needs Solomon, miner, r
Needs J. E., miner, r
Ott Reuben, mine boss, o
Oakes F. E., miner, r
Oakes Kil, miner, r
Paul Joseph S., laborer, o
Poling D. S., minister, o
Penrod Joseph, miner, o
Pringle A. A., miner, o
Penrod Samuel S., miner, o
Pritch Geo., mason, o
Plummer Silas, miner, o
Penrod John C., miner, o
Parrish Michael, laborer, b
Paul Josiah, miner, b
Pond Dick, miner, b
Patterson Geo., miner, r
Pratt Ralph, miner, r
Penrod C. H., miner, r
Penrod John E., miner, b
Plummer S. V., miner, r
Paul E. E., operator, b
Puckey Samuel, miner, b
Puckey Charles, miner, b
Pritchford Timothy, miner, r
Peel Joseph M., miner, r
Penrod G. W., laborer, r
Poling A. L. D., laborer, r
Price John, miner, r
Pious Valentine, miner, r
Paul Isaac, miner, b
Patterson Geo., miner, b
Paul S. S., miner, r
Perry Richard, miner, b
Price Edward, miner, r
Price Francis, miner, b
Parrish Charles, miner, b
Rourke John Sr., miner, o
Rachel Mary, o
Rouser Alex, blacksmith, o
Roberts Hugh J., laborer, o
Richardson John, miner, o
Richards Wm., miner, r
Riley Charles, miner, b
Riley Dudley, miner, b
Rourke Simon P., miner, b
Rourke John Jr., miner, b
Roberts Richard, miner, b
Reynolds Harry, clerk, b
Reynolds Jacob, miner, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Picture Framing, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

SOUTH FORK -- (Concluded)
Reynolds Elmer, miner, r
Reighard Abraham, miner, r
Reed Geo. C., laborer, r
Ruser Wm., carpenter, r
Roberts A L., laborer, b
Ream J. J., laborer, b
Salkeld Wm. M., merchant, o
Smay John L., miner, o
Stineman Wm. H., merchant, o
STINEMAN JACOB C., member of
    state legislature and coal operator, o
Stineman Coal and Coke Co., o
Stineman Geo. B., clerk, o
Sanders D. J., o
Salkeld John F., laborer, o
Stineman Albert, foreman, o
STINEMAN W. I., supt Stineman Coal
    and Coke Co., o
Sanders Wm. E., miner, o
Seese Edward T., miner, o
Spark Charles W., blacksmith, o
Strong Amos D., merchant, o
Shrock Geo. W., laborer, o
Smith John D., laborer, o
Scofield Isaac, miner, o
Suvenskit Andrew, miner, o
Swartzentruver Samuel, laborer, o
Smay John O., miner, r
Shaw James, miner, r
Short James, miner, r
Short Geo., miner, b
Strausbaugh John, miner, b
Simmons James, miner, r
Salkeld Thomas, miner, r
Sheeters Harry, miner, r
Sanker J. C., laborer, r
Stewart John D., tinner, r
Steel McClellan, miner, r
Showers Sherman, miner, b
Swartzentruver Wm., laborer, b
Swartzentruver Irvin, laborer, b
Swartzentruver Edwin, laborer, b
Swartzentruver Perry, laborer, b
Suman P. W., miner, r
Stineman J. W., laborer, b
Sechler J. L., editor, b
Stafford Alfred, miner, r
Snabell Robert, miner, r
Shartz Joseph E., laborer, b
Swartzentruver John, miner, b
Shore J. R., miner, r
Shore Harry, miner, b
TREESE S. W., merchant, o
Thomas Geo. H., o
Tague Charles, miner, r
Trevinen Fred, miner, r
Truscat John, miner, r
Thomas Jordan, miner, r
Trimbath Hugh, miner, r
Thomas Elijah miner, r
Vincent Wm. G., engineer, o
Varner Samuel, miner, r
Varner Gillian, miner, r
Vivian Wm., miner, r
Voice Wm., miner, r
Varner D. W., laborer, b
Wicks John S., merchant, o
Wisel Wm., miner, o
Wicks Joseph Sr., mine foreman, o
Wilt Thomas J., merchant, o
Weaver James A., miner, o
Wicks Joseph Jr., barber, o
Wills Richard Sr., miner, o
Weaver Jesse E., miner, o
Wills Richard J., plumber, o
Wilson J. P., supt, o
Wilt Geo. W., miner, o
Wicks Thomas, miner, o
Waterson Jacob, miner, o
Williams John J., miner, o
Williams Richard, miner, o
Weigle A. L., miner, o
Waters Harry, miner, o
Williams John Jr., miner, o
Wetlo Fred, miner, o
Wirrick John, mason, b
Wirrick Daniel, miner, r
Watkins Edgar, miner, b
Walter Elmer, teamster, b
Whalen John, teamster, r
Whalen Bert, teamster, b
Williams John, miner, b
Walker Henry, miner, b
Wicks Rutland, clerk, b
Wicks Edwin, miner, r
Williams Thomas, miner, r
Waters Henry, miner, r
Woods James, miner, r
Wilson J. W., asst supt, r
Weimert Irvin, miner, b
White Wm., miner, r
Wise Abraham, miner, r
Watson Robert, miner, b
Webster John, miner, b
Yoder Joseph Jr., miner, o
Yoder Hiram, teamster, o
Yoder Joseph Sr., miner, b
Young Geo., miner, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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