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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Hannan's for Soda.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Able Henry, farmer, o Hastings
Ashcroft Wm., farmer, o Hastings
Anna Chas., carpenter, o St. Boniface
Anderson Godfrey, miner, o Patton
Anderson Sanford, carpenter, b Patton
Able John, farmer, o Hastings
Anna Jacob, propr hotel, r St. Boniface
Baker Chas., farmer, o St. Boniface
Baker Frank W., miner, o Hastings
Baker George, miner, o Hastings
Barlet Lewis, miner, o Hastings
Baley Fairman, miner, r Patton
Beck John, farmer, o Hastings
Bush John, miner, o Hastings
Bush Luke, farmer, o Hastings
Burkhart Lewis, farmer, o St. Boniface
Bergenhold John, laborer, o Hastings
Bradley James, miner, o Hastings
Berthers Lewis, miner, o Hastings
Born John, farmer, o Hastings
Bender Peter, miner, o Hastings
Bell Nicholas, miner, o Hastings
Bolinger Jacob, driver, o Hastings
Benson Aaron, miner, Patton
Bendle John, miner, r Patton
Bendle Henry, miner, h Patton
Bush Mike, laborer, b Hastings
Beck Anthony, laborer, h Hastings
Burk John, laborer, b St. Boniface
Cronaur Jacob, miner, o Hastings
Cence Angeline, o Hastings
Colin August, miner, o Hastings
Carr Thomas, miner, o St. Boniface
Carlson S. M., miner, r Hastings
Cotton Dennis, miner, r Hastings
Cence William, miner, o Hastings
Cence Adam, miner, h Hastings
Cence George, miner, h Hastings
Calvin Andy, miner, r Hastings
Cronaur Michael, laborer, h Hastings
Delozier John, farmer, o Patton
Dillon P. E., commissioner, o Hastings
Donney Oscar, miner, o Hastings
Dillon Robert, miner, o Hastings
Dalberg Emil, miner, o Hastings
Delso Nico, miner, r Hastings
Desvideaux Joseph, miner, o Patton
Duglow Serl, miner, o Patton
Davis David, miner, r Patton
Davis Wm., miner, h Patton
Dahlgren Andy, miner, r Hastings
Dillon Wm., laborer, h Hastings
Delozier Richard, laborer, h Patton
Debroskey John, miner, r Patton
Endler John, farmer, o St. Boniface
Endler Lewis, farmer, o St. Boniface
Entler Frank, miner, o St. Boniface
Fervier Lucun, rniner, o Patton

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Sporting Goods, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

ELDER TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Feaster F. C., gardener, r Hastings
Fegerty Michael, miner, r Patton
Geus Andrew, butcher, o Hastings
Glasser Charlotte, o St. Boniface
Geest Frank, miner, o Patton
Guadaugna Vito, miner, o Hastings
Gray Magdalena Mrs., o Hastings
Gray William, miner, o Hastings
Gray Elarian stable boss, r Hastings
Holtz John, laborer, o St. Boniface
Holm John, miner, o Patton
Hoover John, farmer, o Hastings
Hopfer Benjamin, farmer, o Hastings
Hahn Andrew, farmer, o St. Boniface
Hass Adam, farmer, o Hastings
Hahn John, farmer, o St. Boniface
Hoover Aug. Sr., farmer, o St. Boniface
Hoover Francis, farmer, o St. Boniface
Hartman Jacob, farmer, o St. Boniface
Horanchor Stephen, miner, o Hastings
Hoover Mark, miner, o Hastings
Horanchor John, peddler, o Hastings
Hoover Aug. C., laborer, r Hastings
Higgens Albert, miner, r Patton
Holtz Michael, farmer, r St. Boniface
Higham John, fireman, b Hastings
Johnston Ott, miner, o Hastings
Johnston Peter, miner, r Patton
Johnston Thomas, miner, h Patton
James C. E., miner, r Patton
Kirkpatrick Jacob, farmer, o Hastings
Kirkpatrick Archy, farmer, o Hastings
Kline Baltzer, farmer, o Hastings
Kibler George, farmer, o St. Boniface
Kline Francis, farmer, o St. Boniface
Kline Lewis, farmer, o Hastings
Kirkpatrick Philip, farmer, o Hastings
Kowats John, miner, o Hastings
Kelly Edward, o St. Boniface
Kelly Patrick, miner, o St. Boniface
Kran Andrew, farmer, o St. Boniface
Kibler Henry, miner, o Hastings
Kristof Michael, miner, r Patton
Kristof John, miner, r Patton
Kirkpatrick M., miner, r Carrolltown
Kirkpatrick Edw., miner, r Hastings
Kline Rudy, laborer, h Hastings
Kline Edward, laborer, h Hastings
Kelly Peter, miner, r St. Boniface
Libby Adolphus, farmer, o Hastings
Letizia Jamarea, miner, o Hastings
Lantzy Joseph, farmer, o Hastings
Lundin John, farmer, o Hastings
Libby Wm., teacher, h Hastings
Luber Frank, miner, r Hastings
Lantzy David, farmer, o Hastings
Lantzy Francis, laborer, h Hastings
Lantzy Charles, laborer, h Hastings
Miller Adam, farmer, o Hastings
Miller Chas. K., farmer, o Hastings
March Julius, miner, o Hastings
McMullen Jas. D., laborer, o Hastings
McMullen M., farmer, o Hastings
McMullen Celestine, lab, o Hastings
McMullen Jos. C., miner, o Hastings
McTaggert Charles, miner, o Patton
Nagle John A., laborer, o St. Boniface
Nagle Uriah, farmer, o Hastings
Nagle John R., retired, b St. Boniface
Nagle Jacob, laborer, h Hastings
Ott F. X., propr hotel, o St. Boniface
Ott Thomas, merchant, o St. Boniface
Ott Henry J., teamster, h St. Boniface
Platt Luke A., miner, o Hastings
Parrish Leo, retired, o Hastings
Pearson John E., miner, o Hastings
Platt Harry C., miner, h Hastings
Patrick John, miner, r Patton
Rager Anton, farmer, r Hastings
Reffner Stephen, miner, r Hastings
Rininger Wm., miner, r St. Boniface
Schell George, o Hastings
Shimpf Lewis, farmer, o Hastings
Semmelsberger G., frmr, o St. Boniface
Semmelsberger J., frmr, o St. Boniface
Shell John Jr., farmer, o St. Boniface
Stewart Joseph, miner, o Hastings
Swanson Charles, o Patton
Semmelsberger John A., o Hastings
Samuels John, engineer, o Hastings
Strayer Edward, miner, r Patton
Sanno Joseph, miner, o Hastings
Semmelsberger P., miner, h St. Boniface
Semmelsberger C.,miner, h St. Boniface
Semmelsberger C., miner, r St. Boniface
Semmelsberger A., miner, r St. Boniface
Thomas Edw., laborer, o St. Boniface
Thomas Michael, farmer, o Hastings
Thomas Elizabeth, o St. Boniface
Thomas Thadeus, miner, o Hastings
Thomas Harry, miner, o Hastings
Thomas Philip, miner, o Hastings
Tobil Paul, miner, o Patton
Thomas M., teamster, r St. Boniface
Thomas Jacob, farmer, r St. Boniface
Thomas Albert, laborer, r St. Boniface
Thomas Ben., miner, h St. Boniface
Weakland Anselm, farmer o Patton
Westrick Jas., farmer, o Carrolltown
Woodley Joseph, farmer o Hastings
Weakland E., farmer, o St. Boniface
Weakland John, miner, r Hastings
Woodley Henry, laborer, o Hastings
Woodley Martin, farmer, r Hastings
Weakland John, laborer, h Hastings
Yeager Francis, farmer, o Hastings
Yeager Conrad, farmer, o St. Boniface
Yahner Paul, farmer, o Patton

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

It will pay you to
. . call on . .
PORCH BROS. Before Buying a Piano
or Organ.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

ELDER TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Yeager Anthony, farmer, o Hastings
Yeager George, farmer, o St. Boniface
Yeager P. P., o St. Boniface
Yahner Henry, invalid, r Hastings
Yeager Peter, miner, r St. Boniface
Yeager Lewis, laborer, h St. Boniface
Yeager Albert, laborer, h St. Boniface
Yahner John T., miner, h St. Boniface
Yeager Conrad J., butcher, r Hastings

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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