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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Aurandt Joshua, merchant, o
Aurandt Wm., brakeman, o
Allen Sherman, miner, o
Armitage T. L. F., physician, r
Berkstresser Grant, teamster, o
Bradley John Sr., laborer, o
Beck Jacob, invalid, o
Bane Geo., laborer, o
Brant Geo., propr hotel, o
Bender Francis, miner, o
Brown Peter Mrs., milliner, o
BRADLEY FRANCIS, mgr brewery, o
Bradley Michael Sr., o
Bradley John W., asst supt, o
Boley Andrew, miner, o
Brady Philip, minister, r
Brady Wm. H., barber, r
Boley Henry, saddler, r
Brown Charles, painter, b
Bradley Michael Jr., laborer, h
Behe Chrysostom, laborer, b
Benton Emanuel, miner, b
Benton Jesse, miner, b
Brady John, laborer, b
Burk John, laborer, b
Brown Peter, laborer, h
Brown John, butcher, h
Burkhart S. C., laborer, r
Conrad Simon, miller, o
Coleman John, miner, o
Criste Vincent, carpenter, o
Cessna James, carpenter, o
Conrad John, merchant, o
Conrad Charles A., laborer, h
Campbell Martin, blacksmith, r
Campbell Morgan, blacksmith, r
Crum Jacob N., laborer, r
Connell J. H., agent, r
Callahan Wm., laborer, r
Conville Patrick, laborer, r
Conville Wm., laborer, h
Campbell James, laborer, b
Dunn James, propr hotel, o
Deos Henry, miner, o
Drinnen Wm., miner, o
Davis Evan, merchant, o
Degarden M., miner, o
Edwards Edward, merchant, o
Evans Nicholas, mine supt, o
Figel Fred Sr., laborer, o
Figel Julia Mrs., merchant, o
Fees Andrew, barber, r
Felker John H., laborer, r
Felker Richard, laborer, b
Farren Francis, laborer, r
Figle Fred J., operator, b
Green Samuel, blacksmith, r
Gunter Charles, laborer, b
George Lambert E., clerk, b
George Albert, laborer, o
George F. M., justice of peace, o
George Paul N., laborer, o
George Fred L., laborer, o
George Christ A., propr hotel, o
    and postmaster, o
George Alex., miner, o
George Wm. E., miner, o
Gibbons Edward, miner, b
Gibbons Patrick, miner, b
George Philip H., miner, b
Gahagan James, miner, r
Gibbons Patrick Sr., miner, r
George Wm. M., miner, b
George Fred Jr., miner, r
George John, miner, b
George Frank, merchant, r
George Henry, laborer, r
George Zach, laborer, b
George Grant, miner, r
Hagan James Sr., miner, o
Hagan James Jr., miner, o
Hagan Daniel, miner, b
Hart Anthony, miner, r
Harker Wm., teamster, o
Harris James, miner, o
Hassenplug Geo., miner, o
Hawkins I. P., minister, r

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

LILLY -- (Concluded)
HELLE O. F., propr hotel, r
Helle John, laborer, b
Helle Charles, asst foreman, b
Hermsderfer Conrad, operator, o
Hughes Edward J., merchant, o
Inman George, miner, r
Ingoldsby Owen, miner, r
Karns Peter, farmer, o
Kearney Michael P., farmer, o
Kelly John R., shoemaker, o
Krebs Bryant, physician, o
Kelly Wm., clerk, b
Kelly James, laborer, b
Kelly John, laborer, r
Leahey Patrick, supt, o
Leahey John Jr., coal operator, o
Leahey John Sr., laborer, o
Leahey Caron, supt, r
Leahey Thomas, mine supt, o
Leahey Mary M., o
Leahey Daniel, coal operator, o
Leahey Mary Sr., o
Leahey Elizabeth, o
Leahey Katie, o
Leap Thomas, miner, o
Leap Christ, miner, b
Lance Thomas, o
Lewis Jenk, o
Lieb John A., mine foreman, o
Lynch Michael, laborer, b
Mulherron C., miner, o
Maxwell John, miner, o
Moyer Joseph H., butcher, o
Merkel John Sr., laborer, o
Mullen John B., merchant, o
Murray Michael, miner, o
Merkel John Jr., miner, h
McGough Wilford, laborer, o
McCool John Sr., o
McMammany Charles, miner, o
McGonigle C. A., justice of peace, o
McIntosh George, merchant, o
McGraw John, miner, o
McConnell A., constable, o
McConnell Frank, miner, o
McCann John, operator, o
McPhillips James, miner, o
McMannes P., contractor, b
McDonald Michael, laborer, b
McGonigle Jeremiah, laborer, b
McConnell Thomas, laborer, r
McCabe Wm., laborer, r
McCabe John, miner, r
McCloskey W. W., carpenter, r
McIntosh Silas J., carpenter, r
McGough Wm., farmer, r
McGough Ryan W., miner, b
McDonald Martin, miner, b
McDonald James, miner, b
Neff Wm., carpenter, o
Noel Joseph M., watchmaker, o
Nissley John M., stable boss, o
O'Neill Wm., miner, o
Owens ,Andrew, miner, r
Owens Wm., miner, b
O'Brien Thomas, wholesale liquor, r
Oschger B. O., tailor, r
Piper M. K., merchant, o
Picus John, miner, r
Porter Geo. W., engineer, r
Pitman Jacob, laborer, b
Piper Luther, laborer, b
Rainey Joseph, undertaker, o
Ryan John, laborer, o
Rainey John W., baker, o
Ryan Caron, miner, o
Rogers Frank, miner, r
Roman Frank, miner, r
Ryan Thomas W., operator, r
Rainey Geo., carpenter, b
Robine Geo., miner, r
Sell Theodore, laborer, o
Sellers Neill, o
Studt Charles Sr., foreman, o
Sweeney Peter, miner, o
Smith Robert, propr hotel, o
Short Clell, liveryman, o
Sweeney Ed, miner, r
Short John W., miner, r
Short Blair, propr hotel, r
Sweeney Wm., miner, r
Sweeney Reges, painter, r
Scott Wm., butcher, b
Scarthard Wm., laborer, b
Seese Mack, brakeman, r
Thompson F. A., mfr soft drinks, o
Weldon Fred, miner, o
Williams Geo., miner, r
Williams Edward, miner, o
Walters John, stable boss, r
Watkins John, stable boss, r
Wallace David, miner, r
Wolfe W. C., agent, r
Young J. A., laborer, r
Ullery Edward, miner, r
Ullery Geo., miner, b

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