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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

Abernathy Robert, sawyer, o Dean
Brown Geo. W., miner, o Dean
Biers A., miner, o Dean
Brown David Mrs., o Dysart
Barretts John, miner, o Dysart
Brant Daniel, miner, o Dean
Batts Harry, miner, o Dysart
Belden Richard, farmer, r Ashville
Brown David, miner, h Dysart
Burns Patrick, miner, r Dysart
Beers George, farmer, r Dysart
Broils Jacob, farmer, r Dysart
Bell P. Geo., miner, r Dysart
Broils Benny, miner, b Dysart
Cooper Frederick, miner, b Dysart
Campbell James, miner, r Dysart
Conrad Robert, miner, o Dean
Conway William, farmer, r Ashville
Conway Daniel, laborer, b Ashville
Cole George, teamster, r Dysart
Cella George, stonecutter, r Dysart
Dougherty John, laborer, o Ashville
Duffy Denace. miner, o Ashville
Deposit Augustine, miner, o Ashville
Dougherty Aug., farmer, r Ashville
Delaney Wm., miner, r Ashville
Dundria John, stonecutter, r Ashville
Fulton Duff, sawyer, r Dysart
Finerty John, farmer, r Dysart
Fletcher Wm., miner, r Dysart
Gittings Thomas J., miner, o Dean
Gauntner Henry, laborer, o Dean
Hildebrand Wm., miner, o Dean
Hill A. M., merchant. r Dysart
Helsel Henry, laborer, r Dysart
Hildebrand Gill, miner, b Dean
Ink Daniel, miner, o Dysart
Kopp John, fireman, o Dysart
Kopp Frank, o Dysart
Litzinger A. L., laborer, o Dysart
Litzinger Robert, laborer, o Dysart
Lowery Henry, farmer, r Ashville
Lowery George, stonecutter, b Ashville
Mowry Link, miner, r Ashville
Mints John, miner, r Ashville
Monahan John, miner, o Dean
Marlott Harry, laborer, r Dean
Martin David, farmer, o Dysart
McCartney Martin, farmer, o Dysart
McMullen Dill, laborer, o Dysart
McClucus George, farmer, r Ashville
Nagle Edward, farmer, r Ashville
Nailor Peter, miner, r Ashville
Nailor Lewis, laborer, b Ashville

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Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

DEAN TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Noble George, miner, r Ashville
Norton L. C., laborer, b Dean
Olson Charles, engineer, b Dean
Pierson Geo. W., barber, o Dysart
Peerson Wm., laborer, b Dysart
Pike Richard, laborer, r Dysart
Pearson John, miner, r Dysart
Sanderson Matthew, miner, r Dysart
Swires James, farmer, o Dean
Swires George, miner, o Dean
Swires John, farmer, o Dean
Speaker Herman, miner, o Dean
Smith George, miner, o Ashville
Stoy Augustine, farmer, r Ashville
Snyder Wm., propr hotel, r Dysart
Seargent Thomas, miner, r Dysart
Travis Joseph, laborer, r Dysart
Williams Jesse, miner, o Dean
Weakland Bert, laborer, r Dean

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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