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1896 Johnstown City and Cambria County Directory

HANNAN'S for Toilet Articles and Drugs.
Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

Arnold A. J., farmer, o Summerhill
Ake W. S., o Portage
Appleyard Moses, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Bodenshatz A.,_farmer, o Summerhill
Boyle Sarah, o Summerhill
Bimel George, farmer, o Summerhill
Burk James, farmer, o Lovett
Burk Silas, farmer, o Lovett
Brickner Geo., farmer, o Summerhill
Boyer Adam, farmer, o Summerhill
Berschneider Conrad, farmer, o Lovett
Boyer Fred G., farmer, o Summerhill
Burtnett Henry, laborer, o South Fork
Burton L. F., o South Fork
Bomgardner, S., farmer, o South Fork
Burtnett John W., laborer, South Fork
Bracken D. H., lmbrmn, o Summerhill
Berkey F. I., miner, o South Fork
Bodenshatz Geo., farmer, r Summerhill
Bimel Adam, laborer, h Summerhill
Bunton Chas. F., miner, r South Fork
Boyle Edwin, farmer, h Summerhill
Bolvin Jos. R., blacksmith, r Lovett
Burk Wm. J., farmer, h Lovett
Berschneider Ulrich, farmer, r Lovett
Burk Vincent, farmer, r Lovett
Benjamin Wess., miner, b Summerhill
Boslet Frank J., clerk, r Ehrenfeld
Biter Anselm, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Brush Martin, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Brumert Theodore, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Bellock George, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Broderick John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Beck Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Bettorf Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Beck John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Brumbaugh James, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Bishop Harry, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Burns Edward, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Bailey Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Croyle Joseph, farmer, o South Fork
Crum Hiram, farmer, o Wilmore
Costlow Miles, farmer, o Summerhill
Custer Jac. H., farmer, o Summerhill
Carpenter Henry, frmr, o Summerhill
Croyle W. S., farmer, o South Fork
Crum John A., miner, o Summerhill
Crum S. W., farmer, o Summerhill
Carpenter Wm. H., lab, h Summerhill
Costlow John J., cprtr, h Summerhill
Callahan Jas., foreman, r Ehrenfeld
Callahan John C., clerk, h Ehrenfeld
Callahan James A., lab, h Ehrenfeld
Clemence Bert, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Cassidy James, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Carroll John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Corcelius Philip, laborer, b Ehrenfeld
Callahan Joseph, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Closson James, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Carroll Thomas, miner, b Ehrenfeld

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JOSEPH RUTH, News and Periodicals, opp. Post-office.

Johnstown City and Cambria County.

CROYLE TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Curnow John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Crevinski Gottlieb, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Closson John Jr., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Closson Wm. B., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Closson John S., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Custer Jos. C., teamster, r Summerhill
Direling Michael, farmer, o Summerhill
Dimond M. C., o Ehrenfeld
Dunmire David, engineer, r Summerhill
Dimond M. D., laborer, b Ehrenfeld
Duly Frank, laborer, b Lovett
DIMOND A. L., propr Hotel Ehrenfeld,
    r Ehrenfeld
Donnelly James, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Delehunt, John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Dalton Martin, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Delanard August, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Delanard Frank, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Donahoe Peter, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Donahoe Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Dunmire Jas. B., engineer, r Ehrenfeld
Dunmire John H., laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Davis Wm. T., miner, r Summerhill
Finan Daniel, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Fye John, farmer, o South Fork
Ford Christian, farmer, o Summerhill
Fisher John F., miner, o South Fork
Ford John, laborer, h Summerhill
Ford Daniel, laborer, h Summerhill
Fredbarger Albert, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Fippick John, laborer, o Ehrenfeld
Gable Wm., farmer, o Summerhill
Gable W. W., farmer, o Summerhill
George F. D., laborer, o Summerhill
Gorden Machice, laborer, r Summerhill
George Jac. M., laborer, h Summerhill
Graven James, minister, b Ehrenfeld
Garity Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Gisler Peter, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Grance Stephen, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Goyce Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Giles Wm., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Gabony Vincent, miner, o Ehrenfeld
Gumsallur T. Jr., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Gumsallur T. Jr., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Gill Matthew L., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Gill Geo. L., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Gill Angus M., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Hoyer Jacob J., farmer, o Ehrenfeld
Haddon John, farmer, o Lovett
Haddon Stephen, farmer, o Lovett
Hice Wm. F., farmer, o South Fork
Harshberger Rebecca, o Lovett
Hobson Thos., laborer, o South Fork
Hugentubler John J., lab, r Summerhill
Hays Thos. L., miner, r South Fork
Hobson Ernest, miner, b South Fork
Harrison Geo., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Hice John F., farmer, h South Fork
Helman John, farmer, r South Fork
Helman Jordan, laborer, h South Fork
Hoyer Stephen A., miner, h Ehrenfeld
Hover Frank W., miner, h Ehrenfeld
Hartman Philip, supt, r Ehrenfeld
Howell Martin, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Howell Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Hahn Wm. F., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Hotter John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Haberl Aloysius, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Hogan Francis, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Hilman Andrew, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Harts Matthew, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Hartman Jacob, miner, Ehrenfeld
Hammond David, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Jenks Frederick, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Joice Thomas, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Jones Joseph, carpenter, r Ehrenfeld
Knepper John L., farmer, o Lovett
Krosser Frederick, o Summerhill
Knepper David, farmer, o Lovett
Kring Melville, farmer, o South Fork
Kauffman Daniel, farmer, o Lovett
Knepper Hannah, o Lovett
Knepper Helena, o Lovett
Kauffman Joshua, farmer, o Lovett
Kauffman J. F., carpenter, o Lovett
Kauffman John D., carpenter, h Lovett
Kauffman L. W., carpenter, h Lovett
Kane Augustine, miner, r Lovett
Keelan Jacob, miner o South Fork
Kanah Andrew, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Kurtz Lewis, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Kanah Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Kay Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Koso John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Kelley Richard, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Kahough Edward, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Kingston James, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Kingston John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Kingston Patrick, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Long Peter, farmer, o Summerhill
Long Joseph, farmer, o Summerhill
Link Elias, miner, o South Fork
Long A. T., farmer, o Summerhill
Lovekin James, miner, o South Fork
Law John, miner, r South Fork
Long Chas. A., teacher, b Summerhill
Lunch Thomas, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Layton Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Legal Frank, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Long Simon, carpenter, b Summerhill
Miller Daniel D., farmer, o South Fork
Miller Joseph, farmer, o Summerhill
Mangus Amanda, o Summerhill
Mouse Mary B., o Lovett
Moore Mary A., o South Fork
Mulhollen Geo., farmer, o Lovett
Mutchenbaugh Adam, frmr, o Wilmore

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

in the city, and prices the lowest.

Herald Co. Directory, 1896.

CROYLE TOWNSHIP -- (Continued)
Moore Wm. R., laborer, o South Fork
Miller A. W., farmer, o Summerhill
Mangus Bird, farmer, o Summerhill
Mangus Jas. E., laborer, o Summerhill
Makin Theodore, laborer, o South Fork
Miller Samuel J., farmer, o Lovett
Morris Joseph, miner, o South Fork
Moore Wm. H., grocer, r South Fork
Myers W. L., farmer, o Ehrenfeld
Miller Irvin E., laborer, b South Fork
Mouse Frederick L., farmer, h Lovett
Myers Conrad, miner, r Summerhill
Myre Jacob, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Mulvehill Thomas, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Murphy Michael J., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Maloy Frank, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Mash Michael, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Myers Samuel, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Moriarity Patrick, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Mackey Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Meier John, miner, r Summerhill
Moore Daniel, miner, r Summerhill
McGough Isabella, o Lovett
McCall Philip, farmer, o Summerhill
McGough Daniel, farmer, o Lovett
McGough Patrick, frmr, o Summerhill
McCall Ed. T., teacher, b Summerhill
McGough Ed T., farmer, h Lovett
McGough Wm., farmer, h Lovett
McGuire Jas. A., clerk, b Ehrenfeld
McClain Frank, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McNiel Thos. Sr., engineer, r Ehrenfeld
McNeil Thos. Jr., laborer, h Ehrenfeld
McGeehan Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCabe Francis, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCabe Francis R., miner, b Ehrenfeld
McCabe Edward, miner, b Ehrenfeld
McG1ynn Bernard, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McQuillin John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McQuillin Bernard, miner, b Ehrenfeld
McCarthy C., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McQuaney Patrick, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCartney Thos., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCarthy Daniel, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCarthy Geo., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCarthy Jerry, miner, b Ehrenfeld
McGinness Ed., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McCabe Jas. B., miner, r Ehrenfeld
McClarren Neal, miner, r Ehrenfeld
McClarren Frank, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Neff John, farmer, o Wilmore
Nuler Adam, miner, r Ehrenfeld
New Thomas, miner, r Ehrenfeld
New John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Oaks Josiah, farmer, o Mineral Point
Orris Amanda Mrs., o Lovett
Orris Wm. M., farmer, h Lovett
Ortener Joseph, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Onco Andrew, miner, r Ehrenfeld
O' Donnell Hugh, miner, r Ehrenfeld
O'Donnell John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
O'Donnell Michael, miner, b Ehrenfeld
O'Donnell Owen, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Paul Isaac, farmer, o Summerhill
Paul Wm. W., farmer, o Summerhill
Paul U. Wm., laborer, b Summerhill
Penrod A. H., laborer, o Summerhill
Penrod Geo., o South Fork
Popp John, farmer, o Summerhill
Popp Andrew, farmer, o Summerhill
Popp Michael, miner, b Summerhill
Plummer Samuel, farmer, o Lovett
Plummer Isaac W., frmr, o Summerhill
Plummer Chas. B., farmer, b Lovett
Plummer Henry, laborer, b South Fork
Pringle Jos. W., farmer, o Sunimerhill
Pringle C. A., o Summrerhill
Pringle E., farmer, r Summerhill
Philips Simon, miner. r Ehrenfeld
Philips Richard C., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Parker Michael, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Quinn John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Rorabaugh Daniel, frmr, o South Fork
Rorabaugh John, farmer, o Sumnmerhill
Rattigan Luke, farmer, o Summerhill
Reighard Wm., farmer, o South Fork
Roudabush Benjamin, o Johnstown
Reynold Henry, farmer, o Summerhill
Reynolds Jos., farmer, r Summerhill
Rattigan Jas., laborer, b Summerhill
Rorabaugh Simon, frmr, r Summerhill
Ross Joseph W., laborer, r Wilmore
Rich Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Ronan John, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Rich Geo., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Sigel Peter, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Sloan Jos. P., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Sloan John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Schriber Jacob, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Stinebiser Jos., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Stinebiser Henry, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Sickles Jacob, butcher, r Summerhill
Sickles W. C., butcher, b Summerhill
Seaman John, farmer, o Summerhill
Skelly Jas. A., farmer, o Summerhill
Sharp Jos., farmer, o Summerhill
Skelly Jos., farmer, o Summerhill
Stutzman Daniel, frmr, o Mineral Point
Sherbine Aaron, farmer, o Wilmore
Smay Jacob W., farmer, r Summerhill
Stiffler John, farmer, o Summerhill
Schrift Simon, farmer, o Summerhill
Skelly Michael, farmer, o Summerhill
Stull Jos. S., farmer, o Summerhill
Skelly Albert, farmer, o Summerhill
Schrift John, farmer, o Summerhill
Schrift Aloysius, farmer, o Summerhill
Stiger Geo., farmer, o Summerhill

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.


Johnstown City and Cambria County.

CROYLE TOWNSHIP -- (Concluded)
Story Alex, farmer, o South Fork
Sensebaugh C., tmstr, r Mineral Point
Stutzman F. B., miner, r Mineral Point
Sharp Allen, laborer, r Mineral Point
Strayer H. A., farmer, r South Fork
Sherbine Lyman, farmer, r Summerhill
Smay Thos. W., farmer, o Summerhill
Street Jos., agent, r Ehrenfeld
Stapleton Michael, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Stapleton Michael, laborer, h Ehrenfeld
Simendinger Isidore, lab, b Ehrenfeld
Sellers Michael, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Smith Robert, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Stinehiser Aloysius, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Sullivan James, miner r Ehrenfeld
Smolek M., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Sheehan John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Schmit John B., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Schmit Geo., miner, h Ehrenfeld
Tosh Robert, bartender, b Ehrenfeld
Tobin Thomas, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Trexler Thomas, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Taylor Samuel J., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Thomas Emick, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Turgeon Joseph, miner, r Ehrenfeld
Tomes Wm., miner, r Ehrenfeld
Trainor John, miner, b Ehrenfeld
Taylor Wm. B., miner, b Ehrenfeld
Unger Elias J., farmer, o South Fork
Unger David E., farmer, b South Fork
Varner Jacob G., o South Fork
Vanzaula John, laborer, r Ehrenfeld
Winesettle Michael, frmr, o Summerhill
Wiss Joseph, farmer, o Summerhill
Wiss Louis, farmer, o Summerhill
Wiss Joseph L., farmer, o Summerhill
Wiss Leo, farmer, o Summerhill
Wilson John S., farmer, o Summerhill
Wirick John J., miner, o South Fork
Wood Jacob, farmer, O South Fork
Wess Michael, laborer, b Summerhill
Wess Geo., laborer, h Summerhill
Wess Leo L., laborer, h Summerhill
Wess Wm., laborer, h Summerhill
Wess Jos. W, miner, b Summerhill
Walls W. F., merchant, r Ehrenfeld
Wonders Jacob, farmer, r Summerhill
Wonders, John C., lab, h Summerhill
Wonders David, laborer, h Summerhill
Welsh Wm., blacksmith, r Ehrenfeld
Welker Isaac, miner, Ehrenfeld
Welker Eugene, miner, Ehrenfeld
Ward James T., miner, Ehrenfeld
Wortz Wm., carpenter, r Ehrenfeld
Yoder Hiram, o South Fork
Yurcuk John, miner, r Ehrenfeld

Piso's Cure for Consumption, the Best Cough Medicine, price 25c.

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