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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Albaugh Joseph, farmer, o Vinco
Amond F., plasterer, o Vintondale
Albaugh Jonathan, lab, r Vintondale
Altimus N., carpenter, o Vintondale
Altimus P., blacksmith, r Vintondale
Albaugh L. A., laborer, h Vintondale
Anderson Chas., miner, r Vintondale
Alexander Wm., miner, Vintondale
Armstrong J. H., miner, r Vintondale
Burkhart David F., farmer, o Vinco
Beers Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Bracken David, o Rosedale
Burkhart D. G., farmer, o Vinco
Brallier D. W., carpenter, o Vinco
Brown Jerry D., farmer, o Vinco
Blackburn Richard, farmer, o Vinco
Byers Benjamin, farmer, o Vinco
Bennett M., frmr, o Buffington, Ind Co
Bopp Joseph, farmer, o Summerhill
Blewitt Geo. Sr., boss, o Vintondale

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Brallier Lizzie N., o Vinco
Betts Simon, farmer, b Summerhill
Betts Adam, farmer, b Summerhill
Beard Henry, laborer, r Vintondale
Bennett J., frmr, h Buffington, Ind Co
Bennett R., frmr, h Buffington, Ind Co
Bracken David Jr., farmer, r Vinco
Burge Peter, laborer, b Vinco
Burge Samuel, laborer, b Vinco
Bracken Wakefield, laborer, b Vinco
Billmyer Clyde, farmer, b Vintondale
Bracken Geo., laborer, r Vintondale
Bracken Harry, laborer, r Vintondale
Boney A. J., timekeeper, r Vintondale
Boyle John, miner, b Vintondale
Boyle Wm., miner, r Vintondale
Berkey H. C., engineer, r Vintondale
Berkey G. W., engineer, r Vintondale
Boyle Alex., miner, r Vintondale
Burns Wm., miner, b Vintondale
Boyle Archie, miner, b Vintondale
Blue Samuel, miner, b Vintondale
Byers W. H., farmer, h Vinco
Billmyer Wm., laborer, b Vintondale
Blewitt G. S., miner, b Vintondale
Bowser W. G., miner, r Dearmin
Custer Jonathan, farmer, o Vinco
Clinefelter Jacob, farmer, o Vinco
Clinefelter Emanuel, farmer, o Vinco
Carney Alfred, farmer, o Vinco
Custer P. F., farmer, o Vinco
Cobaugh Scott, farmer, o Vinco
Craig I. J., farmer, o Vinco
Custer Emanuel, blacksmith, o Vinco
Cunningham J., jus peace, r Vintondale
Clinefelter F. J., teacher, b Vinco
Cunningham R., sawyer, r Vintondale
Conrad Philip, miner, h Vintondale
Custer Jacob B., merchant, r Vinco
Council James, miner, r Vintondale
Clossin J. W., operator, r Vintondale
Clement M., stable boss, r Vintondale
Caufield John, miner, b Vintondale
Claghorn C. R., supt, o Vintondale
Crouse Wm., miner, r Glen Glade
Crouse Herman, miner, r Glen Glade
Dishong Peter, farmer, o Coopersale
Dishong Noah, farmer, o Dearmin
Dishong J. S., farmer, o Coopersdale
Davis Philip, farmer, o Vinco
Dearmey Alex, farmer, o Dearmin
Dick A., farmer, o Buffington, Ind Co
DeGraw Cooley, farmer, o Vinco
Devlin Daniel, farmer, o Vinco
Dearmin W. B., farmer, o Dearmin
Davis M. A., merchant, o Vintondale
Davis Isaac, miner, o Glen Glade
Duffee W. J., laborer, b Vintondale
Dieber Joseph, miner, Vintondale
Dearmin A. J., miner, r Vintondale
Donahoe Wm., laborer, b Vintondale
Dick John B., liveryman, b Vintondale
Edmiston lsabella Mrs., o Dearmin
Edmiston John, farmer, h Dearmin
Evans E., carpenter, b Vintondale
Ford Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Fresh Abraham, farmer, o Vinco
Figart John, farmer, o Dearmin
Funk Milton H., farmer, o Vinco
Fisher James, farmer, o Conemaugh
Fresh George, laborer, h Vinco
Fresh U. S. G., laborer, h Vinco
Frederick J. M., painter, r Vintondale
Figart Blair, farmer, h Dearmin
Figart Benjamin, farmer, r Dearmin
Farabaugh F. I., mason, o Vintondale
Frisk Arthur, miner, b Vintondale
Fitch Wm. J., laborer, r Vintondale
Grove Fred H., farmer, o Vinco
Gillen Mary Mrs., farmer, o Vinco
Gillen George, farmer, o Vinco
Gittings John, farmer, o Vinco
Gray John A., farmer, o. Ebensburg
Gillen John, farmer, o Vinco
Griffith Lewis, farmer, o Ebensburg
Gillen James, farmer, h Vinco
Gillen Edwin, farmer, h Vinco
Gillen Harry W., farmer, h Vinco
Gardiner Charles, miner, b Glen Glade
Good Geo., blacksmith, r Glen Glade
Gibson J. C., laborer, b Vintondale
Gray Robert, miner, r Vintondale
Grove Josiah, laborer, b Vintondale
Griffith J. M.. clerk, r Vintondale
Good John Sr., laborer, r Vintondale
Good John Jr., foreman, r Vintondale
Giles John B., miner, r Vintondale
Grove Henry, laborer, r Dearmin
Grove Harry F., laborer, o Dearmin
Harrison Geo., farmer, o Vinco
Hunt Wm. H., farmer, o Vinco
Hildebrand Solomon, farmer, o Vinco
Hunt John S., farmer, o Vinco
Hatfield John Mrs., o Coopersdale
Harrison Wm. T., farmer, r Vinco
Hunt Edwin T., farmer, r Vinco
Hunt David W., farmer, r Vinco
Hildebrand A. W., farmer, h Vinco
Hess Wm., farmer, r Vinco
Hoffman John, laborer, r Vintondale
Hoffman Thos., laborer, h Vintondale
Harris Albert, miner, r Vintondale
Hartman Frank, laborer, b Vintondale
Hosack F. M., miner, r Vintondale
Hunt Robert, laborer, h Vinco
Jacoby S. O., clerk, b Vintondale
Kelly Peter, farmer, o Vinco
Kerr Daniel, farmer, o Dearmin

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Kerr Mark, farmer, o Dearmin
Kelsh Fred, farmer, o Dearmin
Keating Wm., farmer, r Dearmin
Kelly Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Kelly James, laborer, r Vinco
Kendall John, miner, r Vintondale
King C. C., blacksmith, r Vintonda1e
Link Samuel, farmer, o Vinco
Link Augustine, farmer, o Vinco
Leidy Robert, farmer, o Vinco
Long J. A., farmer, o Vinco
Leidy Henry farmer, o Vinco
Leidy Levi, farmer, o Vinco
Lucas John, farmer, o Vinco
Link Jacob, farmer, r Vinco
Leidy Samuel Jr., farmer, r Vinco
Leffler Valentine, farmer, r Vinco
Litzinger Milton H., farmer, r Vinco
Leonard John V., laborer, b Vintondale
Lambing Wm., laborer, b Vintondale
Lang E. W., laborer, b Vintondale
Leffler Cyrus, farmer, r Vinco
Mackall Stephen, farmer, o Vinco
Mahan S. P., farmer, o Coopersdale
Miller John, farmer, o Vinco
Mackall Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Meegan John, farmer, o Dearmin
Murphy D. C., laborer, r Glen Glade
Murphy Ellery laborer, h Glen Glade
Meegan Hugh, farmer, h Dearmin
Miller Frank, laborer, b Glen Glade
Marsh Patrick, miner, r Vintondale
Mason W. C., blksmith, r Vintondale
Moore Wm., teamster, r Vintondale
Munday Elias, farmer, r Vinco
Miller Philip, farmer, r Vinco
Miller lsaac, laborer, h Vinco
McKeel Emilie, o Vinco
McKeel Mary, o Vinco
McKeel Charles, farmer, hVinco
McKeel Joseph, farmer, h Vinco
McKeel John L., farmer, h Vinco
McMahen Harry, laborer, b Vintondale
McGaghey Larry, laborer, b Vintondale
McFeaters James, miner, r Vintondale
Nelson Gilbert, miner, r Vintondale
Nardoni Donati, laborer, r Vintondale
Oaks Henrietta, o Mineral Point
Page Geo., farmer, o Vinco
Paul Benjamin, farmer, o Vinco
Paul W. J., farmer, o Vinco
Pringle John G., laborer, o Glen Glade
Peddicord Jas., laborer, b Vintondale
Pringle J. M., laborer, b Vintondale
Quinn John, laborer, b Vintondale
Rose Adam, farmer, o Jackson tp
Rager Jackson, farmer, o Dearmin
Rorabaugh D., farmer, o Vinco
Rager John J., farmer, Dearrnin
Rager Amos, farmer, o Dearmin
Rager Jacob F., laborer, o Dearmin
Rager Henry H., farmer, o Vinco
Rager A., farmer, o Buffington, Ind Co
Rose Isaac, farmer, o Vinco
Roberts Geo. H., farmer, o Vinco
Rager S. J., farmer, o Dearmin
Rager Henry F., farmer, o Vinco
Rummel H., frmr, o Buffington, Ind Co
Rager R., farmer, o Buffington, Ind Co
Roberts J. D., sawyer, b Vintondale
Rockman F., laborer, r Vintondale
Robinson James, laborer, r Vintondale
Rager B. J., laborer, r Vintondale
Reese John E., liveryman, b Vintondale
Rager Harry W., laborer, b Vintondale
Rager W. S., laborer, b Vintondale
Rose Wm. H., farmer, o Vintondale
Rodkey Elmer, merchant, r Vintondale
Rodgers Geo., engineer, r Vintondale
Simmon Joel, farmer, o Vinco
Shuman Wm., farmer, o Vintondale
Stevens Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Shuman Adam, farmer, o Dearmin
Smith Emanuel, farmer, o Dearmin
Stewart W. A., farmer, o Vinco
Singer Jas. M., farmer, o Vinco
Smith S. G., farmer, o Vinco
Simmons Geo., farmer, o Dearmin
Sell Henry, farmer, o Vinco
Singer Lewis H., farmer, o Vinco
Stiffler Jacob H., farmer, o Vinco
Stewart John O., farmer, o Dearmin
Sherer John, farmer, o Dearmin
Shuman Daniel, farmer, o Dearmin
Sessack Charles, farmer, o Dearmin
Singer John L., farmer, o Vinco
Stevens David H., farmer, h Vinco
Simmons V. S., farmer, h Vinco
Smith Jacob W., farmer, h Vinco
Shultz John, farmer, h Vinco
Singer Harry, laborer, h Vinco
Singer Chas. M., farmer, h Vinco
Stiffler J. W., farmer, h Vinco
Stiffler Charles, farmer, h Vinco
Simmons John, laborer, r Vinco
Smith Frank, laborer, b Vintondale
Shute M. H., foreman, r Vintondale
Steward J. M., teamster, r Vintondale
Shute J. W., teamster, r Vintondale
Shute John, laborer, b Vintondale
Sensebaugh Geo., farmer, r Vinco
Sensebaugh Charles, farmer, r Vinco
Stevenson C., laborer, b Glen Glade
Steward Solomon, farmer, r Dearmin
Teeter Nathaniel, farmer, o Ebensburg
Teeter Isaac J., farmer, o Ebensburg
Varner Geo. Sr., farmer, o Vinco
Varner Abraham, farmer, o Vinco

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Varner Adam, farmer, o Vinco
Varner Henry, farmer, o Vinco
Varner Geo. C., farmer, o Vinco
Varner L. C., laborer, h Vinco
Varner Peter, farmer, h Vintondale
Varner John E., farmer, r Vinco
Varner Ephraim, farmer, h Vinco
Wissinger John, farmer, o Vinco
Wilkinson John, farmer, o Dearmin
Wagner John, farmer, o Glen Glade
Wagner Sol., farmer, o Glen Glade
Wilkinson Geo. E., farmer, o Dearmin
Wakefield J. C., physician, o Vinco
Wilson S. D., farmer, o Mineral Point
Wagner A., farmer, Buffington, Ind Co
Wills Wm., farmer, o Vinco
Wagoner D. L., farmer, Dearmin
Walker W. C., laborer, b Glen Glade
Wilkinson J. W., farmer, r Dearmin
Wires Wm., farmer, r Dearmin
Wilson A. R., physician, b Vintondale
Yundach G., laborer, r Vintondale

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