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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Ake W. S., laborer, r
Appleyard Joseph, mine supt, r
Appleyard James, miner, r
Brown Wm., miner, o
Border John, sawyer, o
Border H. D., operator, o
Burkett Philip, miner, o
Beiter Fred, laborer, o
Bruning Henry, farmer, o
Bruning Wm., retired, o
Borkey Thomas F., blacksmith, o
Bruning Fred, miner, o
Bortman Joseph, miner, o
Beiter John F., bartender, o
Brown Geo., laborer, r
Bellin Felix, miner, r
Burk John, miner, r
Bartley W. C., clerk, r
Burgoon Bernard, clerk, b
Boring J. K., retired, o
Bruning Augustus, butcher, b
Behe James, laborer, r

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

PORTAGE -- (Continued)
Bortman Edward, miner, b
Bloom Wilson S., teacher, r
Belin Lewis, miner, b
Boland Charles, miner, b
Cullen Andrew D., foreman, o
Canavan Bridget E., o
Cullen Charles Sr., mason, o
Clark A. G., barber, r
Confer W. S., propr hotel, o
Cullen Thomas, miner, r
Crum John F., laborer, r
Canavan Arthur, miner, r
Campbell P. F., mine supt, r
Clark W. D., laborer, b
Diehl Francis, justice of peace, o
Davis Harriet, o
Diehl Albert, propr hotel, o
Dugan Hugh, brakeman, r
Diehl Marion, laborer, b
Diehl Charles, laborer, r
Davis Robert, miner, o
Davis David D., miner, r
Davis James H., laborer, r
Davis Jeffrey, miner, r
Davis Evan D., miner, b
Duffy E. J., teacher, r
Duffy John C., clerk, b
Eamigh Geo. W., laborer, r
Farren James, miner, o
Farren Patrick H., miner, o
Finnegan Annie, o
Forsythe Thos. M., laborer, r
Fetters Wm., laborer, r
Fleck Daniel, miner, o
Fulton Wm., laborer, r
Fields Edwin, laborer, b
Forsythe Thos. Jr., miner, b
George Michael J., barber, o
Groke Gustave, fireman, o
Goldstein H. S., merchant, o
Goldstein A. B., merchant, o
George Frederick, laborer, r
Gillespie Wm., butcher, r
Gillespie Frank, miner, b
Glass G. R., physician, r
Groom John P., laborer, r
Garland Wm. Sr., miner, r
Garland Wm. Jr., miner, b
Goldstein David A., clerk, b
Green John J. justice of peace, r
HAUPT L. A. & CO., general store and
    coal, o
Hopfer Philip, coal operator, o
Hopfer Joseph, merchant, o
Hammers M. F., farmer, o
Helsel John L., miner, r
Hesse Wm., laborer, b
Hesse Harry, operator, b
Hughes Edward, supt, r
Henry M. M., bookkeeper, b
Himes E. A., bartender, r
Hammers Frank, laborer, r
Hoover H. D , railroad agent, b
Helsel Robert A., miner, o
Henry Wm., miner, b
Jones Charles, carpenter, r
Jones Wm. J., merchant, o
Kleinmyer Herman, laborer, r
Kiel H. M., operator, o
Kelly Enoch, miner, r
Lauffer Francis, carpenter, o
Long Mary R., o
Long Samuel G., retired, o
Logan D. G., miner, r
Lemoine Desire, farmer, o
Lauffer Wm., miner, b
Ling Hezekiah, laborer, o
Laugham W. J., shoemaker, r
Leavell Patrick, miner, r
Long Morris, laborer, b
Long Harvey G., conductor, b
Long John W., fireman, r
Long Silas W., constable, r
Longwell R. T., merchant, r
Luther Jacob, laborer, b
Miller Benjamin, miner, o
Mears H. J. T., miner, o
Milsom C. H., miner, o
Miller Geo. F., miner, o
Moyer Adam, carpenter, o
Mondy W. H., merchant, o
Miller A. J., physician, o
Meck Solomon, miner, r
Martin D. W., propr hotel, o
Madara T. C., liveryman, r
Morgan Grant, miner, r
Morgan John, laborer, o
Milsom John Sr., retired, b
Morgan Michael, miner, r
Mears J. F., checkweighman, r
Milson John E., miner, r
Morgan Wm., miner, r
McGlade Catherine, o
McKenzie Annie, merchant, o
McKenzie Wm., invalid, o
McKenzie Harriett, merchant, o
McGough Joseph, laborer, o
McDonnell J. J., agent, o
McGough Rose, o
McCall Margaret, o
McMonagle Wm., laborer, r
McMonagle Joseph, laborer, r
McCracken J. M, laborer, r
McPherson Wm., miner, b
McGlade V. R., miner, b
McGlade John, miner, r
McGlade Edward, retired, h
McGough Patrick, laborer, b

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Hannan's for Soda.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

PORTAGE -- (Concluded)
McGough Peter, liveryman, h
McKenzie Charles, laborer, b
McCall Thomas M., laborer, r
McIntosh Lewis, laborer, b
Narveaux Florentine, miner, o
Nichols Richard F., miner, r
Pringle Thomas M., clerk, o
Plummer Caleb, miner, o
Plummer Eliza, o
Plummer Levi, janitor, o
Pringle M. A. Mrs., merchant, o
Plummer H. L., laborer, o
Plummer Lemuel, miner, o
Patterson Jas. G., blacksmith, r
Pearce.T. J., miner, r
Shaffer Mary Mrs., miner, o
Seese Jacob, miner, o
Sparks Wm., retired, o
Smith Andrew, o
Smith John Z., miner, b
Stanley Isaac, miner, b
Sparks Hugh, miner, b
Skelly Jerome, miner, r
Smith John, miner, b
Shiffler G. W., propr hotel, r
Sutton Wm., miner, r
Shaner Lewis, laborer, b
Seymour John, miner, b
Shaffer Scott W., laborer, b
Tickerhoof John, merchant, o
Turner Henry, laborer, r
Troxell John A., miner, b
Wilson Albert, foreman, o
Walters Dora Mrs., o
Woodward Frank, laborer, r
Watt John, foreman, r
Watt David, fireman, b
Wilt Thomas H., carpenter, r
Walters Lewis, miner, r
Wilson John E., laborer, r
Wilson E. J., laborer, b
Wilsom Effie Jane, o
Wilson Lemon, miner, r
Yeager Wm. T., laborer, b
Yeackley Geo. propr hotel, r
Yeats Thomas, miner, r

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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