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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Joseph Ruth, News and Periodicals, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Bard Henry, farmer, o Loretto
Bard John, laborer, h Loretto
Beiter Ignatius, farmer, o Munster
Beiter John, farmer, o Munster
Beiter Chrysostom, farmer, o Cresson
Beiter Joseph, laborer, h Munster
Beiter Wm., laborer, h Munster
Bradley Wm., laborer, b Lilly

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

in the city, and prices the lowest.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Bradley James, carpenter, b Munster
Brady Robert, farmer, o Munster
Buck J. M., laborer, r Munster
Carney W. F., farmer, o Ebensburg
Cassidy Patrick, farmer, o Lilly
Carney Wm., invalid, b Ebensburg
Connery James, laborer, h Ebensburg
Connery Thos., laborer, h Ebensburg
Cronaur Philip, farmer, o Gallitzin
Cassidy Michael, laborer, r Lilly
Cooney John, laborer, b Lilly
Criste Charles, farmer, r Loretto
Daily John, farmer, o Ebensburg
Dever Philip, farmer, o Munster
Dever John, farmer, o Munster
Dever James Jr., laborer, h Munster
Eberly Augustine, farmer, o Loretto
Eberly Henry, merchant, o Munster
Farabaugh Matthew, farmer, o Munster
Farren John, farmer, o Munster
Farren H. P., laborer, h Munster
Farren Daniel, laborer, h Munster
Farren Gallitzin, laborer, h Munster
Farabaugh M., foreman, h Munster
Fisher Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Freidhoff John, farmer, o Munster
Freidhoff N. R., farmer, o Munster
Garrett Annie Mrs., o Munster
Garrett G. W., laborer, h Munster
Garrett Thomas, laborer, h Munster
Garrett James, laborer, h Munster
Glass W., blacksmith, o Munster
Glass Demetrius, farmer, o Munster
Glass W. E., laborer, b Loretto
Glass Sherman, laborer, r Munster
Glass Francis, laborer, b Munster
Griffin Joseph, farmer, o Loretto
Griffin F. P., laborer, b Loretto
Hughes T. W., farmer, o Ebensburg
Itell Joseph, farmer, o Munster
Jones John R., farmer, o Ebensburg
Jones Thomas D., farmer, r Wilmore
Kean James, farmer, o Ebensburg
Kean Francis, laborer, r Ebensburg
Kean Albert, laborer, r Munster
Kearney M. P., laborer, r Lilly
Kearns Geo., farmer, o Lilly
Latterner John M., farmer, o Munster
Latterner John Jr., laborer, h Munster
Latterner Wm., laborer, h Munster
Latterner Samuel, laborer, h Munster
Lilly Lewis, laborer, h Cresson
Lilly Samuel C., laborer, r Cresson
Luther Thos. C., carpenter, r Cresson
Murphy Lawrence, farmer, o Ebensburg
McVey Sarah, o Munster
McKimm Wm., laborer, h Munster
McHugh Michael, laborer, r Munster
McLaughlin James, laborer, r Munster
Noel Samuel, farmer, o Munster
Noel John, laborer, h Loretto
Noon Philip, farmer, o Loretto
Noel Lewis, laborer, h Loretto
O'Hara Samuel, miller, o Ebensburg
O'Hara John Sr., farmer, o Cresson
O'Hara Wm., farmer, o Munster
O'Hara Terence, farmer, o Cresson
O'Hara F. C., farmer, o Munster
O'Hara Henry, laborer, r Munster
O'Neil Peter, farmer, o Munster
O'Neil Felix, farmer, o Munster
O'Neil Constantine, farmer, o Munster
O'Neil Robert E., laborer, b Munster
O'Neil Herman, laborer, b Munster
O'Neil Wm., teacher, b Munster
Owens Patrick, farmer, o Cresson
Owens John W., laborer, h Cresson
Parrish James A., laborer, o Ebensburg
Parrish John, laborer, h Munster
Parrish Alex., invalid, h Munster
Rodgers Peter, farmer, o Munster
Sargent Thomas, farmer, o Munster
Sharp Geo., Sr., invalid, o Loretto
Sanders Philip, farmer, o Loretto
Sharp John, foreman, h Loretto
Sargent W. H., laborer, h Munster
Shiber Aloysius, farmer, o Loretto
Smith F. J., agent, b Loretto
Willebrand Peter, farmer, o Ebensburg
Willebrand Jos., farmer, r Ebensburg
Yingling Silas, laborer, r Munster

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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