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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

in the city, and prices the lowest.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Abbott A. G., miner, o
Ardell John, sawyer, o
Andrews Edward, miner, o
Anderson Frank, miner, r
Adams O. S., boss, r
Armstrong Wm. H., brakeman, r
Abbott J. M., miner, r
Abbott Daniel, aged, b
Anderson Frank Sr., miner, r
Anderson Frank Jr., miner, b
Anderson Gust, miner, b
Ashcroft John, coal operator, r
Andrew Jonathan, miner, r
Anderson Swan, miner, r
Anderson Lewis, miner, b
Barr Samuel, miner, o
Boback Jacob, miner, o
Bogan Michael, miner, o

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ROSS' for Best Goods and Lowest Prices.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

PATTON -- (Continued)
Blair J. D., brakeman, o
Buck D. A., laundryman, o
Brown E. C., supt, o
Betner Joseph, miner, o
Baker Joseph, miner, o
Bloom Joseph L., carpenter, o
Buck H. S., feed, o
Boyce John, policeman, o
Brenean Francis, miner, o
Burkey A. H., miner, o
Bortman S. S., laborer, o
Biller John M., laborer, o
Burkhart P. A., laborer, o
Biller P. H., blacksmith, o
Bigos John, miner, o
Brewer J. N., laborer, o
Beaver B. D., mine boss, r
Boyce Samuel, feed, r
Brasseur Alphonse, miner, r
Banko Wm., laborer, r
Brideson Thomas, miner, r
Burns Silas, laborer, r
Bradley M. J., laborer, o
Brobin Henry, miner, r
Brennan Henry, laborer, r
Brennan Thomas, laborer, b
Brennan Benjamin, laborer, b
Barton H. E., merchant, r
Baker John E., miner, r
Barclay James, miner, r
Bogan Edward, miner, b
Brand Harry, miner, b
Bell L. S., merchant, r
Bell W. H. H., bookkeeper; r
Bell James G., painter, b
Beckwith Joseph, miner, r
Bauman F. X., plasterer, r
Burns Elmer, laborer, r
Bradley J. G., laborer, r
Cox M. J. woodsman, o
Crain M. M., plasterer, o
Cornelius S. M., foreman, o
Cornelius A. F., laborer, o
Colletto John, miner, r
Carlheim Joseph, teamster, o
Culp J. T., blacksmith, o
Crook Jacob, laborer, b
Campbell Frank, laborer, r
Cordell John R., propr hotel, r
Cothery James, miner, r
Crowell C. C., carpenter, r
Cornelius J. R., merchant, r
Crook Geo., miner, r
Callas John, miner, r
Cole B. F., miner, r
Curfman G. H., railroad agent, r
Cramer Wm., conductor, r
Callahan Philip, miner, r
Christoff L. K., miner, r
Costello John, miner, r
Crompton James, miner, r
Cothery Geo., miner, r
Cothery Wm., miner, b
Crowell C. C., carpenter, r
Crowell C. J., laborer, r
Cole Thomas, miner, b
Dadson Alfred, miner, o
Donnelly W. J., lumberman, o
Douglass James, laborer, o
Douglass James Jr., laborer, o
Demzack Michael, miner, o
Dunegan Frank, woodsman, o
Demzack John, miner, o
Dixon J. H., carpenter, o
Durnell Wm., laborer, o
Decker James, miner, r
Dale D. C., clerk, b
Drass Michael, farmer, o
Delander John, miner, r
Dale Jesse E., justice of peace, h
Donzak John, miner, r
Domblesky Vincent, miner, r
Diehl A. G., blacksmith, r
Darnelson John, shoemaker, r
Darnelson Albin, miner, h
Dale Walter, clerk, b
Dawson W. J., railroad fireman, b
Dillon John, laborer, r
Delawet John, miner, r
Delozier L. M., brakeman, r
Davis Harry, miner, b
Dumm W. J., laborer, r
Edmiston Samuel, laborer, o
Eckenrode Daniel, miner, r
Eddy S. W., clerk, r
Edmiston Wm., laborer, b
Edwards John E., miner, b
Evans T. E., miner, b
Evans D. L., miner, b
Evans Robert, miner, b
Fitzpatrick G. J., propr restaurant, o
Feddor Joseph, grocer, o
Fisher A. C., painter, o
Fornodly John, miner, o
Flanagan Dennis, miner, r
Flynn Dennis, miner, r
Farber Charles W., miner, r
Fredericks Orlando, miner, r
Farrell John, miner, b
Flynn Jerry, miner, r
Fox Jesse, laborer, b
Fisher Wm. John, miner r
Fisher Samuel, miner, b
Fuller Aaron, miner, r
Grimes Simon, miner, o
Gayet Frank, miner, o
Gauntner Barbara Mrs., o
Gagliarde John, fruit, o

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HANNAN'S. -- Best Line of Perfumes in the City.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

PATTON -- (Continued)
Gearhart Geo., foreman, o
Green David, miner, o
Green E. Will, editor, r
Gighdordi John, miner, o
Gableson John, miner, r
Good Anthony, miner, o
Good Maconi, miner, o
Gill Abram, teamster, r
Gardwell Henry, miner, r
Gautz Geo. W. miner, b
Gregg John, miner, r
Greenland Clayton, miner, r
Gallagher R. F., merchant, r
Goodman Edward, miner, r
Garrity Frank, miner, r
Gearhart Geo. W., miner, r
Gill Wm., carpenter, r
Gould H. T., machinist, r
Gautz John, laborer, r
Glass Edward, laborer, r
Gutshall Peter, laborer, r
Honaur Herman, miner, o
Hartzog Christina, o
Hennesy John, miner, o
Henry Sarah Mrs., o
Haid Joseph, miner, o
Hodgkins C. W., druggist, o
Hametz Andrew, miner, o
Hunter Alex., miner, o
Hearl Butler, laborer, o
Huder August, mason, o
Hutchinson Abram, laborer, o
Hunt John, miner, r
Holtzinger W. D., laborer, r
Holes G. D., laborer, o
Haden Daniel, miner, r
Hill Wm., miner, r
Howe John, miner, r
Howe Geo. S., miner, b
Howe J. H., miner, b
Howe Wm. H., miner, b
Henry Josiah, retired, h
Hunter Robert A., blacksmith, b
Heist Adam, miner, r
Howard Walter, miner, b
Hubbard Wm. C., contractor, r
Hubbard G. H., teacher, b
Holter C. C., engineer, r
Hunter John, miner, b
Harper J. C., tinner, b
Hartshorn E. O., bookkeeper, b
Hubbard J. H., carpenter, r
Hill Thomas, miner, r
Hewlett Sampson, miner, r
Hutchinson Alex., laborer, b
Hertz Chas. D., dentist, b
Heller F. A., laborer, b
Hagerty Wm. T., miner, b
Hertzog Peter, miner, h
Hill Samuel miner, b
Heist Clark, miner, r
Hill Wm. H., miner, b
Hunter Wm., miner, r
Irvin L. S., miner, o
Ivory F. P., laborer, r
Jones Daniel, miner, o
Jolly Henry, miner, o
Jackson A. J. Mrs., o
Jones Joseph, laborer, o
Jones Samuel E., constable, o
Jones Robert, miner, r
Jones John X., miner, b
Jones Samuel, miner, b
Johnson Andrew, miner, r
Jackson W. P., laborer, r
Jenkins Dan M., miner, r
Jones Lewis, miner, r
Jackson A. J., street commissioner, h
John Albert, miner, b
Jones John L., retired, r
Jones Tom L., miner, b
Johnson John, miner, b
Johnson Lewis, miner, b
Jones John D., miner, r
Kinkead F. H., propr restaurant, o
Kolas John, miner, o
Kane Sarah, o
Kutruff John, miner, o
Koshack John, miner, r
Kane Patrick, miner
Kelly John Sr., miner, r
Kelly John Jr., miner, b
Kelly, Thomas, miner, b
Kelly John, miner, r
Kessler W. W., baker, r
Kelly Edward, miner, r
King John, laborer, r
Leadbeater W. R., miner, o
Leech Ralph, miner, o
Letts Charles M., painter, o
Lauer John, miner, o
Little F., butcher, o
Little E., butcher, o
Lincoln W. D., grocer, o
Long J. B., o
Lindbloom Gustave, miner, o
Litzinger Thomas, miner, o
Laney Edgar, miner, r
Laughlin Wm., mason, r
Lucas W. W., laborer, o
Litzinger T. J., miner, o
Lowe Isaac, miner, r
Lafferty E. O., teacher, b
Leary F. M., laborer, b
Leary C. R., porter, b
Lees Andrew, foreman, r
Lees Alexander, miner, b
Lees Wm., miner, b

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JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

PATTON -- (Continued)
Longren Wm. F., miner, r
Longren Fred, miner, b
Loomas Clark, laborer, b
Mellon James, justice of peace, o
Miller Henry L., woodman, r
Mellon Helena Mrs., o
Moozni Andrew, miner, o
Mulligan James, teamster, o
Mellon E. A., postmaster, o
Moffit Geo., miner, r
Mitchell W. D., miner, r
Meehan Wm. L., miner, r
Myers John L., miner, r
Morgan Richard, miner, b
Miller Lewis, miner, b
Martin John, miner, r
Moore E. S., clerk, b
Montieth Alex, mine boss, r
Montieth John, miner, b
Montieth Robert, miner, b
Myers John A., conductor, r
Myers J. C., laborer, r
Miller Elmer, miner, b
Mallott Bennet, miner, b
Mallott Anthony, miner, b
Mahan Patrick, miner, b
Myers Jerry, miner, b
Meisel Vincent, laborer, r
Mellon W. A., propr hotel, r
Morris Isaac, miner, r
Mitchell J. G., miner, r
Mitchell J. D., miner, b
Murray V. A., physician, b
Mirkin Abram, merchant, r
Martin Wm., miner, b
Myers Elias, miner, r
McMasters Thomas, laborer, o
McCormick E. P., coal operator, o
McConnell F. W., laborer, o
McConnell Thomas, miner, o
McCans Jas. A., carpenter, o
Mahan Michael, miner, o
McMullen James, laborer, b
McNeal A. W., grocer, r
McFarlin Wm., miner, r
McFarlin Wm. W., miner, b
McGinn James, miner, r
McGlynn Patrick, miner, b
McMahn John, carpenter, r
McLaughlin E. F., merchant, r
McPherson Reuben, gen mgr, r
McMahan James, laborer, r
McTigue Michael, miner, r
Nowick Stanley, miner, o
Noonan Mary A., o
Noonan J. B., physician, h
Nagle T. N., liveryman, o
Nuttle Charles, miner, o
Northnagle Henry, miner, o
Nolen M. M., miner, r
Nolen James, miner, r
O'Brien John, miner, o
O'Leary Geo. B., sawyer, o
Ocelvania Michael, miner, o
Ott John Jr., farmer, o
Owens F. F., clerk, b
Owens Roger, miner, r
Prescott Thomas, miner, o
Poster John, miner, o
Pyles Wm., miner, o
Porchwatella Anthony, miner, o
Pryzgoda Joseph, miner, o
Peterson Andrew, miner, o
Prescott Alice, o
Pennington Frank, miner, r
Probert Wm. E., barber, r
Patrick J. C., photographer, r
Prescott Charles, miner, r
Pipe David, miner, r
Parnell Joseph E., ins agt, b
Parnell Edward, miner, b
Pelley Edward, miner, b
Quinn Thomas, miner, o
Quinn G. W., miner, r
Quinn Frank, miner, r
Robinson Frank, mason, o
Ryan Michael Sr., miner, o
Resche John, porter, o
Remsch Henry, miner, r
Ryan J. A., miner, o
Rea J. A., laborer, o
Rowland Richard, miner, o
Ross Willis M., mason, r
Richards John, miner, r
Rowland John, miner, b
Reed Geo., miner, r
Rodgers John, miner, b
Rowland John H., miner, r
Reilly Richard, miner, b
Radcliff Wm., miner, r
Radcliff John E., miner, r
Rowley Walter, miner, r
Reese Wm. C., miner, r
Ricker J. H., machinist, b
Repsher C. A., printer, r
Roundsley Sidney, miner, r
Roundsley S. J. M., miner, r
Ryan M. J., bartender, r
Radcliff Winfred, miner, b
Smith A. E., laborer, o
Somerville Mary Mrs., o
Sanford Wm. H., cashier, o
Swank Geo. W., farmer, o
Sonies Peter, miner, o
Shyna John, miner, o
Short Enoch, teamster, o
Short Paul, farmer, o
Sheka Geo., miner, o

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

PORCH BROS. Pianos and Organs Wholesale and Retail.
Send for catalogue and prices.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

PATTON -- (Concluded)
Spicher J. M., brakeman, o
Shemelsky John, miner, o
Stokes Wm., miner, r
Spence Geo., miner, r
Sheehan J. M., mine boss, r
Sperry J. J., miner, r
Stratiff W. W., laborer, r
Starr Jesse, fireman, b
Spencer W. W., carpenter, r
Stolicza John, miner, b
Skozier Frank, miner, b
Somerville John, farmer, h
Somerville Reuel, attorney-at-law, b
Stokes Wm., miner, r
Stokes James, miner, b
Snedden Robert, miner, b
Straw O. B., clerk, b
Slinker Wm., carpenter, b
Scholl T. J., clerk, b
Smith F. F., miner, b
Shaffer W. B., blacksmith, r
Scheid John, barber, r
Severin E. J., saddler, b
Sheppard E. A., miner, r
Schandelmeier Geo., butcher, b
Simmons Fred, miner, r
Schandelmeier Robert, blacksmith, r
Smale Elmer, clerk, r
Swope Edward, miner, b
Swope Geo., miner, b
Tate John, woodsman, o
Turnbull Wm., miner, o
Trueman John, miner, r
Todd James, miner, b
Taylor Augustus, miner, r
Taylor Joseph, engineer, o
Townsend James, miner, r
Turnbull Thomas, miner, r
Thompson W. L., merchant, r
Twinkley Michael, teamster, b
Thomas W. P.. teamster, b
Wilson J. A., miner, o
Warren Ada Mrs., dressmaker, o
Wirtner J. B., laborer, o
Wise B. F., lumberman, o
Weakland W. J., grocer, o
Wilhisnig Pomgratz, miner, o
Weakland Samuel, liveryman, o
Weakland John, aged, o
Weakland Henry, laborer, o
Wilkins Hiram, miner, o
Wilson S. M., propr hotel, o
Winslow A. C., clerk, r
Wolfe John A., propr hotel, r
Williams Elizabeth E., o
Woomer Howard, teamster, r
Weakland Aaron, liveryman, b
Wahline John Mrs., o
Weida J. J., physician, r
Wilson E. E.. sawyer, r
Willis Wm. H., miner, r
Wilsby Gerrad, miner, b
Wilson Geo., miner, r
Wilson James, miner, b
Wasson C. W., minister, r
Worrell S. W., physician, r
Waugh Stephen, miner, r
Warren Bruce, retired, b
Warren Luke, laborer, b
Wilson J. H., miner, r
Wilson J. D., clerk, b
Wolfe Chas. A., clerk, b
Wolfe John W., bartender, b
Williams Freeman, barber, r
Winslow H. O., asst railroad agent, r
Woleslagle J. A., druggist, r
Warren D. H. C., painter, r
Webb Thomas, miner, r
Wills Charles, miner, r
Whitehead Thomas, miner, b
Whitehead Wm., miner, b
Wise Robert, laborer, b
Yahner John, merchant, o
Young P. P., butcher, o
Yeager G. C., butcher, o
Yeager F. C., butcher, o
Yingling F. S., laborer, r
Young Bart, butcher, o

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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