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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Aikins Thad, laborer, r Glasgow
Alexander S. H., laborer, r Glasgow
Anderson F. H., lab, r Mountaindale
Bowman Geo. W., farmer, o Glasgow
Byers Benj. F., o Fallen Timber
Beers W. H., farmer, o Fallen Timber
Brown Hibbard, farmer, o Figart
Beers John, farmer, o Fallen Timber
Beers Geo. T., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Bowman S. M., farmer, o Mountaindale
Brown G. W., laborer, o Lloydsville
Brown Wyman, miner, o Figart
Beck Caroline Mrs., o Figart
Boone R. S., laborer, o Mountaindale
Beers Wm., farmer, o Flinton
Bland Fred, merchant, o Figart
Bower R. L., merchant, o Figart
Bowman Jacob, miner, o Mountaindale
Beals Wesley, miner, r Mountaindale
Boughammer J., miner, r Mountaindale
Bowers J. S., miner, b Mountaindale
Boone Geo. Sr., farmer, r Mountaindale
Boone Geo. Jr., miner, b Mountaindale
Bowman E. B., miner, b Mountaindale
Bowman W. E., miner, b Mountaindale
Bowman B. F., lab, b Mountaindale
Brenner S. S., miner, r Mountaindale
Brough Wm. G., laborer, r Figart
Bennett John, miner, r Figart
Boyd J. A., foreman, r Figart
Burns Edward, miner, b Figart
Bland Geo. C., clerk, b Figart
Brown Thomas, miner, r Figart
Boyd Thomas, miner, b Figart
Bingham C. C., minister, r Glasgow
Brown C. A., miner, b Figart
Beck John W., laborer, r Figart
Byron Lawrence, physician, r Frugality
Boring Philip, laborer, r Van Ormer
Bom Geo., laborer, r Van Ormer
Benn Norman, laborer, b Van Ormer
Benn Geo. F., laborer, b Van Ormer
Chaplin Mallin, o Flinton
Cree David K., farmer, o Glasgow
Caber Charles, farmer, o Allemanville
Chaplin W. A., propr hotel, o Flinton
Campbell H., railroad agt, o Glasgow
Cavanaugh Patrick, miner, o Figart
Campbell Barney, miner, o Figart
Cann John, mine boss, o Figart
Clark Seward, laborer, o Mountaindale
Curley Andrew, miner, o Figart
Cree Geo. W., clerk. o Mountaindale
Curry Roy, laborer, b Van Ormer
Cowher Russell, laborer, r Figart
Cowher Harry, laborer, b Figart
Collins W. A., laborer, b Figart
Clauss Geo. W., laborer, Figart

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

Hannan's High Grade Cigars.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

READE TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Clark Wm., invalid, r Figart
Clark John, miner, b Figart
Cann J. W., laborer, r Figart
Catherman Harry, clerk, b Figart
Cowan Samuel, laborer, o Flinton
Cubbison J., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Cooper S., propr hotel, r Fallen Timber
Crow Frank, laborer, r Frugality
Collins Charles, miner, r Frugality
Cronaur John, miner, r Frugality
Clemens Wm., laborer, b Frugality
Collins Calvin, miner, b Frugality
Davis Geo. L., farmer, o Glasgow
Dean Samuel, farmer, o Van Ormer
Dore H., blacksmith, r Mountaindale
Davison C. D., clerk, r Mountaindale
Dickson Ellis, laborer, b Mountaindale
Dixon J. W., laborer, r Van Ormer
Davis David, laborer, r Figart
Douthrich Frank, miner, r Figart
Davis Wm. H., farmer, r Glasgow
Dixon James, miner, r Flinton
Dailey Wm., miner, b Lloydsviile
DeLancy C. B., clerk, b Frugality
Edmiston W. A., lab, o Mountaindale
Edmiston W. S., miner, o Figart
Emanuels Alfred, miner, r Figart
Edmiston James A., laborer, o Figart
Edmiston Jacob A., miner, o Figart
Edmiston A. S., laborer, o Figart
Edmiston Elmer E., laborer, o Figart
Edmiston Philip H., farmer, o Figart
Edmiston Gust, miner, b Figart
Edmiston Oliver, miner, b Figart
Edgins J. J., miner, r Mountaindale
Elway A. B., laborer, b Frugality
Evans J. E., supt., r Figart
Ewings John, miner, r Figart
Frick Max, merchant, o Figart
Frank Joseph, laborer, o Figart
Forshey Duncan, laborer, o Figart
Forshey Maria L., o Mountaindale
Forshey B. C., laborer, o Mountaindale
Franklin John, laborer, o Mountaindale
Frank Otto, laborer, o Figart
Fry John, laborer, h Glasgow
Fonner W. P., laborer, r Mountaindale
Forshey B. Sr., farmer, h Mountaindale
Fagan Sylvester, lab, b Mountaindale
Fortney Wm., carpenter, r Figart
Fortney Dennis, laborer, h Figart
Fusselman Josiah, miner, r Figart
Fry Harry E., laborer, b Glasgow
Flangan M. J. Mrs., o Flinton
Falsey Matthew, miner, r Frugality
Gray A. C., propr hotel, o Figart
Glass G. W., miner, o Mountaindale
Glass Jacob, farmer, o Glasgow
Glasgow W. E., farmer, o Glasgow
Glasgow Geo., merchant, o Glasgow
Glasgow M. L., farmer, o Glasgow
Garman A., laborer, o Figart
Gilmore F., blacksmith, o Mountaindale
Good Jerry, laborer, o Flinton
Grove John M., laborer, o Glasgow
Grove Stephen G., laborer, o Glasgow
Gutwald Wm., laborer, o Lloydsville
Gwin John, farmer, o Mountaindale
Glass J. l., farmer, o Glasgow
Gwin J. H., wghmtr, n Mountaindale
Gwin L., mine boss, o Mountaindale
Garman Peter, miner, o Figart
Glass Andrew, laborer, o Mountaindale
Glasgow Samuel, lab, o Allemanville
Gill John M., laborer, o Flinton
Gates Levi, laborer, o Finton
Gorman John M., laborer, o Glasgow
Gwin T. V., farmer, r Mountaindale
Gilmore J. H., miner, r Mountaindale
Gallagher John, miner, r Figart
Grant Thomas, miner, r Figart
Garman F. A., laborer, b Figart
Gearhart S. C., merchant, b Figart
Glasgow John T., teacher, r Glasgow
Gallagher Samuel, laborer, r Flintun
Gardner John, miner, r Fallentimber
Galloway Thomas, miner, r Frugality
Gardwell Geo. J., laborer, r Frugality
Gragg Joseph, miner, r Frugality
Gorman Thomas, miner, r Frugality
Glen John, laborer, r Frugality
Gregg John, miner, b Frugality
Gregg Jas. Jr., miner, b Frugality
Gregg Jas. Sr., invalid, r Frugality
Hummer John, farmer, o Glasgow
Hollen Robert, farmer, o Mountaindale
Hill Rachel, o Mountaindale
Hon Henry, farmer, o Glasgow
Hollen Joseph, laborer, o Mountaindale
Hollen T. W., laborer, o Glasgow
Hollen D. E., teacher, o Mountaindale
Hollen John F., mason, o Glasgow
Hiscock Geo. W., farmer, o Glasgow
Hollen Jacob M., farmer, o Glasgow
Hollen A. C., laborer, o Mountaindale
Hollen P. E., farmer, o Mountaindale
Hopkins A. M., laborer, o Figart
Hollen Jas., farmer, o Mountaindale
Hollenbaugh D., carpenter, o Glasgow
Hon Geo., laborer, o Glasgow
Hollen Jas. G., farmer, o Mountaindale
Hollen Geo. J., miner, r Mountaindale
Hollen R. W., miner, r Mountaindale
Hollen Harry, miner, b Mountaindale
Hollen B. R., miner, r Mountaindale
Hollen Henry, miner, b Mountaindale
Hockenberry Samuel, miner, r Figart
Hale J. C., miner, b Figart

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JOSEPH RUTH, Sporting Goods, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

READE TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Hensel Thomas, miner, b Figart
Hopkins L. A., miner, r Figart
Hames Jacob, miner, r Figart
Hollen John F., o Glasgow
Holleman H., farmer, r Allemanville
Hosbrand Samuel, miner, r Glasgow
Hosbrand Geo., laborer, b Glasgow
Hommer J. C., laborer, b Glasgow
Hommer C. E., laborer, b Glasgow
Hamilton John, miner, r Frugality
Hamilton Harry, laborer, b Frugality
Hollis David, miner, b Glasgow
Hollis Ambrose, miner, b Flinton
Henderson R., contractor, r Frugality
Irwin Alex B., farmer, o Glasgow
Irwin Eugene, laborer, o Glasgow
Isenberg J. L., physician, r Glasgow
Jackson A. T., laborer, r Glasgow
Jury Samuel, laborer, o Lloydsville
Johnson Mary Jane, o Lloydsville
Jarrie James, miner, r Mountaindale
Jenkins Geo., miner, b Figart
Jenkins Charles, miner, r Figart
Johnson Samuel, laborer, b Lloydsville
Johnson Charles, laborer, r Glasgow
Johnson Harry, laborer, b Lloydsville
Jackson A. S., laborer, r Glasgow
Kuhn Geo. W., farmer, o Glasgow
Kuhn Daniel, laborer, o Glasgow
Kuhn Milton miner, o Glasgow
Kuhn G. B., laborer, o Mountaindale
Kuhn E. E., laborer, o Glasgow
Kuhn Harry D., miner, o Glasgow
Kuhn Samuel, farmer, o Glasgow
Kuhn Perry, farmer, o Glasgow
Kuhn J. E., merchant, o Glasgow
Kuhn H. A., miner, r Glasgow
Kuhn John, farmer, r Flinton
Kuhn J. J., invalid, h Flinton
Kuhn Wm., laborer, b Glasgow
Kuhn Jackson, miner, b Glasgow
Kelly John, stonemason, o Glasgow
Kough Thos. H., lab, o Fallen Timber
Kelly E. G., car insp, r Lloydsville
Ketren August, miner, r Figart
Kephart Wm., miner, r Glasgow
King T. D., miner, r Glasgow
Kerlin A. A., minister, r Glasgow
Kough James, laborer, b Van Ormer
Kelly Lace, sawyer, b Van Ormer
Kough Elmer, laborer, r Van Ormer
Keith Richard, laborer, r Van Ormer
Kline David, laborer, r Van Ormer
Kough Isaiah, laborer, r Frugality
Krise J. T., laborer, b Frugality
Kephart Norman, miner, b Glasgow
Lovell Wm. D., laborer, o Glasgow
Lewis John, miner, o Figart
List Joseph, farmer, o Lloydsville
Letcher John, miner, o Figart
Lovell J. H., farmer, o Glasgow
Long Wm., laborer, o Figart
Lovell David N., laborer, o Glasgow
Landis J. J., laborer, o Frugality
Lovell A. C., farmer, o Glasgow
Lowder S. A., miner, r Mountaindale
Lowder R. H., laborer, r Mountaindale
Lowder E. W., miner, b Mountaindale
Laughlin M., laborer, r Frugality
Lamb James, miner, o Figart
Lovell Amon, carpenter, r Glasgow
Leaper Wm., laborer, r Frugality
Leaper Geo., foreman, r Frugality
Ludwig T. D., bartender, b Frugality
Matthews Daniel, farmer, o Glasgow
Marks T. C., miner, r Mountaindale
Matthews F., farmer, h Mountaindale
Mays Thos. R., miner, r Mountaindale
Matlock Thos., laborer, r Glasgow
Matthews Dorris, laborer, h Glasgow
Matthews Harris, laborer, r Glasgow
Marks John, laborer, r Figart
Mackey Thomas, laborer, b Figart
Manes Daniel, laborer, b Figart
Mann Wm., laborer, r Frugality
Malady Daniel, laborer, r Lloydsville
Madigan John, miner, r Frugality
Miller Geo., farmer, o Mountaindale
Mulhollen Martin, laborer, o Glasgow
Mulhollen C. C., farmer, o Glasgow
Mulhollen J. C., farmer, o Glasgow
Mulhollen D., farmer, o Mountaindale
Myers B. F , farmer, o Mountaindale
Murray Thos., laborer, o Mountaindale
Miller W. T., laborer, o Mountaindale
Myers John I., farmer, o Glasgow
Myers J. B., miner, o Mountaindale
Myers H. H., miner, o Mountaindale
Myers C. J., miner, o Figart
Monroe Alex. C., mine boss, o Figart
Mulhollen Flem, farmer, o Glasgow
Miller John R., miner, o Glasgow
Moore Hugh, laborer, r Frugality
Miller Arthur, miner, r Mountaindale
Myers B. F. Jr., lab, h Mountaindale
Miller Blair, miner, b Mountaindale
Miller Peter, miner, b Mountaindale
Miller Ellsworth, laborer, r Frugality
McCartney J. Sr., frmr o Mountaindale
McCartney S. D., lab, o Mountaindale
McMahan Wm., miner, o Figart
McMillen Samuel, miner, o Figart
McMullen J., farmer, o Fallen Timber
McMannamy J., carpntr, o Van Ormer
McDonnell J., merchant, o Lloydsville
McCartney J. A., clerk, b Mountaindale
McCartney J., mrchnt, r Mountaindale
McCartney W., lab, b Mountaindale

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

PORCH BROS. Head quarters for Everything in the
Music Line.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

READE TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
McCann Jos., mine foreman, r Figart
McClelland Wm., laborer, r Glasgow
McGough Silas, miner, r Lloydsville
McDonald Wm., miner, r Lloydsville
McHugh John, miner, r Frugality
McGlynn Patrick, miner, r Frugality
McPhee Thomas, miner, r Frugality
McPhee James, laborer, b Frugality
Nash Thomas, miner, o Figart
Nash Edwin, miner, o Figart
Near Herman, farmer, o Lloydsville
Newhouse Lewis, farmer, o Figart
Nier C. H., miner, r Figart
Newcomer, D., propr hotel, r Frugality
Newcomer, R., weighmstr, b Frugality
Newton Wm., miner, r Frugality
Noel John A., miner, o Figart
North Jacob, farmer, h Allemanville
Ogren August, laborer, r Frugality
O'Hagan B., bookkeeper, r Frugality
Peterson R. G., laborer, o Glasgow
Peterson Jesse K., laborer, r Frugality
Purdy M., carpenter, o Mountaindale
Peterson Albert, foreman, o Glasgow
Pierce Moses, farmer, o Flinton
Platt James, laborer, b Figart
Peters Harry, laborer, b Figart
Peterson J. T., farmer, r Glasgow
Peters Charles, foreman, r Lloydsville
Powell W. A., farmer, r Van Ormer
Powell John W., laborer, h Van Ormer
Platt Eusebius, miner, r Frugality
Plummer W. C., engineer, b Frugality
Russell Catherine, o Figart
Rooney John, miner, o Figart
Reffner Daniel, miner, o Glasgow
Ricketts John, farmer, o Flinton
Russell Frank, miner, o Figart
Ross Harry, carpenter, o Fallen Timber
Ross Miller, laborer, o Fallen Timber
Richardson Robert, miner, o Lloydsville
Richie George, miner, o Mountaindale
Rollo Anna E., o Glasgow
Richards Geo. B., farmer, o Glasgow
Reffner Margaret Mrs., o Glasgow
Reynolds Wm., mill hand, o Glasgow
Ruthrauff W., physicn, r Mountaindale
Reed Fern, miner, r Mountaindale
Rahern John, miner, r Figart
Rice Orrin, miner, r Figart
Rice Orson, miner, r Frugality
Rice Oliver, miner, b Frugality
Ricketts G. A., teacher, h Flinton
Richard Wm., laborer, r Glasgow
Richard Blair, laborer, r Glasgow
Richenson Joseph, laborer, r Figart
Reese Abel, laborer, b Figart
Roles John W., laborer, r Lloydsville
Robinson Matthew, miner, r Frugality
Rowells Mack, laborer, r Figart
Russell John, miner, r Figart
Sneath Nancy Mrs., o Flinton
Simmers Wm., miner, o Glasgow
Sheehan Jerry, miner, o Figart
Shields James, miner, o Lloydsville
Stine J. M., laborer, o Glasgow
Sommers Thomas, miner, o Figart
Shaw A. B., farmer, o Mountaindale
Sneath Lincoln, Mrs., o Flinton
Smith Wm. S., farmer, o Glasgow
Staubb Matilda, o Glasgow
Smaile Harry, miner, o Fallen Timber
Summers Joseph, miner, o Figart
Simmers Frederick, miner, o Glasgow
Stroup T. H., miner, o Figart
Scott Wm., clerk, o Figart
Shaffer A., blacksmith, o Flinton
Stroup John, miner, o Mountaindale
Snyder Henry, laborer, o Figart
Stine Frank, laborer, o Glasgow
Schmittle C. V., laborer, b Glasgow
Schmittle Wm., miner, b Mountaindale
Saxe Geo. W., laborer, r Figart
Schell Michael, laborer, r Figart
Scott J. Wesley, geologist, b Figart
Stalb F. B., laborer, h Glasgow
Schmittle J. V., laborer, b Glasgow
Shipman Jas., blacksmith, r Glasgow
Schmidt J. F., laborer, r Glasgow
Schmidt E. F., laborer, b Glasgow
Stine J. P., miner, r Glasgow
Scott S. S., miner, r Figart
Stroup Sol, miner, o Figart
Stroup B., miner, b Figart
Simmers W. W., miner, b Glasgow
Sneath W. J., laborer, h Flinton
Smiley W. M., miner, r Glasgow
Shoemaker A., propr htl, r Lloydsville
Schmittle Jos., mine supt, r Glasgow
Smith Geo. Sr., laborer, r Van Ormer
Smith Benj., laborer, b Van Ormer
Smith Geo., clerk, b Frugality
Simmers Jos., blksmith, r Frugality
Simmers W. H., miner, r Frugality
Smith Thomas, miner, b Frugality
Shaffer Bert, laborer, b Figart
Scheatzley Martin, miner, r Frugality
Scott Wm., miner, r Frugality
Sharp Mary, o Frugality
Stiffler Boyd, r r foreman, r Van Ormer
Stafford Joseph, lab, r Mountaindale
Turner Susan Mrs., farmer, o Flinton
Troxell Perry, farmer, o Glasgow
Troxell Alex., farmer, o Glasgow
Troxell G. W., farmer, o Glasgow
Troxell John, farmer, o Glasgow
Troxell Samuel, farmer, o Van Ormer
Troxell Jacob R., farmer, o Glasgow

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.


Johnstown City and Cambria County.

READE TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Troxell Lemuel A., farmer, o Glasgow
Troxell B. F., miner, o Glasgow
Troxell Elizabeth, o Glasgow
Troxell Chas. E., merchant, o Glasgow
Troxell G. M., laborer, h Glasgow
Troxell Charles W., miner, r Figart
Troxell C. Jay, teacher, b Glasgow
Troxell W. H., teacher, b Glasgow
Troxell H. L., laborer, b Glasgow
Troxell L. C., laborer, b Glasgow
Trier Jacob Jr., farmer, o Allemanville
Teller Frank, miner, r Mountaindale
Templeton Jno., miner, r Mountaindale
Tate Robert, laborer, r Figart
Thomas Z., miner, o Mountaindale
Thomas Art, miner, o Mountaindale
Thomas Wm., laborer, b Mountaindale
Thompson E., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Tonkin B. F., laborer, r Fallen Timber
Turley G., mine boss, r Mountaindale
Turley E. W., miner, b Mountaindale
Turner Ormes, miner, r Figart
Van Ormer Jos., laborer, o Van Ormer
Van Scoyoc John, farmer, o Glasgow
Van Scoyoc D., lab, o Mountaindale
Vein Scoyoc C., lab, h Mountaindale
Van Scoyoc J., lab, h Mountaindale
Van Scoyoc W., teacher, h Glasgow
Van Scoyoc G. L., farmer, h Glasgow
Van Ormer L., farmer, r Van Ormer
Vincent G. W. Mrs., o Figart
Vincent Samuel, miner, h Figart
Vincent Wm., miner, h Figart
Winslow Wm., farmer, o Glasgow
Wiley Joseph, miner, o Allemanville
Willhide A. R., merchant, o Glasgow
Williams Thomas, miner, r Figart
Weaver Thomas, laborer, r Figart
Westover Jesse, miner, r Van Ormer
Wharton Met, laborer, o Van Ormer
Woffenden Jas., coal optr, o Van Ormer
Wright Harry, miner, r Mountaindale
Weaver Morris, miner, b Figart
Warner James, miner, r Figart
Warner J. S., miner, b Figart
Wright Wm., miner, r Figart
Wilson John, miner, r Figart
Williams John H., miner, r Figart
Wheeler Harry, miner, r Figart
Winslow Elmer, laborer, r Glasgow
Winslow Allen, laborer, b Glasgow
Waltz Daniel, laborer, r Glasgow
Wiland John Sr., laborer, r Figart
Wiland John Jr., laborer, b Figart
Younkin A. W., farmer, o Flinton
Younkin Aaron, farmer, o Flinton
Younkin Sarah A., o Fallen Timber
Younkin E. C. Mrs., o Fallen Timber
Younkin J. C., laborer, h Flinton
Younkin Isaac M., laborer, h Flinton
Younkin C. D., laborer, h Flinton
Younkin R., cntractr, h Fallen Timber
Young Charles, miner, r Frugality
Young Robert, miner, b Frugality
Yearick I. M, merchant, o Flinton

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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