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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

HANNAN'S. -- Best Line of Perfumes in the City.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Angus Abraham, farmer, o Vinco
Angus D. W., farmer, o Conemaugh
Angus George, farmer, r Conemaugh
Allison Thomas, farmer, r Conemaugh
Angus John A., farmer, Conemaugh
Bole D. J., farmer, o Conemaugh
Byers George, miner, o Mineral Point
Bimely Michael, farmer, o Conemaugh
Byars A., sawyer, r Mineral Point
Byars John, laborer, b Mineral Point
Block Lewis, laborer, b Conemaugh
Bole Isaac C., laborer, r Conemaugh
Coover Amos, farmer, o Conemaugh
Connell Patrick, miner, o Johnstown
Christ Vincent, laborer, o Conemaugh
Colbert Harry, farmer, r Conemaugh
Dimond Emma, o Vinco
Dick Harry, laborer, o Conemaugh
Doutt Daniel, Laborer, r Mineral Point
Dorsey B., laborer, b Mineral Point
Doneval Ed., laborer, b Mineral Point
Downey Geo., laborer, b Mineral Point
Dimond A., laborer, r Mineral Point
Flynn Bridget, o Conemaugh
Findley John, laborer, o Conemaugh
Flick James, laborer, r Conemaugh
Ficks Jacob, laborer, r Conemaugh
Flenner Geo., laborer, r Mineral Point
Garland Alex., laborer, o Conemaugh
Good John J., farmer, o Conemaugh
Goughnour Paul, miner, o Johnstown
Good Christian, farmer, o Conemaugh
Grove Jordan, farmer, o Mineral Point
Giffin Susan, o Conemaugh
Gillinger Wm., laborer, b Johnstown
Goughnour A., laborer, b Johnstown
Gardner Patrick, miner, b Johnstown
Gardner Thomas, miner, b Johnstown
Gardner John, o Johnstown
Hildebrand D., farmer, o Conemaugh
Headrick Wm. J., o Johnstown
Headrick W. S., laborer, o Johnstown
Herald John H., laborer, o Johnstown
Hagerick Margaret, o Vinco
Hagerick John Sr., farmer, r Vinco
Hagerick John Jr., laborer, b Vinco
Hampson Thos., miner, o South Fork
Harrison S., merchant, r Mineral Point
Harrison John, lab, b Mineral Point
Jones Thomas E., laborer
Johns Harry, laborer,
Knavel A., farmer, o Conemaugh
Killen Wm., farmer, o Conemaugh
Keiper John B., farmer, o Conemaugh
Kemery Annie, o Mineral Point
Lee Joseph, o Johnstown
Mahoney Bridget, o Johnstown
Martin Thos., miner, o Johnstown
Marquedan Geo., laborer, r Johnstown
Michaels James, miner, r Johnstown
Morgan Wm., laborer, b Johnstown
McDconald Ed., laborer, b Johnstown
Nevil John H., miner, o Mineral Point
Oppey Wm. Sr., farmer, o Johnstown
O'Brien James, laborer, East Taylor tp
Pearson E., laborer, o Conemaugh
Pringle Jacob, farmer, o Conemaugh
Parks James, laborer, o Conemaugh
Page Wm., laborer, o Mineral Point
Page John, laborer, o Mineral Point
Page James A., miner, o Mineral Point
Page Joseph, laborer, o Mineral Point
Page Chas., laborer, r Mineral Point
Page Geo. Jr., miner, r Mineral Point
Reighard E., miner, o Mineral Point
Rose Wm., farmer, o Mineral Point
Ribblett H., farmer, o Mineral Point
Rose Harry, farmer, o Mineral Point
Reighard B., laborer, o Mineral Point
Rosenbaum J., farmer, o Conemaugh
Richey Jacob, laborer, o Mineral Point
Rose Lemon, laborer, o Mineral Point
Reighard Wm., miner, o Mineral Point
Reighard Jacob, lab, o Mineral Point
Rhodes Peter, laborer, o Mineral Point
Rose W. D., miner, o Mineral Point
Ribblett Wm., farmer, o Conemaugh
Reighard Eli, o Mineral Point
Ramer W. E., laborer, b Mineral Point
Rager A. J., miner, r Mineral Point

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

JOSEPH RUTH, Stationery, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Rowland D., blockmkr, Mineral Point
Reighard D., laborer, b Mineral Point
Reighard Jno., laborer, b Mineral Point
Rhodes P., laborer, b Mineral Point
Ream John, laborer, b Mineral Point
Shaffer Geo., farmer, o Mineral Point
Snyder John S., farmer, o Vinco
Shaffer Wm., farmer, o Conemaugh
Snyder Mary A., o Conemaugh
Sensabaugh E., miner, o Mineral Point
Schrift S., watchman, o Mineral Point
Sensabaugh Jas., lab, o Mineral Point
Schneider Joseph, farmer, o Johnstown
Smelkoski Joseph, o East Taylor tp
Shaffer Robert, laborer, East Taylor tp
Stutzman Jacob, lab, r East Taylor tp
Shaffer Charles, lab, h East Taylor tp
Snyder Albert, farmer, r East Taylor tp
Sell Samuel, farmer, r East Taylor tp
Stanton Edward, laborer, b Johnstown
Stutzman Harry, laborer, b Johnstown
Schmidt Henry, laborer, b Johnstown
Tantlinger B. F., laborer, o Johnstown
Thompson Geo., laborer, o Johnstown
Thompson W., f1agman, o Johnstown
Thompson Jno., laborer, b Johnstown
Varner Z., butcher, o Conemaugh
Vickroy Wm., laborer, o Conemaugh
Wissinger S., butcher, o Conemaugh
Wilson Ella, o Mineral Point
Walters Wm., lab, o East Taylor tp
Wolf N. J., laborer, o East Taylor tp
Walker U. H., miner, r East Taylor tp
Wise, Enoch, laborer, r East Taylor tp
Williams J. blockmkr, East Taylor tp

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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