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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Adams James Mrs., o Amsbry
Antonoli John, miner, r Coupon
Adams E. J., clerk, b Amsbry
Antonia C. A., stonecutter, r Amsbry
Behe Elias, laborer, o Wildwood
Bloomberg Henry, miner, o Gallitzin
Bloomberg Lewis, miner, o Gallitzin
Benden G. X., miner, o Gallitzin
Benden R. L., miner, o Elstie
Benden A. J., farmer, o Elstie
Benden John C., teamster, o Ashville
Burns Frank, driver, o Coupon
Butterbaugh John, miner, o Coupon
Boland Wm., carpenter , o Gallitzin
Brubaker Jacob, laborer, o Amsbry
Baugmyer Andrew, laborer, o Gallitzin
Barnes Harrison, miner, h Gallitzin
Borna Andrew, laborer, r Gallitzin
Butterbaugh Jos., driver, h Coupon
Boland P. C., farmer, r Gallitzin
Benden Wm. J., laborer, h Elstie
Benden Geo., miner, r Elstie
Benden Theo., laborer, r Elstie
Boughammer Porter, miner, r Amsbry
Begetta Joseph, miner, r Coupon
Barbarena Joseph, miner, r Coupon
Bowser Edmund, laborer, r Gallitzin
Butterbaugh Wm., miner, h Coupon
Bell Wm. C., foreman, r Amsbry
Bell Henry, laborer, h Amsbry
Ball Frank, miner, r Amsbry_
Carnahan Joseph, miner, o Coupon
Cassidy J. L., butcher, o Coupon
Christy Wm., farmer, o Wildwood
Christy Gallitzin, farmer, o Gallitzin
Conway Henry, farmer, r Elstie
Cox Joseph, laborer, o Amsbry
Clemence Sydney, laborer, o Gallitzin
Cox George, laborer, r Ashville
Clark James, miner, r Coupon Chirdon Jessie, miner, r Coupon
Chirdon James, miner, r Coupon
Carney Edward, miner, r Amsbry
Cohen H. F., laborer, r Amsbry
Delaney Henry, miner, h Coupon
Delaney Frank, miner, h Coupon
Donaughe Julian, miner, h Coupon
Dickson Samuel, blacksmith, r Coupon

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Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Dunmire Henry, engineer, r Elstie
Dignan John, farmer, h Elstie
Dempsey John T., farmer, o Wildwood
Delaney Augustine, miner, o Coupon
Dignan Mary, o Elstie
Delaney Bernard, farmer, o Coupon
Donahoe A., weighmaster, o Elstie
Delozier Joseph, miner, o Coupon
Delaney Daniel, laborer, o Coupon
Dodson Andrew, laborer, h Ashville
Dougherty Joseph, laborer, h Cresson
Dodson Silas, farmer, r Ashville
Durbin James, carpenter, r Ashville
Eichenlaub Joseph, laborer, o Elstie
Eichenlaub David, miner, r Coupon
Estep Jas. A., miner, r Amsbry
Evans Samuel, miner, r Coupon
Eckenrode Aug., laborer, r Loretto
Free R. J., laborer, o Amsbry
Fuller Mary J., o Coupon
Fogle Jacob, miner, r Elstie
Foust Jacob, miner, r Amsbry
Fogle Philip, miner, r Ashville
Groves Thomas, farmer, o Cresson
Groves Wm., farmer, o Cresson
Grove John, farmer, o Cresson
Gains John, mail carrier, o Coupon
Gallagher Geo. A., laborer, o Amsbry
Godfrey John J., miner, o Amsbry
Gibbins Silas, farmer, o Coupon
Gorman Michael, miner, r Coupon
Gains I. N., driver, h Coupon
Glass Wm. A., miner, r Amsbry
Gallagher Alvin, miner, h Amsbry
Godfrey Michael, miner, r Amsbry
Hendrickson A. G., miner, o Ashville
Hanlan Daniel, farmer o Ashville
Hanlan Daniel P., farmer, o Ashville
Hagan Henry, merchant, o Coupon
Harper H enry G., miner, r Amsbry
Hainley M. J., clerk, b Coupon
Hollen John, laborer, r Coupon
Hollen Wm., laborer, h Coupon
Harvey John, miner, r Coupon
Hignet John, miner, r Coupon
Hanlan James W., laborer, h Ashville
Hanlan Cornelius, laborer, h Elstie
Henderson John, miner, r Amsbry
Haupt Wm., laborer, r Amsbry
Ingham Samuel Sr., miner, r Coupon
Ingham Samuel Jr., driver, r Coupon
Johnston Paul, miner, r Coupon
Judd Joseph, miner, r Coupon
Keffer John, laborer, o Gallitzin
Kelly Alex., miner, o Coupon
Koons Joseph, farmer, o Wildwood
Koons Francis J., farmer, o Wildwood
Kendle Thomas, miner, r Amsbry
Kendle John, miner, r Amsbry
Kibash Stephen, miner, r Amsbry
Kratzer Samuel, laborer, r Ashville
Lomado Giles, farmer, o Coupon
Linn Matthews, miner, r Coupon
Lynch S. W., farmer, o Elstie
Lytle John, miner, r Coupon
Myers Geo. J., farmer, o Ashville
Myers Thos. H., farmer, o Ashville
Myers Anthony, farmer, o Wildwood
Mullen Edward, o Loretto
Myers Joseph P., miner, o Ashville
Melhorn Edward, laborer, o Ashville
Martin John, laborer, r Gallitzin
Monahan Thomas, laborer, r Coupon
Morgan Edward, miner, Coupon
Marlett Alex., miner, r Coupon
Morris Edward, miner, r Coupon
Mateer Samuel, laborer, r Coupon
Mack Christopher, miner, r Elstie
Miller David, laborer, r Wildwood
Myers Henry, farmer, r Wildwood
McGuire John P., farmer, o Ashville
McGinnis Margaret, o Elstie
McMullen C. A., farmer, o Coupon
McMullen Jas. A., miner, o Coupon
McMullen Geo. B., miner, o Coupon
McGinnis Wm. G., miner, o Elstie
McMullen Elizabeth, o Coupon
McGuire J. Jr., propr hotel, o Coupon
McMullen Edw. Jr., miner, o Coupon
McCloskey D. A., miner, o Gallitzin
McMullen C. V., miner, o Ashville
McMullen Engelbert, miner, o Coupon
McCloskey Wm. A., miner, h Gallitzin
McGuire Richard, bartender, b Coupon
McMullen Jas. F., invalid, r Coupon
McMullen Wm., miner, h Coupon
McMullen Orlando, miner, h Coupon
McCarty John, laborer, r Coupon
McCabe James A., miner, r Coupon
McCabe Robert, miner, h Coupon
McGinnis George, laborer, r Elstie
McLucas George, laborer, r Ashville
McKinney George, laborer, Ashville
McConnell James, laborer, r Amsbry
Nagle John M., farmer, o Amsbry
Nichol Adam, miner, o Gallitzin
Norris Henry, engineer, r Coupon
Ostrander Wm., miner, r Coupon
Olive Frank, miner, r Coupon
Ozletistock John, miner, r Coupon
Ozletistock Philip, farmer, h Coupon
Platt C. C., laborer, o Wildwood
Pugh James Sr., miner, o Amsbry
Pugh James W. Jr., miner, o Amsbry
Pryor Joseph, miner, o Elstie
Potter Henry, miner, o Gallitzin
Parsons Edward, laborer, r Amsbry
Purdy Thomas, laborer, o Gallitzin

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Powers David, miner, r Coupon
Palmer A. M., laborer, r Coupon
Patterson J. H., laborer, r Coupon
Pugh John, miner, h Amsbry
Rhodes David, miner r Coupon
Ramer Robert, sawyer, b Gallitzin
Reffner Frank C., laborer, r Gallitzin
Reilly James, farmer, o Elstie
Reilly Wm., miner, o Coupon
Rhodes James, miner, o Coupon
Ramer Jos., lumberman, r Gallitzin
Reilly Bernard, laborer, r Coupon
Robbins John F., laborer, r Coupon
Penner Michael, stable boss, r Coupon
Reed John, laborer, r Gallitzin
Roudabush Joseph, laborer, r Gallitzin
Rolka John, miner, r Amsbry
Sheridan M. D., laborer, o Coupon
Sanker Lenas, farmer, o Loretto
Sanker Henry, farmer, o Wildwood
Sarley Michael, miner, o Coupon
Sanford Michael, mason, r Gallitzin
Shingler M. J., miner, r Amsbry
Stiger Henry, miner, r Coupon
Stocker James J., foreman, r Coupon
Swinehart Clara, o Elstie
Syberts Sebastian, miller, o Wildwood
Sybert P. A., laborer, h Wildwood
Sybert J. G., laborer, h Wildwood
Swinehart Hugh, miner, h Elstie
Stoy Matthew, miner, b Amsbry
St. John John, miner, r Amsbry
St. John Patrick, miner, b Amsbry
Towle Jas. M. Sr., farmer, o, Ashville
Towle Wm. H., miner, o Coupon
Towle Lorenzo, miner, o Elstie
Towle Jas. M. Jr., miner, r Coupon
Thornton Charles, miner, o Amsbry
Trexler James, farmer, o Ashville
Trexler Hayden, miner, h Ashville
Trexler F. Henry, miner, h Ashville
Voxy John, miner, r Gallitzin
Valey Joseph, miner, r Coupon
Vasick Frank, miner, r Amsbry
Wills Daniel, farmer, o Ashville
Weise George, farmer, o Gallitzin
Wills Demetrius, farmer, o Ashville
Wilson Kennedy, laborer, o Ashville
Williams Mary A., o Amsbry
Watkins James Jr., miner, o Coupon
Wills Frank, laborer, h Ashville
Williams James, miner, r Amsbry
Wilt J. C., laborer, r Ashville
Wright Edward, miner, r Coupon
Wright Edward, invalid, b Coupon
Weaver Nicholas, miner, r Coupon
Wills Basil, invalid, r Ashville
Wills Joseph, miner, h Ashville
Yothers Oscar, teamster, r Coupon
Yachock John, laborer, r Gallitzin
Zavaris Philip, miner, r Coupon
Zockart Frank, miner, r Amsbry

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