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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Asack C. J., laborer, o
Anna Anthony, justice of peace, o
Adolzen J. Androse, merchant, o
Anstead John, miner, o
Anderson Peter, miner, o
Anderson Charles J., miner, o
Alport James, civil engineer
Allsop David, miner, r
Anstead Frank, miner, h
Abelow Henry, miner, r
Abelow Peter, miner, h
Alport David H., clerk
Alexis J. N., minister, r
Anna Henry T., driver, h
Amos Frank, miner, r
Beck Frederick W., miner, o
Byrne Cosmas, laborer, o
Barges Daniel, plasterer, o
Binder I. L., merchant, o
Byrne Scott, miner, o
Born Lewis, laborer, o
Berquist John, miner, o
Beckwith E. L., propr hotel, o
Brothers Joseph, carpenter, o
Buck Daniel, laborer, o
Baker Francis J., laborer, o
Baker John A., carpenter, o
Broberg Erick, miner, o
Baker H. W., minister, r
Brown L. L., mine supt, r
Bobeck Steve, miner, r
Bozegar John, miner, r
Beley John, miner, r
Bill Geo., miner, r
Bennett Wm., miner, r
Barnard Henry, miner, r
Brout Ed, miner, r
Bennett Henry, miner, h
Botherell Claude, miner, r
Bourk Peter, blacksmith, r
Bennett Geo., miner, r
Bruer Ernest, photographer, r
Bolash Mike, miner, r
Bellas Mike, miner, r
Bergoon Frank, miner, r
Baker Frank, laborer, r
Buttner John, miner, r
Collins George, miner, o

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JOSEPH RUTH, Picture Framing, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

HASTINGS -- (Continued)
Commons James, merchant, o
Commons Geo., miner, o
Campbell James, coal operator, o
Clark A. B., liveryman, o
Caldron James, laborer, r
Charles S. F., laborer, r
Charles Wm., miner, h
Campbell Joseph, miner, r
Campbell Frank, laborer, r
Commons Geo. S., miner, r
Commons Martin, clerk, h
Commons Guy, driver, h
Curran John, clerk, b
Charles Clarence, bartender, b
Coffey M. G., druggist, r
Carleston Otho, car inspector, r
Chamberlain Joseph, miner, r
Cole John, miner, r
Cole John Jr., miner, h
Cook James, miner, r
Clancy Thomas, plasterer, r
Davis R. C., barber, o
Dietrick Albert, merchant, o
Dietrick M. S., clerk, b
Dobraskey Michael, miner, o
Delozier Thad, constable, o
Donahoe Frank N., clerk, o
Derpk Mike, miner, r
Douglass John, laborer, r
Delozier Ben, miner, r
Dunn James, barber, b
Duchak Geo., miner, r
Duchak Mike, miner, h
Duchak John, miner, h
Dick Wm., laborer, o
Dick John, miner, h
Euszkackes Arges, grocer, o
Eckenrode Lawrence, laborer, o
Eldon Robert, miner, o
Eckenrode T. A., miner, o
Edu Nelson, miner, o
Edu John, miner, r
Easly Henry, clerk, b
Frazer C F., civil engineer, o
Foseh Peter, miner, o
Fronheiser John P., shoemaker, o
Fors Gust, miner, o
Fasberg Charles, o
Fagan W. A., painter, o
Fitzgerald Michael, miner, r
Fitzgerald Mat, miner, h
Foust W. A., laborer, r
Foust G. B. M., propr restaurant, r
Foust Mabry, machinist, r
Folig Michael, miner, r
Fagan H. J., painter, h
Fagan Charles J., painter, h
Frank Joseph, miner, r
Frantz I. R., propr hotel, r
Gessler Everhart, confectioner, o
Goss W., butcher, o
Grassberger Stephen, blacksmith, o
Glasser A. W., merchant, o
Gallue Louis, merchant, o
Gill John, miner, r
Geus Philip J., butcher, o
Gilpatrick Marshall, propr hotel, r
Green James, hostler, b
Goldman Aaron, merchant, r
Goldman Jacob, merchant, r
Gould Samuel, laborer, r
Goodfellow E. A., lumberman, r
Graybring Peter, miner, r
Gorman Andrew, miner, r
Gulliver J. W., miner, r
Glasser Frank, weighmaster, r
Gessler Charles, laborer, h
Gessler Wm., driver, h
Gill Geo., printer, b
Helfrich Peter, farmer, o
Herman Joseph, laborer, o
Holtz Joseph, wh elę-right, o
Holtz Sebastian, laborer, o
Hill James L., miner, o
Haywood Wm., miner, o
Hartman Leonard, laborer, o
Houck John D., bottler, o
Heatha Harry, yard hand, o
Houck D. J., teamster, r
Houck John, bottler, r
Hubard Edward, miner, r
Hetric L. C., miner, o
Hollenberg John, miner, r
Hindmarsh Robert, blacksmith, r
Hatton Edward, bartender, b
Heil Wm., miner, r
Harber Robert, painter, r
Hale John, miner, r
Hale Abraham, miner, h
Hallowell Jack, miner, r
Hoover Frank, fireman, r
Hiduke John, miner, r
Hiduke P., miner, h
House Geo., miner, b
Higham Robert, mine boss, r
Higham James, mine boss, r
Higgins Albert, miner, r
Ivan Joseph, miner, b
Johnson Sanford, miner, o
Jones John D., mine boss, r
Johnson Wm., miner, b
Jones Wm. E., miner, h
Jiordino James, miner, o
Johnson L. J., miner, r
Jaros Joseph, blacksmith, r
Kinney Charles, propr hotel, o
Kline A., stonemason, o
Kline Jacob A., carpenter, o

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PORCH BROS. Head quarters for Everything in the
Music Line.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

HASTINGS -- (Continued)
Keough Orville, carpenter, o
Kaylor R. J., postmaster, o
Kibler Joseph, miner, o
Kirkpatrick S. P., miner, o
Kinney Patrick M., bartender, h
Kinney Thomas, miner, h
Kelly W. H., marble cutter, r
Kline F. J., confectioner, r
Kendig F. S., agent
Kephart Harry, clerk, b
Kline Lawrence, laborer, h
Kericz Joseph J., ?
Kline Geo., miner, r
Kelly Patrick, miner, r
Killien John, miner, r
Karl Bernard, laborer, r
Kephart Howard, retired, r
Lantzy Andrew, wholesale liquor, o
Larson A. M., miner, o
Landquist August, miner, o
Lecure Peter, grocer, o
Laun Harvey, miner, r
Lacure Frank, miner, h
Lees Robert, miner, b
Leister Evan, miner, r
Leister George, miner, h
Libby David, physician, o
Leonard Mike, miner, b
Lozach Goes, miner, o
Lord Ashley, stonemason, r
Lewis Samuel L., miner, r
Langam Edward, laborer, b
Lewis Arthur, miner, b
Lesko Joseph, miner, r
Litzinger William, laborer, b
Litzinger Alfonse, laborer, b
Miller H. J., miner, o
Miller P. P., bartender, o
Mathalda Louis, grocer, o
Miller Alfred, miner, o
Michel James, miner, b
Murtha Hugh, miner, b
Monkley Gorge, miner, b
Mincer John, miner, b
Makepiece Thomas, miner, r
Matanis Joseph, miner, b
Makepiece John, miner, h
Michel Daniel, porter, b
Martin John, miner, r
Manuels David, miner, b
Matis John. miner, b
Makins James, miner, r
Montuano Salvatori, miner, o
Mayer E. E., bartender, b
Mayer William, laborer, b
Miller Henry L., miner,
Morris A. M., clerk, b
McHugh Edward, retired, o
McCoy Harry, miner, o
McNeelis James, merchant, o
McCoy Pat, miner, o
McDermott William, miner, r
McNeill W. E., laborer, b
McKendrick D. M., butcher, r
McCoy Joseph, miner, r
McGill James, miner, r
McGonigle John, foreman, r
McCool George, laborer, r
McCaffery James, miner,
McCormick Alex, miner, r
McCormick John, miner, h
McQueeny Patrick, miner, r
McCann Wm., miner, h
McNulty G. H., foreman, r
McNulty Mc. J., laborer, h
McLeese Daniel, miner, r
McGough Thomas E., electrician, o
Notlev Robert, lumber, o
Nagle Michael H., propr hotel, o
Neff H. Milton, justice of peace, o
Nagle Joseph, laborer, o
Nelson James, miner, o
Noel A. J., grocer, o
Nelson August, miner, o
Nicholson John, miner, b
Nelson Peter C., miner, h
Nicholson Wm., miner, r
Newling B. A., clerk, b
Noren John, miner, r
Nicholson W. L., propr hotel, r
Nicholson Ed., miner, b
Neff A. G., teamster, r
Nelson Robert, miner, h
Nicholson James, foreman, r
Nagle Tine, laborer, r
Otto Christian, lumberman, o
Ott Thomas, o
Ogilvie B., miner, o
Platt John A., laborer, o
Patrick Wm., miner, o
Pearce Wm., miner, o
Patterson J. C., clerk, o
Pierron Edwin, minister, o
Pugel Paul, miner, o
Parks Mary A., o
Palmer J. D., agent, r
Rennington R. R., car inspector, r
Parks John, propr hotel, r
Peters H. H., propr restaurant, r
Peterson L. A., miner, r
Push John, miner, b
Peterson John, miner, r
Roberts Price, laborer, o
Rice D. S., physician, o
Ryan John, miner, o
Rosensteel Thomas, miner, o
Rae Wm., blacksmith, o
Rager Andrew, miner, o

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

HASTINGS -- (Concluded)
Rice F. A., clerk, o
Rager James, laborer, h
Rager Edward, miner, h
Richards Lou, blacksmith, b
Rowley Joseph, blacksmith, r
Roland Harvey, attorney-at-law, r
Rowley David, merchant, r
Raney A. C., driver, b
Randall James, miller, r
Rhine James, bartender, r
Richards R. W., railroad agt, r
Rhue Edward, miner, b
Rinch Joseph, miner, b
Ritter Sytvester, miner, r
Rollins John, miner, r
Rollins John, miner, b
Reininger Edward, laborer, b
Strittmatter P. A., contractor, o
Strittmatter A. T., contractor, o
Strittmatter Sylvester, carpenter, o
Stitts John, grocer, o
Semmielsberger Geo., teamster, o
Stoneberg John, miner, o
Speidel Charles, baker, o
Spencer E. F., druggist, o
Swanson P. J., miner, o
Shell Geo. M., butcher, o
Shiffer W. C., mine supt, o
Spangler Rube, clerk, b
Smith Joseph, miner, b
Stephens Dominic, stonecutter, r
Smith Thomas, miner, b
Siberts W. A., miner, b
Sutcliff James, miner, r
Schiffman Max, merchant, r
Singleton Thomas, laborer, r
Smith B. F., mine boss, r
Sederholm Charles, miner, h
Sullivan Mike, miner, r
Soult Ashley, carpenter, r
Sherwin Geo., miner
Singler, Geo., miner
Strittmatter A. C., mill hand, b
Singler Andy, miner
Showley Geo., miner
Snedden Robert, miner
Shortencarrier Charles, laborer, b
Tukasky Andrew, miner, r
Thurston Jerry, miner, b
Townsend Evan, miner, b
Tomko Paul, miner, r
Terrill Owen E., laborer, o
Townsend Wm., miner, o
Tulu Tony, miner, b
Townsend Thomas, miner, h
Thurston Grant, miner, h
Vanscoyoc H. J., clerk, b
Vansconski Anton, miner, r
Vandusen H. J., merchant, r
Vayda Elmer John, miner
Vayda Peter, miner
Walker Harry, miner, o
Wargo Frank, propr hotel, o
Wertz Russell M., weighmaster, b
Waltz B. J., clerk, b
Wartunis Peter, miner, r
Wartelsky Ike, jeweler, r
Williams Llewellyn, agent, b
Warefield Casper, miner, b
Waltz Edward, laborer, o
Wargo Charles, miner, b
Walker Andy, miner, b
Warrick John, miner, b
Wasch J., miner, b
Wheeler W. J., miner, b
Yeager Peter, teamster, o
Yeager Joseph, driver, o
Yahner I. P., teacher, o
Yahner Edward, teacher, o
Young, Wm., miner, o
Yothers R. J., merchant, o
Yeager Philip, butcher, O
Yinger Robert, blacksmith, r
Young Andrew, laborer, b
Young James, miner, b
Young M. A., tinsmith, b
Yamanacky Joseph, miner, r
Yeancour Joseph, miner, r
Zigg Andy, miner, r

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