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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.
Johnstown City and Cambria County.

EBENSBURG -- East Ward.
BARKER A. V., president judge 47th
    district, o
BARKER F. H., county treasurer, o
Barker V. S., merchant o
Barker Kate Mrs., o
Boney George, janitor, o
Bradley John C., invalid, o
Bradley Harry, laborer, h
Brown Joseph, 1iveryman, o
Byrne Henry, invalid, o
Byrne Wm., laborer, o
Blair John A., farmer, o
Blair John T., butcher, h
Blair Joseph R., clerk h
Blair Harry, laborer, h
Barker Olin, student, h
Collins Maud K. Mrs., o
COULTER, D. W., sheriff, r
Clement David, laborer, b
Clement Sherman, carpenter, o
Clement John, painter, b
Davis Thomas J., carpenter, o
Davis Rowland R., ins agent, o
Davis Catherine J., o
Davis Miriam, o
DAVIS S. W., prothonotary. o
Davis Isaac, invalid, o
DENNY J. B., propr Mountain House, o
Davis Walter S., clerk, o
Davis Thomas D., mason
DAVIS WILLIAM, attorney-at-law, o
Davis Thomas B., laborer, o
Davis Geo. T., goldsmith, o
Davis John T., mason, b
Davis Wm. M., laborer, b
Dow Jedediah, painter, r
Dow Charles, laborer, b
Davis H. T., laborer, b
Dufton Wm. J., merchant, o
Davis Stephen, mason, b
Davis Nathaniel, painter, b
Downey Herman, 1aborer, b
Davis E. H., clerk, h
Evans John J., tanner, o
Evans Evan C., carpenter, o
EVANS ALVIN, attorney-at-law, o
Evans Thomas D., blacksmith, o
Evans Lydia, o
Evans Elizabeth E. Mrs., o
Evans Mary A., o
Evans Oliver, carpenter, r
Evans John D., finisher, h
Evans Evan D., constable, b
Evans Ellsworth, carpenter, b
Evans Sem, laborer, r
Evans Evan E., grocer, r
Evans Philip, butcher, h
Evans Watkin, laborer, b
Folsom John A., laborer, o
Fees John, laborer, o
Fees Frank X., barber, h
Fees Joseph, laborer, h
Gant James H., propr restaurant, o
Griffith Griffith, laborer, o
Jones Wm. D., laborer, o
Jones Priscilla J., o
Jones F. C., physician, o
James Daniel, laborer, b
Jones Richard, justice of peace, r
Jones Willard, laborer, b
Jones Scott W., laborer, b
Jones John, laborer, r
Jones Wm. A., clerk, r

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

EBENSBURG -- East Ward (Concluded)
Jones Timothy, blacksmith, r
Jones Robert W., butcher, r
Jones Frank, laborer, r
Kinkead Geo. A., ins agent, o
Kinkead O. A., clerk, h
Lloyd Jonathan, carpenter, o
Ludwig Felix, carder, o
Lloyd John, merchant, o
Lloyd Harriet P., o
Lloyd Harry, clerk, h
Leech J. W., attorney-at-law, o
Ludwig Samuel, miller, o
Lloyd John G., commissioner, o
Lantz Adam, laborer, o
Llewellyn Richard, laborer, r
Lighty George, laborer, b
Lutringer Valentine, tinner, r
Lutringer Philip, tinner, h
Ludwig John W., manufacturer, o
Mills Job, janitor, r
McBreen R. L., propr restaurant, r
McKay William, laborer, o
Noon Kate, o
Nipple Thomas, carpenter, r
Owens Charles, undertaker, o
Owens John, merchant, o
Owens Jonathan, butcher, o
Owens W. A., laborer, o
Owens Harry, laborer, h
Price Harry, farmer, o
Price D. D., laborer, r
Price Addison, laborer, h
Port William, tailor, r
Port Charles, printer, h
Piper J. A., laborer, r
Piercy J. A., stonemason, b
Rodgers Lewis, retired, o
Roberts Catherine, o
Reese Thomas D., retired, o
Rosensteel John, shoemaker, r
Rodgers A. J., janitor, r
Rodgers Edward, laborer, h
Reese Thomas T., laborer, o
Shoemaker J. A., Mrs., o
Squires Jacob, laborer, r
Seathman Jacob, laborer, r
Tibbott Miriam Mrs., o
Thompson James M., merchant, o
Tibbott John E., painter, r
Tate William Jr., plumber, h
Thompson W. R., editor, r
Tibbott James, laborer, b
Tibbott Robert, carpenter, b
Tibbott R. S.. carpenter, r
Thompson John, clerk, h
Waters A. J., clerk, r
Zahm George C. K., clerk, r
Zahm Matthew, clerk, h

EBENSBURG -- West Ward.
Apel Justus, street commissioner, o
ApeI Albert G., teamster, o
Apel Herman, teamster, r
Barker C. H., merchant, o
Bearer M. D., merchant, o
    tral Hotel, o
Bender A. E., propr hotel, r
Bender Henry E., wagonmaker, r
Blair C. J., retired, o
Bolsinger Irene Mrs., o
Bolsinger Jesse S., plumber, h
Buck A. W., banker, o
Bunn H. A. J. Mrs., o
Cresswell E. B.,contractor, o
Cassidy Robert, barber, o
CRAVER L. A., propr Blair House, o
Connell W. H., laborer, r
Connell W. F., printer, b
Crouse H. J., bartender, r
Crouse H. E., lineman, b
Creery M. R. B., dentist, r
Creery, C. L. B., dentist, h
Chute D. M., wagonmaker, r
Davis Thos (Jackson), retired, o
Davis Susan, o
Davis John B., laborer, o
Davis Mary E., milliner, o
Davis Mary H., o
Davis Evan M., laborer, o
Davis Daniel J., farmer, o
Davis Margaret C., o
Davis Jennie, o
Davis Joseph J., liveryman, o
Davison T. J., physician, o
Davis Schuyler C., laborer, r
Davis Stanton S., clerk, h
Davis David E., teamster, r
Davison Robert E., clerk, h
Darragh A. J., tanner, o
Davis Elmer E., deputy sheriff, r
Davis W. H., clerk, r
Davis Ira W., clerk, h
Davis Wm. T., blacksmith, r
Davis Geo. A., painter, h
Deasey J. J., minister, r
Dufton Edward, merchant, o
Dufton D. E., attorney-at-law, h
Dick T. W., attorney-at-law, o
Deveraux Jane, o
Dick James S., clerk, h
Dougherty James, teamster, r

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JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

EBENSBURG -- West Ward (Continued)
Dougherty Chas. W., laborer, b
Eberley D. M., laborer, r
ENGLEHART H. A., clerk, o
Empfield W. W., carpenter, o
Evans Robert, undertaker, o
Evans Mary Ann, o
Evans Hosea, carpenter, o
Evans Electa, o
Evans Jefferson, merchant, r
Farran Mary, o
Farran Ann, o
Ferguson Ellen, o
Fenlon John, attorney-at-law, r
Fenlon Philip G., postmaster, h
Ferguson Robert, laborer, o
Finn John, bartender, r
Funk Henry, laborer, b
Gallagher James, retired, o
Garman Catherine, o
Garman Wm., tanner, o
Garman James G., laborer, o
Griffith Abner, clerk, o
Griffith Edward, merchant, o
Griffith Webster, lumber, o
Gates John C., commissioner's clerk, r
Glasser A. A., laborer, r
Good Willard F., laborer, r
Gurley Geo., clerk, r
GIBSON T. L., county supt of schools, r
Humphreys Ed W., laborer, o
Huntley Geo., merchant, o
Hughes Morgan, plasterer, o
Hughes Morgan J., plasterer, r
Huntley L. A., clerk, h
Hunt Joel, minister, r
Huber David, laborer, r
Humphreys Wm. R., carpenter, o
Hutchinson Jemima T., o
Henry Strang S., laborer, b
Heist Thos. H., propr hotel, o
Hasson J. G., editor, r
Hasson T. H., printer, h
Hasson J. M., h
Hughes Wm., laborer, b
Isenberg Wm., teamster, o
Isenberg Milton, laborer, b
JONES F. B., register and recorder, r
Jones Mary A., o
Jones Jane H., o
James Edmund, druggist, o
Jones Jane, o
James Martha, o
James Thomas J., laborer, r
James John W., laborer, h
James Amos J., laborer, h
Jones Owen M., laborer, h
James Robert, laborer, r
Jones Robert E., laborer, h
Jones Cyrus W., clerk, h
Jones R. E. Mrs., merchant, r
James B. Frank, clerk, h
Jones Harry F., laborer, r
Jones Milton, laborer, h
Jones W. R., clerk, h
KITTELL M. D., attorney-at-law, o
Kirkpatrick Augustine, laborer, o
Krug Frank, carpenter, o
Knee Edward H., warden, b
Kirschner Herman, clerk, r
Lemmon E. A. Mrs., o
Lloyd Festus, editor, o
Lloyd Evaline H. Mrs., o
Luther E. J., blacksmith, o
Lloyd F. C. Mrs., o
Lloyd F. C., merchant, h
Luther M. J., liveryman, r
Little P. J., attorney-at-law, b
Luther Silas, laborer, r
Luther E. J., printer, h
Lewis Wm., teamster, b
Makin Harry, butcher, r
Makin Geo., laborer, r
Maloney John E., marble cutter, r
Murray James C., laborer, o
Murray James B., laborer, h
Mahan Elisha, laborer, o
Mulvehill Emmett, carpenter, o
Mulvehill Jennie, o
Murray Frances Mrs., o
Myers C. R., invalid, o
Myers H. H., attornev-at-law, h
Myers Gallitzin, laborer, h
Myers J. A., hostler, h
McCabe Christiana, o
McBreen John B., clerk, o
McBreen James P., bartender, o
McCabe Bart, retired, h
McDonald Ann, o
McGough D. A., ex-recorder, o
MCKENRICK J. F., attorney-at-law, o
McNamara Emma Mrs., o
McNamara Thomas L., salesman, h
McNamara Harry F., reporter, h
O'Neil Mary E., o
Owens John, o
Owens Mary E., o
O'Hara T. B., liveryman, o
O'Laughlin Terence, laborer, b
O'Hara John A. Mrs., o
Parrish E. C., merchant, o
Parrish Joshua D., justice of peace, o
Peach Thomas, liveryman, r
Phillips D. C., o
Phillips O. O., o
Phillips C. W., o
READE MATTHIOTT, attorney-at-law, o
Reed S. L., attorney-at-law, o
Richardson Ellen, o

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

EBENSBURG -- West Ward (Concluded)
Richardson Wm., laborer, h
Richardson James, miner, h
Rivinius Carl, jeweler, o
Richards T. M., dentist, h
Roberts C. T., merchant, o
Roberts Geo. H., retired, h
Roberts Eleanor, o
Robley R. P., tailor, r
Rowland Owen, laborer, b
Rush James, conductor, r
Saxton Ella Mrs., o
Saxton Queen, o
Sharbaugh F. C., attorney-at-law, r
Scanlan Robert E., clerk, o
Sexton E. J., lumberman, h
SECHLER WM. H., attorney-at-law, h
Shields W. C., merchant, o
Shettig Geo., carpenter, o
Shinafelt Christ R., laborer, o
Shott John, tanner, r
SHOEMAKER F. A., attorney-at-law, o
Shoemaker J. A., contractor, o
SHOEMAKER H. A., implements, etc., o
Shoemaker A. Joseph, clerk, o
Shoemaker E. W., foundryman, h
Shoemaker E. P., clerk, o
Shoemaker W. R., student, h
Simpson Joseph J., lineman, r
Sipes J. N., mason, r
Strittmatter Andrew, merchant, o
Stough John L., painter, o
Stough Charles, painter, h
Stough Ollie, painter, h
Thomas Richard L., farmer, o
Tibbott John F., laborer, o
Tibbott Sherman, merchant, o
Thomas John L., teamster, h
Thomas Geo., engineer, h
Williams Wm. H., teamster, o
Wilkinson O. E., marble cutter, o
Wilkinson James, marble cutter, b
Williams Benjamin G., blacksmith, o
Wagenhall E. H. Mrs., o
Weakland Luke, teamster, o
Williams Evaline, o
Wherry Mary Ann, o
Wilbur J. B., merchant, o
Wherry Silas, laborer, b
Williams David, laborer, h
Williams Benjamin S., teacher, h
Zahm D. H., engineer, r

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