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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Allen Clinton, farmer, o South Fork
Allen C. F. I., laborer, h South Fork
Barkley Jonathan, frmr, o Scalp Level
Banerly Eizabeth, o Scalp Level
Belsner John L., farmer, o Johnstown
Blough Joseph S., farmer, o Geistown
Blough John W., farmer, o Geistown
Blough John S., farmer, o Geistown
Bomgardner John, frmr, o Scalp Level
Bomgardner M., farmer, o Scalp Level
Bomgardner S., farmer, o Scalp Level
Bomgardner J., farmer, o Geistown
Bomgardner C., farmer, o Geistown
Borngardner A., farmer, o Geistown
Bomgardner Mary A., o Geistown
Bomgardner Jos. A., farmer, o Elton
Boucher Charlotte, o Scalp Level
Bloom Geo., farmer, o Johnstown
Bantley Christ, farmer, o Scalp Level
Bloom John, farmer, o Johnstown
Bentman W., cigarmkr, o Scalp Level
Berkey Ephraim, farmer, o Elton
Buchanan E. C. Mrs., o Scalp Level
Bumgardner Isaac, lab, o Scalp Level
Blough Mary A., o Walsall
Brumbaugh Daniel, lab, r Scalp Level
Baumgardner J. S., lab, h Scalp Level
Baumgardner Noah, lab, h Scalp Level
Baumgardner Danl, lab, h Scalp Level
Baumgsrdner Josiah, lab, h Scalp Level
Baumgardner E. E., lab, o Scalp Level
Baumgardner L., farmer, o Scalp Level
Blough Wm. H., laborer, b Scalp Level
Blough J. H., miner, r Scalp Level
Blough J. Irvin, laborer, b Scalp Level
Blough John, laborer, b Scalp Level
Blough Noah, laborer, b Scalp Level
Blough Henrv, laborer, r Scalp Level
Boucher D., harnessmkr, r Scalp Level
Bantley T. P., laborer, h Scalp Level
Berkey Aaron, laborer, r Scalp Level
Bloom Wm., laborer, r Johnstown
Custer Henry, farmer, o Johnstown
Conrad Geo., merchant, o Scalp Level

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Cole Wm., farmer, o Elton
Custer D. J., farmer, o Scalp Level
Custer Samuel J., farmer, o Elton
Custer Harry J., laborer, o Walsall
Czurnetzki Gustav, miner, o Walsall
Custer Aaron, laborer, r Geistown
Custer D. S., laborer, b Geistown
Courtney Owen, laborer, r Geistown
Crissey Samuel, laborer, r Geistown
Defenbaugh C., farmer, o Geistown
Dense Wm., cobbler, r Walsall
Doubt James, miner, r Walsall
Doubt John, miner, r Walsall
Dougherty Frank, fireman, r Walsall
Driggs S. L., miller, r Scalp Level
Erb Isaac, farmer, o Johnstown
Engle Henry, farmer, o Geistown
Engle Peter, farmer, o Geistown
Engle Matthias, laborer, o Geistown
Eash Levi, miner, o Walsall
Eichensehr Geo., retired, o Geistown
Fearl Catherine, o Geistown
Feight J. E., farmer, o Elton
Foust Charles A., laborer, o Elton
Frey Josiah, farmer, o Geistown
Frieze Mary, o Johnstown
Fyock David, farmer, o Johnstown
Fearl Nelson, laborer, h Geistown
Foust Henry H., laborer, r Geistown
Foust Wm. C., laborer, r Geistown
Folmes Sam E., laborer, r Geistown
Friese Lewis, laborer, b Johnstown
Fye Wm. R., laborer, b Elton
Fyock Jerome, laborer, b Johnstown
Geis Clara, o Geistown
Geis Joseph, retired, h Geistown
Gillman Harry, laborer, r Geistown
Gooderham M. J., laborer r Geistown
Gorden Noah, laborer, b Geistown
Haughton John, miner, o Geistown
Hersherger Wm. G., lab, o Geistown
Holsinger D. S., laborer, o Geistown
Hostetler Henry, farmer, o Scalp Level
Heidenfelter J. G., frmr, o Johnstown
Helman Geo., frmr, o Johnstown
Harshberger Isaac, farmer, o Geistown
Harshberger S. I., farmer, o Geistown
Holsopple Jacob, farmer, o Geistown
Hoffman Samuel, farmer, o Scalp Level
Harshberger Julia, o Geistown
Hoffman N. J., farmer, o Geistown
Hummell S. S., mason, o Geistown
Hostetler A., farmer, o Scalp Level
Hopp Wm., farmer, o Walsall
Hoffman Jesse, farmer, o Johnstown
Hopkins W. G., farmer, o Elton
Hoffman A. D., farmer, o Geistown
Holmes G. L., laborer, o Walsall
Houghten James, grocer, o Walsall
Heidenfelter M., farmer, o Geistown
Heidenfelter Wm., farmer, o Geistown
Helsel D. H., farmer, o Richland tp
Heidenfelter Rosanna, o Geistown
Harshberger John, laborer, o Geistown
Hornick Peter, farmer, o Johnstown
Hornick Martin, farmer, o Johnstown
Hoffman Nathan, farmer, o Scalp Level
HARSHBERGER D., agt Iron City
    Brewing Co., o Johnstown
Hoffman S. S., farmer, o Scalp Level
Hoffman David, laborer, b Scalp Level
Harbaugh Geo., laborer, r Scalp Level
Hornick A., laborer, h Johnstown
Helman John, laborer, b Johnstown
Hershberger Jonas, laborer, b Geistown
Hershberger J. M., laborer, r Geistown
Holsopple Austin, laborer, b Geistown
Holsopple David, farmer, b Geistown
Hostetler S., farmer, b Scalp Level
Hoffman W. B., farmer, b Geistown
Hogan Robert, miner, r Walsall
Haughton Joseph, miner, b Walsall
Hershberger J. D., laborer, r Geistown
Hershherger J. E., laborer, b Geistown
Holsopple Harry, laborer, b Geistown
Hammer Alex., laborer, r Geistown
Jordan John, retired, o Johnstown
Kring Uriah, farmer, o Johnstown
Klenner August, farmer, o Johnstown
Kunkle Conrad, farmer, o Walsall
Koontz Wm., farmer, o Walsall
Karl Michael, farmer, o Walsall
Knuff Ernest, laborer, o Geistown
Koontz G. W., laborer, h Geistown
Killian Alex., laborer, h Geistown
Kissel Fred, mason, r Geistown
Karl John, laborer, r Walsall
Lehman Henry, farmer, o Scalp Level
Lehman Hiram, farmer, o Geistown
Lehman Isaac, carpenter, o Scalp Level
Lehman N. H., laborer, o Walsall
Lehman Peter J., farmer, o Johnstown
Lehman John P.; retired, o Geistown
Lehman J. B., laborer, r Geistown
Lehman L. J., laborer, b Geistown
Layman Jno. H., laborer, b Geistown
Lape Herman W., laborer, o Geistown
Lape Joseph, laborer, r Geistown
Lape H. Wesley, laborer, r Geistown
Levy W., harnesmaker, r Scalp Level
Ling Wm., huckster, r Scalp Level
Lulay Geo. J., farmer, o Geistown
Mallen Wm., fireman, o Walsall
Miller Howard, farmer, o Walsall
Miller Moses B., farmer, o Geistown
Miller Alex R., farmer, o Geistown
Miller Christ M., farmer, o Geistown
Miller John A., farmer, o Johnstown

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Miller Lydia B., o Geistown
Miller Andrew, clerk, o Johnstown
Miller Abram B., laborer, b Geistown
Miller Daniel, laborer, b Geistown
Miller Ananias, laborer, b Geistown
Miller Elias, laborer, b Geistown
Miller J. S., teamster, r Geistown
Miller Michael, laborer, r Geistown
Miller L. J., laborer, b Geistown
Martin Robert, miner, r Walsall
Maloney J. D., tel operator, b Walsall
Marshall Albert, miner, r Walsall
Mock John C., farmer, o Scalp Level
Mock Eli, laborer, h Scalp Level
Moss Wm. T., supt, r Walsall
Myers Wm. W., blksmith, o Geistown
Myers Samuel, laborer, b Geistown
McGrew George, blksmith, r Geistown
McVicker J., harnessmkr , r Geistown
Neitrauer Adam, miner, o Geistown
Nees Bernard, propr hotel, o Geistown
Newitt Robert, laborer, o Walsall
Nees Conrad, farmer, o Geistown
Naugle Matthias, miner, o Walsall
Noon Isaac, farmer, o Geistown
Noon John A., farmer, o Geistown
Norwizer Christ, miner, o Geistown
Orris Hiram, farmer, Geistown
Ott John, cigar maker, o Scalp Level
Orris Joseph J., farmer, o Scalp Level
Ott Charles, retired, o Scalp Level
Orris John Sr., farmer, o Geistown
Orris Geo. J., farmer, o Geistown
Orris Franklin, farmer, o Geistown
Orris John A., laborer, h Geistown
Orris John I., laborer, r Geistown
Orris Isaac, laborer, r Geistown
Owens Ida, o Scalp Level
Owens C., laborer, Scalp Level
Parker Henry C., laborer, o Walsall
Paul Jacob, laborer, r Geistown
Penatzer Joseph, farmer, o Geistown
Ream Alonzo, laborer, o Scalp Level
Ream Jerry, farmer, o Scalp Level
Raymond John D., o Scalp Level
Ripple Jacob J., farmer, o Geistown
Ringler Silas N., laborer, o Walsall
Rose Wm. A., farmer , o Scalp Level
Ripple Levi, farmer, o Elton
Rodda Wm., miner, o Walsall
Roberts Jacob, farmer, o Johnstown
Ream James, laborer, o Conemaugh
Rively Abe C., laborer, r Conemaugh
Rively F. D., laborer, h Conernaugh
Rose Wm. F., laborer, b Scalp Level
Roberts Chas., laborer, r Scalp Level
Sala Jacob J., laborer, r Scalp Level
Sala Solmon, laborer, b Scalp Level
Salem H. C., miner, h Scalp Level
Shaffer Chas., laborer, r Scalp Level
Shaffer Lewis, laborer, b Scalp Level
Shaffer Hiram, retired, o Scalp Level
Shank Hiram, farmer, o Geistown
Shaffer Casper, farmer, o Johnstown
Shick Charles, laborer, o Geistown
Seese Gillian, laborer, o Geistown
Small W. H., laborer, r Geistown
Smallcomb Aaron, laborer, r Walsall
Smith John, laborer, r Walsall
Smith Jennie, o Sclap Level
Snyder B., blacksmith, r Scalp Level
Shrader Albert, farmer, o Scalp Level
Speicher Catherine, o Johnstown
Speicher Henry, laborer, r Geistown
Speicher Peter, laborer, b Geistown
Spigler Jerry, laborer, b Geistown
Stattler J. P., grocer, o Geistown
Stattler Daniel, laborer, o Geistown
Stull David, farmer, o Johnstown
Stull David D., farmer, o Johnstown
Thomas Peter, farmer, o Geistown
Thomas Benjamin, farmer, o Geistown
Trent Wm., farmer, o Geistown
Thomas Henry, huckster, r Johnstown
Thomas Jacob, laborer, b Johnstown
Turner J. D., tel operator, b Walsall
Varner Jacob G., farmer, o Elton
Veil John H., tanner, o Scalp Level
Varner Emanuel, farmer, o Elton
Varner I. J., laborer, h Elton
Veil Ralph, farmer, o Scalp Level
Walter Jeremiah, farmer, o Geistown
Walter F. P., laborer, r Geistown
Walter David G., laborer, h Geistown
Wagner Ralph, laborer, r Geistown
Weaver W. A., laborer, h Geistown
Weaver Alex. laborer, r Walsall
Weaver Levi H., farmer, o Geistown
Weaver Uriah, farmer, o Scalp Level
Weaver Hiram, farmer, o Geistown
Weaver Abe C., farmer, o Geistown
Webb Hiram o., laborer, h Geistown
Webb Jacob J., laborer, r Geistown
Wehn Harry, miner, b Walsall
Werchewski Fred, miner, o Walsall
Wetklo Fred, miner, o Walsall
Wissinger Chas., lab, o Scalp Level
Wingard Peter Jr., farmer, o Elton
Wingard Peter, farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Jacob J., farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Levi, farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Levi J., farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Levi P., farmer, o Geistown
Wingard John, farmer, o Geistown
Wineland Samuel, farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Josiah, farmer, o Geistown
Wingard Jacob, laborer, o Geistown
Wissinger Thos., farmer, o Scalp Level

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Wissinger Hiram, farmer, o Geistown
Wissinger E. J., laborer, o Scalp Level
Wissinger R. L., laborer, o Scalp Level
Wissinger Ed, laborer, o Scalp Level
Wissinger Albert, lab, h Scalp Level
Wissinger Jas. F., laborer, r Geistown
Wissinger Jas., laborer, h Scalp Level
Wissinger Frank, lab, h Scalp Level
Wissinger Adam, lab, r Scalp Level
Wissinger Thos. Jr., h Geistown
Yoder Daniel, farmer, o Scalp Level
Yoder Solomon, farmer, o Scalp Level
Yoder David, retired, o Geistown
Yoder D. S., farmer, o Geistown
Yoder David D., farmer, o Geistown
Yoder D. H., laborer, r Geistown
Yonger August, miner, o Walsall
Yost Henry, farmer, o Geistown
Young Scott L., laborer, r Walsall
Zimmerman Henry A., lab, r Walsall

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