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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's for Soda.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Arford Geo., farmer, o Puritan
Auxby Smith, foreman, o Myra
Brusha Frank, miner, o Puritan
Braney Wm., o Myra
Bushetts Joseph, miner, o Puritan
Brumert Conrad, miner, o Portage
Brawley Thomas, farmer, o Portage
Brawley James G., o Portage
Beiter Philip, farmer, o Portage
Boland Matilda, o Cassandra
Brawley Wm. G., farmer, o Portage
Batley Henry, miner, o Myra
Baesher John, miner, o Myra
Brushnicker Mat, miner, o Puritan
Brown Harry, laborer, o Puritan
Barney Steve, miner, o Portage
Beiter R. H., teacher, b Portage
Beiter Casper, farmer, r Portage
Boland Wm., laborer, b Portage
Boland Andrew laborer, b Portage
Bolands Binis, miner, b Myra
Byrne John, laborer, r Portage
Baylor Robert, miner, b Myra
Bachtell Isaac, mining eng, r Myra
Braney, Wm., miner, b Myra
Beers Jeremiah, miner, b Myra
Burk Geo., mining engineer, r Puritan
Brubaker E. S., foreman, Puritan
Barno Andrew, miner, r Puritan
Bowser Joseph, laborer, r Puritan
Bowser Wm. F., laborer, b Puritan
Bush Conrad, miner, b Puritan
Bates Geo. H., miner, r Puritan
Burns Joseph, miner, b Puritan
Bouggee Wm., laborer, b Puritan
Blevins Geo., miner, r Portage
Beiter Andrew, laborer, b Portage
Cramer valentine, farmer, o Portage
Crumm Sylvester, farmer, o Portage
Clemens John, miner, o Portage
Connelly Thomas, miner, o Portage
Costlow Michael, miner, o Portage
Colitz Michael, o Portage
Carnes Benjamin, laborer, o Portage
Chevanack Michael, miner, o Myra
Creggs John, miner, b Myra
Cessna J. B., carpenter, r Myra
Carnes John, miner, b Myra
Commie John, laborer, r Myra
Cosalo Geo., miner, o Myra
Crumm W. S., mining eng, r Myra
Coates John, miner, r Myra
Cook Richard, miner, o Myra
Canavan John, laborer, r Puritan
Canavan Martin, miner, b Puritan
Canavan Patrick, miner, b Puritan
Churnesky Andrew, miner, r Puritan
Connelly Michael, miner, b Puritan
Cooney John, miner, b Puritan
Campbell Patrick, mine boss, r Puritan
Canavan Arthur, miner, b Puritan
Cunningham John, miner, r Puritan
Cowan Geo., miner, b Puritan
Cordwell Rodger, miner, r Puritan

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JOSEPH RUTH, Window Shades, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Cassidy James, miner, r Puritan
Carnes Edward, miner, b Puritan
Castile John, miner, o Puritan
Cordwell Peter, miner, b Puritan
Cramer F. T., miner, b Puritan
Cramer V. A., laborer, b Portage
Daly James, miner, o Portage
Diehl Geo. C., laborer, o Myra
Diehl David L., laborer, o Myra
Denny Frederick, miner, o Portage
Davis Frank, miner, o Portage
Davison Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Daly Harry, miner, b Portage
Dingwell Thos., mining eng, r Portage
Dingwell John, mining eng, r Portage
Doyle John, miner, r Portage
Diehl Francis S., miner, b Myna
Daff John, miner, r Puritan
Dawson Richard, miner, r Puritan
Daff Samuel, miner, b Puritan
Davis John, miner, r Puritan
Davis Andrew, miner, b Puritan
Davis Lindsey, miner, r Portage
Denny Henry, miner, b Portage
Denny Conrad, miner, b Portage
Enderlein Peter, farmer, o Myra
Enderlein John, miner, r Portage
Enderlein Valentine, miner, b Portage
Edwards W. H., propr hotel, r Myra
Emerson Thomas, miner, r Myra
Eggleston Wm., miner, r Puritan
Elliott Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Ererry James, miner, r Puritan
Farrell Owen, miner, o Portage
Frazier Joseph, laborer, o Portage
Frazier Wm., miner, o Myra
Fisher Robert, miner, o Myra
Fick Thomas, laborer, b Myra
Frazier Andrew, laborer, b Portage
Fultenberger James, miner, r Myra
Flanagan Michael, miner, r Myra
Furcy John, miner, r Myra
Foster Andrew, miner, r Puritan
Farren James, miner, r Puritan
Farren Hugh, miner, b Puritan
Farren Thomas, miner, b Puritan
Farren Joseph, miner, b Puritan
Farren John W., miner, r Portage
Fesler James, laborer, r Puritan
George Mary M., o Myra
Guigue Peter M., miner, o Puritan
Gallagher James, farmer, o Portage
George Sophia, o Myra
George Robert T., miner, o Myra
Geisinger Geo., farmer, o Portage
Gallagher Geo. W., farmer, o Wilmore
Gallagher J. M., farmer, o Portage
Gregory Andrew, miner, o Myra
Guigue Lewis, laborer, o Myra
Gulianna John, miner, o Myra
Gallaher Jas. A., laborer, b Portage
George Morris, miner, r Myra
George C. C., miner, r Myra
George Charles, miner, r Myra
Garner Watsco, miner, r Myra
Gal Frank, miner, r Myra
Griffith J. A., clerk, r Myra
Gallaher John, miner, b Myra
Gardner L., mine boss, r Myra
Gocking Henry, miner, r Myra
Greenhalgh Robert, miner, r Myra
Gittings Ben, miner, b Myra
George Wm., miner, b Puritan
Griffith A. B. J., laborer, b Puritan
Gearing John, miner, r Puritan
Griffith Alfred, miner, r Portage
Hankerson Walter, miner, o Myra
Hopfer Philip, o Portage
Hall Wm., farmer, o Portage
Hays Rebecca, o Myra
Helsel George, laborer, o Myra
Hines Lewis, laborer, o Portage
Herr Joseph, miner, o Myra
Hall Michael, miner, o Myra
Hanicome John, miner, o Portage
Helsel Daniel, farmer, o Portage
Harts Robert, miner, r Myra
Helsel Wm., miner, b Myra
Hoffman Daniel, miner, r Myra
Hanagan Thomas, miner, r Myra
Hanicome Joseph, miner, r Portage
Haywood Geo., miner, r Puritan
Higgins Martin, miner, r Puritan
Hannis Joseph, miner, b Puritan
Herrington Timothy, miner, r Puritan
Hoggarth Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Hines Wm., laborer, b Puritan
Hepner Theodore, miner, r Puritan
Haley John, miner, r Puritan
Hughes Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Hall Daniel, miner, b Puritan
Hindle Andrew, miner, r Puritan
Hall Albert, miner, r Puritan
Helsel Peredes, laborer, r Portage
Itel John, farmer, o Portage
Itel Joseph, farmer, o Portage
Itel James, farmer, o Portage
James Peter, miner, o Myra
James Pat, miner, b Myra
James Wm., miner, r Myra
James Morgan, blacksmith, r Portage
James Frank, miner, b Puritan
Johnston Edward, miner, b Myra
Kostine John, miner, o Portage
Kanyok John, miner, o Puritan
Kimmel Jacob, miner, o Portage
Kline John, miner, o Portage
Kritzberger Jacob, miner, o Portage

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It will pay you to
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PORCH BROS. Before Buying a Piano
or Organ.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Kiel Annie M., o Portage
Kileman Fred, miner, o Puritan
Kiel J. S., farmer, h Portage
Kronichbo Andrew, miner, r Myra
Kensinger James, clerk, r Myra
Killinger David, miner, r My"ra
Kiley John, miner, b Puritan
Kish John, miner, b Puritan
Laludrous Lewis, miner, o Puritan
Lenhart Frank Sr., miner, o Puritan
Lasco Albert, miner, o Myra
Laxton Fred, miner, r Portage
Long A. C., carpenter, r Myra
Lee Wm., laborer, r Myra
Lenhart Frank, miner, r Myra
Lane Henry, Liborer, b Myra
Lightner Stephen, miner, r Myra
Larry John, miner, r Myra
Little Bernard, laborer, r Puritan
Little Geo. W., miner, b Puritan
Long Thomas, laborer, b Puritan
Lenhart John, miner, o Puritan
Lowe Wm., miner, r Puritan
Lydick Wm., laborer, r Puritan
Mulhollen John W., farmer, o Portage
Mullen Francis, farmer, o Portage
Mosey Annie, o Myra
Moran John, laborer, r Portage
Mosey Harry, miner, h Myra
Marlett Robert, miner, r Myra
Marlett Geo., miner, b Myra
Marlett Wm., miner, b Myra
Manix John, miner, r Myra
Morrow Ed., laborer, b Myra
Morrow Linn, laborer, b Myra
Mills Harry, laborer, b, Myra
Marks Wm., miner, r Myra
Martinson Frank, mine boss, r Myra
Murphy John, miner, r Puritan
Muton John B., miner, r Puritan
Madigan Martin, miner, r Puritan
Maher Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Muckenbaugh Jos., miner, r Puritan
Mulhollen Daniel, miner, b Portage
Mulhollen Jesse, miner, b Portage
McHugh Patrick, farmer, o Portage
McCreary John S., farmer, o Myra
McNally Patrick, farmer, o Portage
Mclntosh Samuel, farmer, o Myra
McGowan John, o Portage
McCall Wm., miner, o Myra
McConnell A. J., laborer, o Puritan
McGough Susie, o Portage
McCreary John, laborer, r Myra
McDonnell Patrick, miner, r Portage
McEnneny James, miner, r Myra
McClure Wm., miner, b Myra
McIntosh Lewis, laborer, b Portage
McIntosh Richard, laborer, b Portage
McClain Wm., miner, r Puritan
McDonald Andrew, miner, r Puritan
McGrath Frank, miner, b Puritan
McNulty Michael, miner, b Puritan
McCann Thomas, miner, r Puritan
Novostney Jacob, farmer, o Portage
Nosak John, miner, r Portage
Nash Edward, miner, r Puritan
Neider Henry L., electrician, r Puritan
O'Donnell John, miner, o Portage
O'Neal John, laborer, r Puritan
Over D. L., laborer, b Puritan
Over G. M., laborer, r Puritan
Papiz Michael, miner, o Portage
Pierce Geo., coal operator, o Puritan
Piper J. D., laborer, r Portage
Piper James M., miner, b Portage
Piper Geo. W., miner, b Portage
Pea Philip, miner, r Myra
Plummer Bert, miner, b Portage
Plummer Isaac, miner, b Portage
Plummer John, miner, b Portage
Pearharts John, miner, r Myra
Patterson Joseph, mine boss, r Myra
Pitchford Thomas, miner, r Myra
Piper L. M., laborer, b Myra
Prichard Daniel, miner, r Puritan
Page Anthony, miner, r Puritan
Petie Louis, miner, r Puritan
Prelosnick Frank, miner, r Puritan
Powers David, miner, r Puritan
Patterson John, miner, r Puritan
Pierce Robert, miner, r Puritan
Pierce James, miner, b Puritan
Pierce Wm., miner, r Puritan
Pierce Geo., laborer, r Puritan
Powers Thomas D., farmer, r Portage
Roberts Wm., miner, o Myra
Ribblett Joshua, farmer, o Portage
Richardson Elizabeth, o Portage
Richey Joseph, merchant, o Myra
Rudick John, miner, o Myra
Repco Michael, miner, o Myra
Rense Wm., miner, o Puritan
Richardson J. G., miner, o Portage
Roskey John, miner, o Myra
Rehrer Lewis, miner, r Puritan
Rogrohn Augustine, miner, o Puritan
Rafferty Michael, miner, r Puritan
Rhone Edward, miner, r Myra
Snyder Philip, miner, o Portage
Skelly James, farmer, o Portage
Skelly Wm. A., farmer, o Portage
Steger Henry, miner, o Portage
Sanders Bruno, miner, o Portage
Stager Bonevant, miner, o Myra
Sockohick James, miner, o Portage
Skelly P. D., laborer, b Portage
Skelly Henry, miner, b Portage

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOHN ROSS, First-Class Tailor, 118 Clinton St.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Skelly Wm. Austin, laborer, b Portage
Smith David M., laborer, r Portage
Smith John, miner, r Myra
Sherwood Wm., miner, r Myra
Sanders Gust, miner, r Myra
Spoater Michael, miner, r Myra
Sulick John, miner, r Myra
Stombaugh Wm., miner, r Myra
Stombaugh Charles, miner, b Myra
Stombaugh Samuel, miner, r Myra
Stombaugh Frank, miner, b Myra
Swope Robert L., miner, r Myra
Spencer Wm., miner, r Puritan
Spencer Joseph, miner, b Puritan
Smider Michael, miner, r Puritan
Suppels Bernard, laborer, r Puritan
Suppels Frank, miner, b Puritan
Semansky Fred, miner, o Portage
Semansky John, miner, o Portage
Smay James, miner, r Portage
Shaw Cal., laborer, r Portage
Totsock John, miner, o Portage
Terotsey Frank, miner, r Myra
Terotstock Steve, miner, r Myra
Terotstock Michael, miner, r Myra
Tomasko Paul, miner, r Myra
Tool Richard, miner, b Puritan
Tool Thomas, miner, b Puritan
Urban Anton, miner, o Puritan
Urban Andrew, miner, b Puritan
Visko Steve, miner, o Myra
Vezotskey Mike, miner, r Puritan
White Wm., miner, o Myra
Wilkson Thomas, merchant, o Puritan
Walls Henry, miner, o Puritan
Watson Henry Jr., miner, b Myra
Watson Henry Sr., mine boss, r Myra
Watt Geo. R., miner, r Portage
Walls James, miner, o Puritan
Walls Wm., miner, b Puritan
Wyncoop Albert, miner, r Puritan
Wild Charles, miner, r Puritan
Wigga John, miner, r Puritan
Wood Robert, miner, r Puritan
Young James, miner, r Myra
Young Andrew A., miner, b Myra
Young Andrew, miner, r Myra
Yoder Snary, miner, r Myra
Zense Steve, miner, o Puritan
Zarniske Steve, miner, r Myra
Zura Jacob, miner, r Puritan
Zeller Steve, miner, r Puritan

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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